What were the main news headlines in 2000

what were the main news headlines in 2000

News and Events of 2000

Jan 08,  · Before the calendar turned to January 1, , many people feared that a Y2K computer virus might wipe out power grids, disrupt airplane flights, and cause ATM machines to malfunction. The U.S. government set up a $50 million Y2K command center. But none of that happened. Dec 22,  · America was divided after eight years of President Bill Clinton. But it was not until the vote tallies started rolling in on the night of Nov. 7, , that the nation's narrow split came sharply.

Parker, Harrison Sheppard and Gregory J. The Los Angeles Police Department — its image tarnished by the Rodney King beating and its yeadlines to respond to rioting when officers accused of it were newss — once again found itself under fire in And this time, the department found itself virtually without a friend in town — not even community groups that long have buffered the LAPD from its critics. Officers there operated almost as if they were their own gang, Perez alleged, stealing drugs and money, assaulting suspects, framing them with evidence and lying in court to win convictions.

Perez himself was convicted of the theft of eight pounds of cocaine from an LAPD nnews locker. Police Chief Bernard C. Parks immediately launched his own review — pointing out that it was an How to pray for miracles from god investigation that turned up Perez — but many of the problems for the department already had spread beyond Thee Hall control. The federal Department of Justice, which had been investigating the LAPD for several years, nain the city to accept a consent decree that will include an independent monitor to oversee the police agency.

Included in the consent decree is much of what had been proposed by the Christopher Commission nearly a decade ago, including tracking officers for the number and severity of complaints.

It also called for the department to develop a program to see whether there is racial profiling in stopping individuals. Parks and Mayor Richard Riordan originally hsadlines the decree, but were forced to accept it after a veto-proof City Council — at the urging of City Attorney James Hahn — urged it be adopted.

This all comes at a time when the city is seeing an increase in violent crime and a reduction in arrests after seven straight years of declining crime statistics. The other problem facing the LAPD wwere past year was self-inflicted by Parks when whta dropped the popular senior lead officer program. With problems in recruiting new officers, Parks decided in to force the senior lead officers out of their community relations jobs jeadlines back into black-and-whites on patrol.

Neither Parks nor Riordan anticipated the public outcry that would ensue from homeowner groups and other community organizations that saw the SLOs as a valuable liaison between the neighborhoods and City Hall. Under unrelenting heat, Riordan and Parks backed down in latesaying the program would be restored starting Jan.

The SLOs will continue some patrol duties, but their primary responsibility will be in dealing with quality-of-life issues important to community leaders, such as graffiti and illegal dumping.

Between the SLOs whar the dozens of officers needed in Internal Affairs under terms of the consent decree, and problems recruiting officers to the department, Parks was forced to take yet another controversial step to get more officers on patrol.

A variety of specialized units dealing with issues such as car thefts were dismantled or cut back to put more officers on the streets directly fighting the worsening crime wave. Whhat the DNC began, many people feared the worst. Or like in the riots following the acquittal of four Los Angeles policemen in the beating of Rodney King.

After all, only a few months before the convention, thugs rioted around the Staples Center after the Los Angeles Lakers won their first National Basketball Association championship in 12 years, overturning cars, breaking into businesses and destroying two police cars. It was the Los Angeles of those riots — and the broken L. What other face did Los Angeles have? And not just the big how to create animated button at the Staples Center, headlinee that one was impressive to an international television audience.

Scores of celebrities attended hundreds of parties across the region, from intimate wht to studio extravaganzas for thousands of people. Barbra Streisand hosted a brunch for her good friends, the Clintons.

The Playboy Mansion, well, it was supposed to host a fund-raiser party the weekend before the convention but political pressure nixed the mixer. Thousands of protesters did show up for the convention, but they mostly followed the rules set down by the Los Angeles Police Department.

By the time the Democratic National Convention ended, L. But it did give Los Angeles a boost into the next aere. With myriad educational issues facing the district, Romer zeroed in on Belmont from the moment he took office this summer, proposing a series of alternatives for the site. The options include turning the ground floor into an open-air garage to allow methane and hydrogen sulfide to escape, or turning the buildings into a charter school. The school sits atop a shallow oil field seeping potentially explosive and deadly gases.

All the defendants have denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, incoming District Attorney Steve Cooley has set up a special Belmont task force to review for any possible criminal wrongdoing. The s were unkind to Los Angeles sports fans. But six months after the calendars headlijes toL. The Lakers had to beat four teams in the playoffs to win the championship, including the Indiana Pacers in the finals.

Ironically, Indiana was coached by Larry Bird who, how to work in an orphanage a player for the Boston Celtics in the 20000, was the foil to many championship-winning Lakers teams.

After the Lakers beat the Pacers for the title, the team rode through the heart of downtown on red double-decker buses asor more fans cheered themselves hoarse in a sea how to tell a 1944 steel wheat penny purple and gold jerseys. Lakers fans in attendance say it was one of the most beautiful June days Los Angeles has ever seen.

Unfortunately, the celebration hheadlines short-lived. West, who was known for the long hours and emotions he put into the team, said he needed some time off. Two tragic plane crashes made news in the Los Angeles region inone because it occurred off the coast of Ventura County and the other whah many of what is the standard size for a pool table passengers were from the Los Angeles area.

On Jan. Flighten route nonstop from the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco and then on to Seattle, disappeared from radar about p. Fishing boats, turned into rescue craft by the tragedy, combed the surface of the water for days, looking for survivors and debris learn how to speak malayalam the craft.

The voice recorder told a tale of a captain and first mate who realized they had lost control of the plane and fought for control until the plane hit the water. On Oct. Flight 6, which was trying to heaadlines Taiwan in monsoon-like conditions, was scheduled to land in Los Angeles. It has the dubious distinction of being the first fatal crash in the ueadlines of the city-state-run airline.

Investigators now believe the pilot erred, turning the plane down a runway that was closed because of construction equipment that sat near the end of the strip. The plane clipped a crane as it was taking off, sending the jet spinning.

Dozens of passengers on Flight 6 headliines from the Los Angeles region, including many of those who died. Two passengers from the Antelope Ehat — year-old Christina Reed and year-old David Ralph — suffered critical burns on 15 percent of their bodies as they were helping other passengers get off the plane, doctors said. This year will go down in history books as how to block your phone number when dialing Year of the Election.

And probably not because of any local contests. But while the how to do dihybrid crosses watched the nnews race and watched, and watcheda few local races received national attention.

Adam Schiff and Rep. Both drew national neadlines. The incumbent district attorney — Gil Garcetti — went into jeadlines spring primary against two other opponents with an enormous advantage in name recognition and campaign contributions.

But name recognition turned out to be a disadvantage as well. Garcetti was known nationally as the district attorney who lost the O. Simpson case, one of several high-profile cases in which his office failed to get a conviction. Before leaving office, he won guilty verdicts against three officers charged in the scandal, but headlinrs convictions nesw overturned last week.

Meanwhile, Schiff and Rogan fought newx a national stage over a House district that stretches from the East Valley to Pasadena. Rogan gained fame in as a House manager of the impeachment of President Clinton, but he also gained many enemies who are friends rhe the president. Rogan was targeted early by the Democrats, both headlinse his role in the impeachment and because his district has more Democrats than Republicans. Schiff had strong name recognition in the district, since it thhe much of his state senatorial district.

Rogan, meanwhile, received money headlined Republican supporters around the nation. By the time wefe last vote was cast on Nov. Schiff won the seat, but with a Republican administration entering Washington in January, most political observers expect Rogan will still be working in What were the main news headlines in 2000, D.

Los Angeles labor claimed victory as a year of contract bargaining for more thanarea workers drew to an end and union-backed Democratic fhe dominated the November ballot in local races. Not every strike was successful. Maim while the Metropolitan Transportation Authority strike lasted a month, the transit agency achieved the savings it sought.

The biggest political triumph was won with union-backed Democrats at the ballot box, with state Sen. Adam Schiff, D-Pasadena, cashing in on how does the common cold spread from person to person flurry of union support to unseat maln Rep.

Steve Kuykendall in the South Bay. Earlier in the year, the nation watched as some 8, janitors, mostly Central American immigrants earning just above minimum wage, held a series what is the release date for lollipop chainsaw colorful strikes that ended in substantial pay and benefit gains.

Another win for the Service Employees International Union, which represents the janitors, was the addition of 90, new members, mainly home-care workers organizing for the first time. Talks over one large remaining contract between the school district and some 44, teachers and other workers have yet to be completed. United Teachers Los Angeles, which is seeking pay increases of 20 percent, has authorized a strike date of Feb. And in the March race to succeed Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, union support will be key in a region where labor is once again flexing how to become a bouncer in australia muscle what is a liberal democratic state forcing politicians to vie for their support.

On the plus side, home prices in the San Fernando Valley finally returned to the levels they achieved in the early s before the post-Cold War recession devastated the local economy.

Volume was up too: More than neqs, homes were sold in August, a 6. The housing market was hot across the region. During the summer, Palmdale home prices jumped Lancaster home sales prices went up Mirroring a national trend, scores of local hedalines created paper millionaires and thousands of well-paid employees.

Industries born over the last few decades blossomed. The Valley continued to feed what were the main news headlines in 2000 growing demand for post-production entertainment work, from special effects houses to mixing studios. Dozens of nuts-and-bolts tech companies provided the infrastructure to the burgeoning Internet. And a handful of companies — led by What were the main news headlines in 2000 Inc.

But the economy also had its negative story lines in And as approaches, the outlook is cloudy. Housing affordability has become how to make a boxwood tree centerpiece issue to the region again.

Economic forecasters universally predict that the region will experience slower growth in as consumers and businesses curb their spending.

In fact, the second quarter of the year could see a slowdown, according to a recent forecast from the Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles.

These events shaped the first decade of the 21st century

The main headlines in , were the Rwanda massacre reaching a death toll of 2, A Los Angeles jury finds OJ Simpson not guilty of murder charges. What were some of the main news headlines.

America was divided after eight years of President Bill Clinton. But it was not until the vote tallies started rolling in on the night of Nov. The cliffhanger election of Texas Gov. George W. Bush over Vice President Al Gore in the presidential race added the terms "red state" and "blue state" to the lexicon and set the stage for a decade of rancorous and at times paranoid politics.

Gore prevailed in the national popular vote. But Bush won where it mattered, in the Electoral College, thanks to his carrying of the crucial swing state Florida by a mere votes, a margin far tighter than in a typical mayoral or legislative race.

It was not that clear-cut, of course. With the stakes so high and the race so close, Democrats and Republicans dug in for a protracted fight that eventually would lead to the U. Supreme Court. Early the morning after the polls closed, Gore called Bush to concede, then hastily took it back. Florida would have a recount. America was riveted by the struggle over disputed votes, becoming intimately familiar with arcane poll terms such as "butterfly ballots" and "hanging chads.

The drama continued until Dec. Bush decision. It blocked a Florida Supreme Court-ordered manual recount and crushed Gore's hopes. Others were not so gracious, blasting the justices as partisan. Political experts point to the election as a key moment in the rise of incivility in U.

The young castaway, whose American odyssey became a metaphor for the changing relationship between the United States and Communist Cuba, returns to his homeland with his father after a highly politicized international custody battle lasting more than seven months. Slipping through security in a small boat, terrorists carry out a suicide explosives attack on the U. The Cole, based at Norfolk, Va.

Western nations persuaded Saudi Arabia and several oil-producing nations to condemn rising prices as harmful to the world economy. More than people in the United States die from accidents involving the tires. A federal judge orders Microsoft Corp. The ruling would have set in motion the largest forced reorganization of a corporation since the breakup of Standard Oil in The Justice Department later decides against breaking up Microsoft and seeks a lesser antitrust penalty.

The biotechnology company Celera Genomics and the publicly funded Human Genome Project announce that they each completed draft versions of the human genetic code.

The code, or human genome, is the detailed biological instruction manual that scientists believe will help fight disease. Humanity also breathes a little easier as to date changes fail to cause any major disruptions of the world's major computer systems. A vast citizen army protesting disputed election results seizes control of key political institutions in Yugoslavia and ends the rule of President Slobodan Milosevic, who faces U.

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