What states did president obama win in 2008

what states did president obama win in 2008

2008 Electoral Map

Popular vote totals generally gathered from state Certificates of Ascertainment and/or results posted directly by individual states. Popular vote totals from Federal Elections Obama received more votes than any candidate in history. The prior record, about . * Nebraska allocates some of its electoral votes on the basis of the results in each Congressional district. John McCain won four of the state's electoral votes, with Barack Obama winning one.

Barack Obama decisively won the presidential election due to many factors, including weaknesses of his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain. His own strengths also helped propel him to victory in the race to become the 44th President of the United States. Barack Obama "gets" what it means for a family to worry financially, to work hard simply to make it, and to do without essentials.

Obama was born to a presideent mother, abandoned by his father at age 2, and raised largely in a small apartment by his middle-class grandparents. At one point, Obama, his mother, and younger sister relied on food stamps to put meals on the family table.

Michelle Qhat, close counselor and best friend to her husband, stayes her brother were similarly raised in modest circumstances in a one-bedroom apartment on the South Side of Chicago. Both Barack and Michelle Obama speak frequently about what it means for how to dye someones hair Americans to be at a disadvantage financially and otherwise. Because they "get" it, both Obamas referred with heartfelt eloquence to middle-class fears during the campaign and early years of the Obama presidency, including:.

In vivid contrast, John and particularly Cindy McCain exuded an aura of financial insularity and well-heeled elegance. Both were born wealthy and were quite wealthy for their entire lives.

Middle-class anger was palpable about economic fairness during those tough financial times and came after what many viewed as then- President George W. Obama offered actual, understandable policy solutions to help middle-class Americans, xid.

John McCain's tin ear on middle-class financial woes was ib in his prescription for the economy: more presidwnt for major corporations, and continuation of the Bush tax cuts for U. And this McCain stance was consistent pdesident his stated desire to slash Medicare and 22008 Social Security. Obama won the what states did president obama win in 2008 race largely because how to interpret candlestick chart perceived that he, and not John McCain, cared about and would address middle-class economic struggles and inequities.

Barack Obama earned at least newspaper endorsements, versus for John McCain. Without exception, every Obama endorsement referred to his presidential-like personal and leadership qualities. And all echo the same basics about Obama's calm, steady, thoughtful nature, versus McCain's impetuousness and unpredictability. The Wyat Angeles Times noted:. And from the Chicago Wjatfounded inwhich had never before endorsed a Democrat obmaa the wln.

In contrast, during the past two months of the '08 presidential campaign, John McCain acted and overreacted inconsistently, unpredictably, and without forethought. Two examples of McCain's unsteady leadership were his erratic behavior during the financial markets how to play igi 2 mission 1, and in his poorly-vetted pick obamw Sarah Palin as his running mate.

John McCain served as the perfect foil to highlight Obama's solidly grounded leadership skills. Obama's even-keel temperament made him seem well-suited to be president for the troubled, turbulent times. And the mere image of ultra-volatile, 20088 John McCain in the White House was enough to scare the majority of the electorate into supporting Obama. Americans were finally fed-up enough with the unfairness of health care delivery in this country to be ready to make the issue a priority in selecting a president.

The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have on universal health care system. As a result, inwn than 48 million U. Despite being ranked No. And the state of U. Obama set for a health care plan and policies that would fairly ensure that every American will have access to good quality medical care how to make homemade fountain. McCain's health care plan was a stunningly radical scheme that would:.

And unbelievably, McCain presjdent to "deregulate" the health 20088 insurance industry, much as Republicans disastrously deregulated U. Obama's Health Care Plan. Obama's plan intended to make available a new plan to all Americans, including the self-employed and small businesses, to buy affordable health coverage pesident is similar to the plan available to members of Congress. The new plan was to include:. Employers that did not offer or make obamw significant contribution to the cost of quality health coverage for their employees would be required to contribute a percentage of payroll toward the costs of this plan.

Most small businesses would be exempt from this mandate. The Obama plan required only that all children have health care coverage.

McCain's Health Care Plan. John McCain's health care plan was designed to control health care costs and to deregulate, and thus enrich, the healthcare industry, and was not necessarily designed to offer health care coverage to the uninsured.

For consumers, the McCain plan:. Innumerable experts predicted that these massive McCain changes would:. McCain's plan was intended to push millions of Americans into the market to buy their own individual health care policies, which will be offered by a newly deregulated health care insurance industry.

Observed blogger Jim MacDonald:. Obama's plan fairly presidentt inexpensively ensured that all Americans have presidwnt to quality health care services, but without the government providing those services. McCain's health care plan was intended to free the business community from providing for its employees, to enrich the health care insurance industry, and increase income taxes for all Americans.

But not to provide health care services for the uninsured. For anyone who valued their health care insurance, Barack Obama was the only viable choice for president.

Barack Obama bested Hillary Clinton by a small margin for the '08 Democratic presidential nomination due mainly to their differing positions on the Iraq War, especially at the war's inception in Hillary Clinton voted yes in to give the Bush administration authorization to attack and invade Iraq.

Clinton rightfully believes that Congress was misled by Bush, and after a while, she admitted her regret for her vote. But Clinton's support for the unpopular war was brutal fact. In contrast, Barack Obama famously spoke out in late against the Iraq War before Congress voted, declaring:. Obama on the Iraq War. Obama's stance on the Iraq War was unambiguous: He planned to immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq.

He promised to remove one to two combat brigades each month and to have all of our sttates brigades out of Iraq within 16 months. Once in office, however, Obama stuck to the Bush administration timetable of complete withdrawal by December 31, Under an Obama administration, the U. He planned to temporarily maintain some noncombat troops in Iraq to protect our embassy and diplomats, and statees complete the training of Iraq troops and police forces, as necessary.

McCain on the Iraq War. McCain, a third-generation Naval officer, voted in to give President Bush full authority to attack and invade Iraq. And he's continually served as supporter and cheerleader for the U. War in Iraq, albeit with occasional objections to strategies. At the '08 Republican Convention and on the campaign trail, McCain and running mate Palin how to print online coupons proclaimed wun goal of "victory in Iraq" and scoff at withdrawal timetables as foolish and premature.

McCain's website proclaimed. McCain took this stance:. The Bush administration also disagreed with John McCain. On November 17,the Bush administration and the Iraqi government signed a status of forces agreement to begin troop withdrawals. Even Gen. David Petraeus, often referred to obams great reverence by McCain, told the British press ain he would never use the word "victory" to describe U. And he couldn't seem to shake his angry, unhealthy obsession despite either reality or exorbitant cost.

Voters Wanted Out of Iraq. Obama was on the correct side of this issue, according to the voting public, especially per the centrist, swing voters who decide most election outcomes. Obama won the presidential election in part because he consistently exhibited wise judgment on the Iraq War, and because he insisted on the correct course of action.

Barack Obama won the presidency in part because of his wise selection of highly experienced, well-liked Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential running mate. The first job of the vice president is to assume the presidency should the president become incapacitated. No whaf doubted that Joe Biden was fully prepared to become President of the United States, should that terrible occasion have arisen.

The second job of the vice president statess to be of constant statee to the president. In his 36 years in the U. SenateBiden was one of the most respected American leaders on foreign policy, the U. With his gregarious, warm personality, Biden was suited to offer direct, smart counsel to the 44th president, as he has done for shat other U.

As an added bonus, the working chemistry and mutual respect between Obama and Biden were excellent. For Americans concerned about Barack Obama's level of experience, Joe Biden's presence on the ticket added a large dose of gravitas. Had he selected one of the presidenr, but far less experienced candidates on his shortlist Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaineto name two top contendersBarack Obama may what are the different types of mortgage loans been less likely to reassure a majority of voters that the Democratic ticket was experienced enough to tackle the day's tough issues.

Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin. Joe Biden 's deep grasp of the issues, appreciation of U. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate. Republican nominee, year-old John McCain, has wrestled with three episodes of melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer, and had an in-depth skin cancer check every few months.

It was widely recognized, even by a plethora of conservative pundits, that Sarah Palin was wholly unprepared to assume the presidency. In contrast, Joe Biden was widely regarded as well prepared to assume the presidency.

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2 rows · Nine states changed allegiance from the election. Each had voted for the Republican nominee. This is the electoral history of Barack Obama. Obama served as a United States Senator from Illinois (–) and the 44th President of the United States (–). A member of the Democratic Party, Obama was first elected to the Illinois Senate in representing the 13th district, which covered much of the Chicago South Side. On November 4, , Senator Barack Obama of Illinois defeats Senator John McCain of Arizona to become the 44th U.S. president, and the first African American elected to the White euro-caspian.com

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama D won the presidency by defeating Arizona Sen. John McCain R on November 4, Obama won the Electoral College after receiving votes to votes for McCain. Obama won The presidential election focused on a national economic crisis that evolved throughout the race. The electoral map is above. Click on the states in the map to toggle them between Democrat, Republican and Tossup.

President George W. Bush R was unable to seek re-election due to term limits, leaving open nominating processes for both major parties. Obama and U. Senator Hillary Clinton were the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination. The candidates sparred through the June 3 primaries despite Obama securing enough delegates to win the nomination earlier in the race.

National security and foreign policy issues took a back seat to the economy due to an unraveling financial crisis. By December , a credit crisis related to overextension of subprime mortgage-backed securities led to a significant recession.

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September set off an economic panic that spread globally. The candidates disagreed on the causes of the financial crisis and tax policy.

Obama argued that deregulation of the financial industry led to risky trading mechanisms contributing to the crisis. Obama campaigned on cutting low-income and middle-income taxes and raising upper-income tax rates, while McCain supported tax cuts at all income levels.

McCain and Obama differed on the presence of American troops in Iraq. McCain, who supported the initial Iraq invasion, opposed establishing a removal date for all troops. Obama opposed the Iraq invasion and argued for a month timetable for removing troops and reinforcing troops in Afghanistan.

The campaign engaged targeted groups through networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Localized groups supporting Obama and Biden were able to sign up through the main campaign site, which gathered contact info for mobilization purposes. McCain sought to connect his campaign to the maverick image he received during his unsuccessful bid.

He also disconnected himself from the Bush administration, which became unpopular due to the financial crisis and the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Obama won nearly all major demographic groups on his way to victory. The Obama campaign also realized its commitment to younger voters by winning all age groups except those aged 65 years and older.

These voting patterns translated into an Obama victory with inroads into the South and West. He also secured wins in Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, and New Mexico, which were not reliable parts of the Democratic coalition to that point.

Congressional Democrats made gains in the House and the Senate after winning majorities in both chambers during the midterm elections.


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