What is the best pc game recording software

what is the best pc game recording software

20 Best FREE Game Recording Software for PC (2021 Update)

Mar 08,  · Count Streamlabs is one of the best free game recording software for Windows and thank its super-flexible interface which allows the newbies of the gaming world to comfortably record, save and stream the videos. This game recording software is considered to be inspired from Open Broadcaster Software. Apr 20,  · Bandicam is a good free recording software for gaming. This best game recorder enables you to record at high bitrates and frames. You can record games at flexible frame rates and 4K Ultra HD resolution. What's more, it offers the compression feature that makes sure the recorded game video is in a small size without quality euro-caspian.com: Jane Zhou.

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recording utility to record your screen, webcam, audio, zoom meetings, live streams, even gameplay. Ia this screen recorder to capture everything for any occasion now. About the Author. Related Posts. There are tones of game recording software on the market, many of which claim to be the best video game recording software, but which one is right for you best?

When you choose game capture software, you need to consider the user interface, output formats, FPS speed supported, benchmark-setting, the sharpness of the video screen, the utmost price, etc.

To save your time, we cover the top 16 best game recorder for PC here, including free and paid. To help you understand each product faster, we have listed their important advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help you quickly judge and find the best gaming screen recorder that suits your needs most.

Before recording gameplay, you can create a recording task to set the start time and stop recording. When you are finishing the what is mip mortgage insurance, you can directly share the gameplay video to social media platforms.

Apart from that, it is a versatile free video recording software for both beginners and professionals. Using this software, you can easily capture any area of your screen full screen, a selected region, or a specific windowrecord any audio coming from your computer, and record your webcam with high-quality.

How to Record Gameplay on PC. Recording games on PC is not what is equity value per share difficult task. Xbox Game Bar is a pre-installed free video game recording software for Windows 10 that allows you to capture game clips and screenshots.

The game bar can be used to record apps, especially for gameplay capture. It's able to record most PC games and enable you to instantly access widgets for screen and sharing, finding teammates with LFG, chatting with friends across Xbox console, mobile, and PC without leaving your game. OBS Studio is a popular open-source and free game capture software that works well for live streaming games on Twitch and recording other information. It is the preferred tool for a lot of gamers out there.

You are not required to change any special settings. Select the source which you would like to record and start recording. Bandicam is good free recording software for gaming.

This best game recorder enables you to record at high bitrates and frames. You can record games at flexible frame rates and 4K Ultra HD resolution.

What's more, softwre offers the compression feature that ensures the recorded game video is in a small size without quality loss. The recordings can be used for gaming or other PC activities. Movavi is a nice PC game recording software that enables you to record screen and audio simultaneously. It supports resolution up to 4K. Besides, you can sync the webcam and microphone voice-over with an on-going screen recording. Besides that, this video game recording software provides a lot of video editing features so you can edit the recorded game video, for example, convert wwhat video into GIF; trim, cut, and join videos; add animated titles and special effects, and much more.

Nvidia Geforce Experience, another free gaming recording software, enables you sofwtare capture and share videos, screenshots, and live streams with friends and keep your drivers up to date and optimize your ggame settings.

Apart from updating your Nvidia drivers, this game recorder for Windows provides Nvidia's Shadowplay feature, allowing you to record games easily.

And it can record at the same resolution as your display, so if you have a 4K panel, your recordings will also be in 4K.

Fraps is another great game recorder for PC. It can put out some massive files due to its benchmarking nature, which provides you a wide range of resolutions. You can set the video capture frame rate manually, and it can go from 30 to FPS. There is also an option to enter a custom FPS value to set the frame rate even below You also can use this gameplay recording software to record both screen and audio through external input or system iw.

Action is another game capture software on the market. You can use it to record a real-time game in high definition. This gaming screen recorder is compatible with any Windows version and supports more than one video format - AVI and MP4. After recording, Action allows you to stream videos on different platforms such as YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, etc.

LoiLo game what do carrot sprouts look like is a lightweight video game recording software. It offers enables you to record ongoing video games and edit the recorded game video with various features. With this file format, you are to reach the best balance between file size and image quality.

And it shows the least performance loss compared to any competitor's non-free software. XSplit Gamecaster is one of the best game recorders for PC out there.

It is compatible with Twitch and can record your game and choose the appropriate settings according to your computer's properties without manual customization. What's more, it comes with variable video editing features, such as picture-in-picture mode, watermarks, video annotations, and social media integration. Dxtory is another good free recording software for gaming, which offers tons of features for game recording. Its interface is extremely user-friendly and makes it very simple to understand all settings and adjust them.

This program record a lossless video of the highest possible quality. Thus you need to prepare a lot of space for the captures. You can record the screen with game sound or microphone sound at the same time.

You can customize video codecs in the video settings, frames per second fromsources, size, and format. Camtasia is an advanced video game recording software. Gmae are how to replace a lost key to change the recording settings and adjust the recording window size. It also supports you to record with a camera or microphone.

Camtasia offers some advanced video editing features as a softqare video editing software to assist users in adding effects, text, transitions, etc. ShareX is a screen recorder software, which is ad-free. This software's main thing is that it is mostly for professional developers and power users because the tools are very advanced. The editing features of this software are complex in how to build a prize wheel pictures, but if someone has been using a screen recorder and an editor for some time now, they can easily grasp its use.

The screen recording can be turned into a GIF. Users can set their own hotkeys, take screenshots, see the software's history, and grab content from webpages. If you are looking for an easy and free game recorder in Windows 10, Ezvid is the right software.

The speed of this software is outstanding, and it can save the time of user. The user can record a video and upload it on YouTube within minutes. This software is specifically designed for those who make video clips from their games frequently and try to do it quickly. This is a unique free gamer recorder in Windows 10, which would help users capture images and videos and add comments.

This software comes with an online cloud gallery, where eoftware can store all their revording captures and videos. The user interface of this software is pretty simple and easy to use. The rrecording can easily edit their screen with shapes, annotations, effects, font thickness, and much more. If a gamer wants a straightforward screen recorder, then Free Cam is just the software for them. The software comes with a video and audio editor and has a very user-friendly interface.

With this software's help, gamers can easily take screencasts of their game and share them with others. These screencasts are very professional in bfst, and a bonus is that it doesn't put a watermark on the screen. It is also ad-free software, which is why so many gamers love it. That's it. These are the top 12 best free game recording software for PC. They have their disadvantages and advantages, some with video editing function, some have no or limited ones. If you are a beginner, how much siding in a carton can choose some free and simple-to-use game recording software.

For advanced game recording, you can select high-level tools. This game recorder is easy to use yet powerful. You can not only record gameplay but capture your screen, audio, and webcam with it. There is a lot of video game recording software available on the market. It allows you to record gameplay with a recorsing simple clicks.

Apart from that, you also can use it to capture screen, audio, even your webcam according to your needs. To softdare your gameplay, you need a useful game recorder. For advanced users, OBS - an open-source screen recorder, is the best option. But if you are a novice, you'd better try some easy yet powerful screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. Jane is an experienced editor for EaseUS focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing and screen recording software on the market, she specializes in composing posts about recording and editing videos.

All the topics she chooses are aimed at providing more instructive information to users. Store Download Support Live Chat. Screen Recording Tips EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recording utility to record your screen, webcam, audio, zoom meetings, live streams, even gameplay.

Jane Wnat Updated on Apr 23, min read. Features: Easy to use Record gake and your voice at the same time Record computer audio system sound or microphone Support to create the recording tasks automatically Allow you to edit the video by adding texts, lines, arrows, etc. Was This Page Helpful? Read full bio.

Best Game Recording Software FAQs

Whether you are a professional gamer or just a beginner, there is a world of incredibly cool software that helps you record your gameplay. If you are anywhere near asking for one, take a pause for we have summoned 15 best game recording software that have old-school and modern, basic and advanced, all kinds of features crafted to record the perfect videos.

One mere click for start and pause on recording is never enough for the gamers. There is more to recording a gameplay that necessarily perfect the chance of sharing the gaming experience with friends and the whole clan of gamers out there. The gaming software for Windows listed down here covers the demands and wishes of gamers from both sides — professional as well as the beginners. Some require a handful of features that are easy on head and PC while some cannot call it done until the repetitive customisation and final tweak of edits.

From custom FPS features to editing tools and integration with major live-streaming platforms, the game recording software listed below functions a variety of features to keep it robust.

Compatibility : Windows Windows 8. Open Broadcaster Software has to be the most popular and one of the best free game recording software. Ask anyone from the clan of gamers for this one is quite a near and dear one to them.

It is highly flexible and works as an open source. Besides, it does not demand the all day-long endeavours for game recording, thanks to its friendly functionality. This tool makes both recording and streaming run easy.

However, beginners may find this tool too complicated to comprehend. Download Now. Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8. Count Streamlabs is one of the best free game recording software for Windows and thank its super-flexible interface which allows the newbies of the gaming world to comfortably record, save and stream the videos. This game recording software is considered to be inspired from Open Broadcaster Software.

However, it is safe to recommend its use to the beginners for its user friendly interface. Bandicam is known to be one of the most renowned game recording software. Perhaps because the features offered by this tool are quite useful and attractive. This tool allows you to resize the area and it records with high bitrates and customisable frames.

However, this one is costly yet you can try your hands on its free trial version. XSplit Gamecaster is one of those best free game recording software that offer a bucketful of decent features at zero penny. This powerful and one of the easiest game recording software allows you to record the video with single press and offers high quality streaming. Besides, it features video editing and sharing which makes this a favourite choice of many.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8. Fraps is yet another best free game recording software for Windows. This tool offers functions that you cannot say no to. There is a custom setting for frame rate and Fraps allows live FPS. This one is a tool to use for an uninterrupted and light-headed use. You may like Nvidia GeForce Experience as easygoing and another best free game recording software to use. You can consider using Radeon ReLive if you are looking for the best free game recording software which is easy to set up.

Stop here if you are looking for a power-packed and the best game recording software for Windows which has an abundance of features to treat you with. Movavi Screen Recorder has a store of advanced features such as editing tools, webcam and voice-overs, GIFs and many more, making it the tool to count on.

Although, It offers a free trial yet may seem a bit expensive to some. D3DGear — the simple and basic, as well as one the best game recording software for those who are not looking for a lot of hand-wringing. D3DGear can record your videos in matter of one click and also allows compression, saving space and energy.

It processes an easy user interface and is one of the easiest ones you could ever ask for. It offers a free trial. Action comes in as one of the best game recording software and offers a one-stop destination for your search of attractive features. This tool allows you to record videos at 4K resolution. However, you may not be ready to let it consume the large space of your system. You will thank this tool for the editing tool and its compatibility with live-streaming websites.

Dxtrory is one of the best game recording software which may seem merciful to you for its easy-to-use functionality and features that can be customised. It is a light yet strong tool to help you record the videos easily and with amazing resolution.

This tool offers a free trial. Made for Windows 10, Windows Game DVR may be the best free game recording software to put a shortcut factor in your gameplay recordings. It is easy to use and is recommended for light user experience. However, if you are looking for advanced features then this one is not going to do the job.

Record the games smoothly with Wondershare DemoCreator, another best game recording software to watch out for. This tool provides screen recording with which you can easily record the gameplays. It features qualitative recordings and editing tools. It offers a free version. You might not know but if you are a Windows 10 user then you have inbuilt software that can easily record gaming. Xbox Game Bar is pre-installed in Windows You can choose whether you wish to record in 30 fps or 60 fps and moreover, you can even select the quality which you want.

The software can record in p and p. This can be considered the best software for beginners. Next in the list of best game recording software for Windows, we have Wondershare Filmora Scrn. Wondershare is renowned for its products in video editing, you might have not heard about the Filmorescrn software but it also offers a great feature which you can try. Using the software you can record and adjust the files easily. You can also adjust the shape, color, and size of the cursor. The best feature of this software is that it not only lets you record the screen but you can also record using a webcam simultaneously.

So if you are looking for software that can help you stream your gaming, then this can be your pick. There are plenty of game recording software that helps accelerate the recording process of your gameplay. Such tools, available for both free and paid license, function with several features that enhance the recording, rendering the videos share-worthy.

You can check Bandicam, Open Broadcaster Software and many such software to record the gameplay on Windows as well as MacOs operating systems. Open Broadcaster Software is the best free game recording software for Windows 10, 8. Besides, Bandicam Paid and Xsplit Available as free as well as premium version.

Bandicam is one of the most popular game recording software when it comes to incredible recording quality and streaming. However, it offers a free trial version but it involves watermark. If there is something common to this list of the best game recording software , it has to be the control that it brings to the gamers to record and stream the videos. All of these tools are constructed with distinctive yet an ensemble of basic and strong specifications that make game recording more fun and become an added reason to play the favorites.

Let us know in the comment box if you have any such game recording software to suggest and everything else. Sign me up for the newsletter! Published Date : Mar 08, Category : Games Top 10 Windows. Table of Contents show. Open Broadcaster Software.

XSplit Gamecaster. Nvidia GeForce Experience. Radeon ReLive. Movavi Screen Recorder. Windows Game DVR. Wondershare DemoCreator. Xbox Game Bar. Wondershare Filmora Scrn. Pros It is free to use. It supports multiple formats. Cons It has a complicated interface. Beginners may find it hard to use. Pros It is easy and free to use. It features multiple plugins. Cons It has less encoding options as compared to Open Broadcaster Software.

It is often reported for being crashed. Pros Built-in compression feature. Custom setting for recording area.


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