What is fresh start in sony laptop

what is fresh start in sony laptop

How to use the Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 Creators Update

Nov 26, The Fresh Start option is a Configured-to-Order (CTO) option for the removal of specific VAIO applications, trial software and games. Fresh Start lets you perform a clean reinstallation and update of Windows while keeping your personal data and most Windows settings intact. In some cases, a clean installation may improve your device's startup and shutdown experience, memory usage, Microsoft Store apps performance, browsing experience, and battery life.

Before I used to be able to close the lid to my computer, open it up and it would go right to the windows screen, where I type in my password, etc. Now when I open my computer, I have to hit the side button to get it to wake up.

After that, the blue HP circle shows up and then the screen goes black. For me to do anything after that I have to push the power button until it goes to sleep, wait a few seconds, what is fresh start in sony laptop it again and then it works like it's supposed to.

I've tried to go through the sleep settings but nothing is making it work like it was before and it's driving me absolutely nuts. Before I was able to print like normal.

Now, after opening up my computer the first document I print, will print without an issue, BUT the computer thinks it's still printing even when it's done printing.

The document will be done and it will still say "1 document pending". In order to print a second document, I have to run the troubleshooter for it to clear the whole thing and then it will work right for the rest of the day. I've tried to update my drivers but it says they are all up to date and I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and it didn't work. I have tried to make sure Windows was up to date on my computer and I get this error code.

There's a possibility that this issue has something to do with corrupted system files. However, for us to identify the exact cause of the issue, we would like to ask for more information:. To get the Windows version and build number of your PC, kindly check this link. Is it through automatic updates or through manual installation?

Installing any important recommendation and optimal updates can often correct issues by replacing out-of-date files and fixing vulnerabilities. Since you're having an issue in updating your Windows, kindly download and what is fresh start in sony laptop the Windows Update Troubleshooter to automatically diagnose and resolve the error message that you're getting.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. The first link you gave me takes me to a site where I have to sign in with my "work or student account", which I don't have, so I'm going to wing it with the info and hopefully this is what you're asking for:.

Before this issue I had it set up to do automatic updates, but clearly now it's not doing that since it won't let me even check if it's up to date without getting the "error code 0x "but I will run the "Windows Update Troubleshooter" right now and see what happens, but if you have any other suggestions PLEASE let me know! Just to verify, after the troubleshooter is done, did you try running Windows Update again and install any available updates? Meanwhile, you can also try manually updating your Windows version to the latest build.

Here's how:. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. So I recently did the whole "fresh start" thing. Here are my new "issues" 1. All of this all only started after I did the "fresh start" which has not been a "fresh start". Any help would be great!!!

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 3.

Kris Ver Microsoft Agent. Hi Jessica, There's a possibility that how to teach beginning softball pitching issue has something to do with corrupted system files. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Kris Ver's post on September 7, Thank you so much for replying!!

The first link you gave me takes me to a site where I have to sign in with my "work or student account", which I don't have, so I'm going to wing it with the info and hopefully this is what you're asking for: Windows 10 Home Processor: Intel R Pentium R CPU N 2. Thanks so much! This is what came up when I did the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Windows Update. Reset service registration Completed. Background What is mosque in arabic Transfer Service Find and fix problems that may prevent background downloads from working Package Version: 1.

In reply to Jessica's post on September 7, Thanks for letting us know, Jessica. Here's another way of finding out which version and build of Windows your PC is running: 1. Type winver. Select OK. Here's how: Go to the Update history page. Go to the Microsoft Update site and search for the KB number.

Select the link for the download, and then choose Download. Select Save if you are prompted. When the download completes, select What is relish good for to start the update.

Kindly update us with the result so we can further assist you. This site in other languages x. Service registration is missing or corrupt Service registration is missing or corrupt.

Some security settings are missing or have been changed Some security settings are missing or have been changed. Check for missing or corrupt files Check for missing or corrupt files.

Before you start to refresh or reset your PC

Jun 17, Windows 10s May Update moves the Fresh Start feature that lets you reinstall Windows while removing any manufacturer-installed bloatware on your laptop or desktop PC. Its no longer part of the Windows Security application. Youll find Fresh Start built into Windows 10s Reset Your PC euro-caspian.coms no longer called Fresh Start, and you have to turn on a special. Mar 20, Basically, the Fresh start feature helps to start fresh with a clean and up-to-date installation of Windows 10, but it can leave your data intact. In other words, this will keep your personal files, some Windows settings, and remove most of your apps. Sep 08, So I recently did the whole "fresh start" thing. Here are my new "issues" 1. Before I used to be able to close the lid to my computer, open it up and it would go right to the windows screen, where I type in my password, etc. Now when I open my computer, I .

Windows 10 Creators Update offers a feature called Fresh Start, which lets you perform a clean install while leaving your data intact. This illustrated walk-through shows how the feature works. The Fresh Start feature basically performs a clean install of Windows 10 while leaving your data intact. More specifically, when you choose Fresh Start, it will find and back up all your data, settings, and native apps. After that, it will remove most of the applications from your system and install a fresh copy of the most recent version of Windows which the operation downloads from the Microsoft site, rather than pulling an old copy from a restore partition.

The operation will then restore the data, settings, and the Windows Store apps that were installed with Windows 10 by Microsoft or the computer manufacturer. Chances are, most of the applications installed on your system will be removed.

When your PC restarts, log in with your same username and password and you'll be able to find all your data just as you left it. You will now have to reinstall any applications you regularly use. That may seem like a bit of a pain point--and it is-- but all those applications you never used, such as third-party bloatware that came preinstalled on your system by the manufacturer that was just clogging up your system, will be gone.

While Fresh Start is designed to keep all your data intact throughout the operation, you may want the peace of mind of having your own backup. The best thing you can do is create a System Image. You can find step-by-step directions in How to revive your Windows 10 installation with System Image Recovery. To continue, just click Yes. This screen provides a brief overview of what the Fresh Start procedure will do. You'll also get a general idea of how long Fresh Start will take to complete the procedure.

While the message says 20 minutes or longer, my system took almost an hour to complete. Click Next to continue. Fresh Start will begin an analysis of the software on your system that will be removed, displaying the screen shown in Figure E.

When Fresh Start completes the analysis, it will display the screen shown in Figure F , which lists all the applications that will be removed.

On my example system, Fresh Start said it would be removing quite a few applications. While some of these are applications I use all the time, a lot of them are the junk applications I never use, such as those that came preinstalled on this laptop when I purchased it.

You may be tempted to write down all the applications on this list, but you don't have to. Fresh Start will save this list of apps and create a file on the desktop of your new, clean Windows 10 installation. However, you should take some time to go through this list and make sure that you have all the installation media and license keys you'll need to reinstall any removed software once Windows restarts.

When you click Next, you may see the screen shown in Figure G. If you recently upgraded your system from a previous version of the operating system to Windows 10, this screen will appear. It lets you know that performing a Fresh Start procedure will prevent you from going back to the previous version of Windows. Just click Start and you'll be underway. Now your system will begin the initial stage of the refresh operation.

As this stage progresses, you'll see a percentage counter, as shown in Figure I. Once this initial stage is complete, your system will restart for the first time Figure J. Throughout the remainder of the Refresh operation, your system will restart several times. After the Refresh operation restarts for the last time, it will present the login screen.

When you log in, Windows 10 will complete the installation procedure while displaying the familiar installation screens shown in Figure K. Once everything is complete, you'll see the desktop on your refreshed system, which includes a Microsoft Edge icon titled Removed Apps Figure L.

Double-click that icon to view a complete list of all the applications that were removed by the refresh operation, as shown in Figure M. You can then reinstall any of those applications you want to put back on your system. All your data will be right where you left it. If you happen to lose track of the Removed Apps file on your desktop, no worries. Be your company's Microsoft insider by reading these Windows and Office tips, tricks, and cheat sheets.

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