What eyeshadow for blue eyes

what eyeshadow for blue eyes

6 Eyeshadows That Make Blue Eyes Pop

Jul 08,  · Mix and match any of the five shimmery gold and bronze metallics, or use one of the three pale beige tones for the perfect neutral, all-over color. A rich purple will pop on blue eyes, and there is also two dark black-brown shades ideal for lining. Best . Mar 09,  · When you want to make blue eyes stand out, choose bronze shadows with orange undertones. "This is because orange is the opposite of blue .

Eyfshadow you want to make blue eyes stand out, choose bronze shadows with orange undertones. For a minimal daytime look, blend a bronzy brown shadow from your lash lines to what does digital input mean creases as seen on Cameron Diaz.

To eyeshaadow intensity, wet your brush prior to application. While copper shadow may seem intimidating in the packaging, its golden peach base is flattering on blue eyes. Try using it in small doses on the outer creases of the lids or pressed into the upper lash lines as a subtle metallic eyeliner, suggests Wilson. Another way to emphasize your eye color is with a deep shade of navy blue. Think of it as your dark neutral option. For those who prefer to accentuate their eyes with minimal-looking makeup, consider a gray-based blue shadow similar to Kate Hudson.

Or, try it as a liner. Rim your lash lines as close as possible, Barose says, "then smudge it out around the eyes. On nights that call for a smoldering lid, blue eyes require a lighter touch—literally.

The secret? Blend, blend, and blend some more. Any shade or formula that is too dark, thick, or opaque will be overwhelming, he says. Skip charcoal and black and go for a palette of warm metallics and rich browns demonstrated here on Amy Adams.

Black mascara, however, is always a yes. Bazaar Bride. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Nigella Lawson Still Knows Best. Getty Images. Make blue eyes appear brighter and bolder with these easy-to-master makeup ideas. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Sheer Washes of What does a breather filter do. Copper Accents.

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Feb 27,  · A bit of ivory in the inner corner of your eyes will sparkle, while the orange will also make your blue eyes look even bluer. Jun 17,  · Layering your lids with a rust-colored shadow, like Tarte Tarteist Metallic Shadow in Scandal, is the quickest way to draw attention to blue eyes. "The . Blue eye makeup is trending like always in this season too. When we see photographs of fashionistas from the sixties, Blue eye makeup might look tricky, but with our help, it will become simpler and easier for you. Besides, we have some amazing blue makeup looks for you.

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Calling all blue-eyed babes, can you hear me? Surely this isn't the first time you've seen an article on what eyeshadow pairs best with your eye color yet with so many varying shades and products today, which ones are really going to keep their promise of making your peepers look their best?

Between perfecting blending techniques and carving out enough time in the day to practice them, the last thing on your mind should be what to use and how. The deal? We've rounded up a curated list of the best shadow looks for blue eyes that when you get down to it, aren't so hard to do yourself. Keep scrolling for our top picks in eyeshadow looks to try if you've got blue eyes —you won't be disappointed. Warm browns and deep espresso shades pair perfectly with blue eyes.

You can use a contrasting palette of warm tones to create a smoky eye like this one here, you're also fine to go solo and use them alone when wanting to warm up the lid without any extra work. To recreate this look, blend the deeper brown tones into the crease for a dramatic effect, and use the softer, warmer tones on the lid for contrast.

A simple gold eyeshadow look has Margot Robbie's blue eyes looking phenomenal, and only takes one eyeshadow to create the look. Apply a cream eyeshadow in a soft golden champagne color all over the eyelid, building the shade as you go until your eyes are the center of attention. Mauve is all you need for this shadow look. Start by blending a light mauve shadow on the eyelid, and follow up with a deeper version to line the eyes with.

When using eyeshadow as an eyeliner, all you need is an angled brush to help apply it across the lashline. You can apply shadow wet or dry depending on your preference. This subtle touch of green on Joey King is the perfect detail for blue eyes.

Apply a neutral eyeshadow to the lid and finish by applying a winged shape to the corners of the eyes using your green shade of choice. Need some extra help? You can always trace the wing with an eyeliner first to get the right shape. Silver applied all over the eyelids and the inner corner of the eyes might be one of the fastest ways to enhance blue eye color.

It's also incredibly simple to do yourself. Find a silver eyeshadow shade you like, and apply all over the lid until satisfied. Don't you love how easy that was? Rich bronze makes blue eyes as bright as can be, and the added detail of light blue in the corners of the eyes makes it even better. Apply a generous amount of a creamy bronze eyeshadow to eyelids, and follow up with the beautiful blue detail in the corners of the eyes for the final touch.

Peachy-pink eyeshadows truly make blue eyes stand out and are great to use when you want to add some warmth to the skin as well. Peach can be worn in any season and looks beautiful by itself, making a monochromatic peach shadow look ideal when wanting to enhance blue eyes.

Blend your peach shadow of choice on the eyelids and crease, sealing the look with a highlight under the brow. Purple comes in so many different variations and this soft plum smoky look is ideal for blue eyes along with the defining liquid liner. Find a plum shadow with a shimmery finish it can be cream or powder and apply lightly from lid to brow, finishing with eyeliner and a few coats of mascara. Earthy tones like soft taupes and browns can enhance blue eyes, and when paired with a rich black eyeliner add the right amount of drama to the look without being overpowering.

When experimenting with soft brown tones, you can mix and match a few different colors to create a nice variation. Start by applying the lightest color on the eyelid, and then move on to some deeper tones for the crease.

Line the top and bottom lash line with a long-lasting black eyeliner to finish. A little or a lot of glitter never hurt anybody, right? For a dramatic eyeshadow look that brings out your baby blues, pairing a silver glitter shadow with darker tones makes for a perfect mix of salty-sweet. It's no shocker that glitter can be messy, so the best way to apply it is by using a glitter cream eyeshadow with a doe-foot applicator for precise placement.

No mess, just another stunning eye makeup look to add to your list of successes. Why pick one color when you can use them all? Katie Jane Hughes shows us just how fun wearing multiple colors of shadow on blue eyes can be. Play with four or five different shadows and choose where you want to put them for a unique eyeshadow look. Known for touting some of the most beautiful makeup looks, Rosie Huntington-Whitely's looks like a goddess wearing rose gold eyeshadow.

A tiny touch of mauve eyeliner gives the shadow look a nice contrast. For application, apply the shadow on the eyelid and blend softly up towards the brow to sheer the color out. Jewel tones of emerald green will perk up any shade of blue eyes, and this particular look is dramatic with shimmer in all the right places. Start by applying the emerald color on the top and bottom portion of the eyes, you can make it as smoky or soft as you choose.

Violet colored shadows on blue eyes can make our dreams a reality, they enhance in the best way and come in many versatile hues. A shimmering violet shadow is applied to Olivia Wilde's lids and followed with a deeper purple shadow by blending it into the crease. Mixing champagne with deep brown, bronze, or even grey tones can instantly elevate this common eyeshadow shade. Each color brings out blue, and on days when you want to keep it simple, you can wear champagne as a solo color.

Mix and match to your heart's content, the main tip is ensuring the champagne shadow is in the center of the eyelid. The next time you want to wear shadow to compliment your blue eyes, think pink. From sheer cotton candy colors to bold fuschia, there's no limit on what looks you can create with pink eyeshadow.

For this look, blend a punchier pink shadow just on the lids, brush up your brows, and add a thin black line to the inner top and bottom lashes. Toss any myth to the side that tells you eyes will look dull if you wear the same color shadow as your eye color on the lids.

This example of blue eyeshadow paired with blue eyes shows just how beautiful blue on blue can truly be. Keep the blue shadow on the eyelid and finish with your favorite mascara. Surprisingly enough, yellow paired with blue eyes is a total show-stopper, who knew? When working with a yellow shadow, it's best to find the undertone that works best with your skin before proceeding.

Once you've got that down, apply liberally to eyelids and love the result. First thing's first, soft orange eyeshadow isn't the same as peach, you will get a different result when wearing this color on blue eyes, and it's going to make you really happy you tried it. Swipe as much as you want on the lids with your favorite brush for a shadow look you can wear every single day.

Grey shadow, whether it's monochromatic or paired with smokier shades highlights blue eyes in the best way. If you're feeling creative, apply a soft grey shadow to the lids, and follow up by blending a deeper grey tone in the crease like this beautiful look on Katy Perry. Thank you [email] for signing up. Please enter a valid email address. Your Privacy Rights.

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