What day is presidents day 2012

what day is presidents day 2012

A Brief History of (What You Think Is) Presidents’ Day

2 rows · Jun 03,  · Presidents' Day for the year is celebrated/ observed on Monday, February 20th. Washington's Birthday (Presidents' Day) Monday, February 20 General George Washington Resigning His Commission by John Trumbull. Presidents’ Day, officially Washington’s Birthday, in the United States, is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington (born on February 22), the first President of the United States.

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Presidents' Day in 2012

Presidents' Day in is on Monday, February Presidents' Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is celebrated for the honor of George Washington's birthday (22nd February). presidents day. Washington's Birthday is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is also commonly known as Presidents Day (sometimes spelled Presidents' Day. In , Congress switched Washington’s Birthday holiday from his birthdate, Feb. 22, to the third Monday in February and it evolved into being called “Presidents Day.” The day now celebrates both Washington’s birthday and President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which is Feb.

Washington's Birthday is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington , the first president of the United States , who was born on February 22, The Uniform Monday Holiday Act of moved this holiday to the third Monday, which can occur from February 15 to 21, inclusive.

Colloquially, the day is also now widely known as Presidents' Day though the placement of the apostrophe, if any, varies and is often an occasion to remember all the presidents. The day is a state holiday in most states, with official names including Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, President's Day, and Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday.

Depending upon the specific law, the state holiday may officially celebrate Washington alone, Washington and Lincoln , or some other combination of U. Although Lincoln's Birthday , February 12, was never a federal holiday, nearly half of the state governments have officially renamed their Washington's Birthday observances as "Presidents' Day", "Washington and Lincoln Day", or other such designations. In historical rankings of presidents of the United States Lincoln and Washington are frequently the top two presidents.

In the following states and possessions of the United States , Washington's Birthday is an official state holiday and known as: [3]. Several states honor presidents with official state holidays that do not fall on the third Monday of February. In Massachusetts , the state officially celebrates "Washington's Birthday" on the same day as the federal holiday.

State law also directs the governor to issue an annual "Presidents Day" proclamation on May 29 John F. In New Mexico , Presidents' Day, at least as a state-government paid holiday, is observed on the Friday following Thanksgiving , [21] [22] although the legal public holiday remains the third Monday in February.

At the time, the entire British Empire, including its North American possessions, was on the Julian calendar ; the Empire, not being bound to the Catholic Church , had not yet adopted the modern Gregorian calendar that Catholic countries had adopted in Consequently, by the s, the Julian calendar used by Britain and the Colonies was eleven days behind the Gregorian, because of leap year differences. Furthermore, the British civil year began on March 25 rather than January 1, so that dates in February such as this one 'belonged' to the preceding year.

See Dual dating. In , The British Empire switched to the Gregorian calendar ; since then, Americans born prior to , including Washington, have typically had their birthdays recognized according to the Gregorian calendar "New Style" dates.

Since February 11 on the Julian calendar is February 22 on the Gregorian, Washington's birthday is today known as February 22, The federal holiday honoring Washington was originally implemented by an Act of Congress in for government offices in Washington 20 Stat. As the first federal holiday to honor an American president, the holiday was celebrated on Washington's birthday under the Gregorian calendar, February A rough analogue of this phenomenon can be seen in Commonwealth realms , where the reigning monarch's official birthday is celebrated without regard to their actual date of birth.

The purpose was not to honor any particular president but to honor the office of the presidency. It was first thought that March 4, the original inauguration day, should be deemed Presidents Day, but the bill recognizing March 4 stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee which had authority over federal holidays.

The committee felt that, given its proximity to Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays, three holidays so close together would be unduly burdensome. But meanwhile the governors of a majority of the states issued proclamations declaring March 4 Presidents' Day in their respective jurisdictions.

An early draft of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act would have renamed the holiday "Presidents' Day" to honor the birthdays of both Washington and Lincoln, which would explain why the chosen date falls between the two, but this proposal failed in committee, and the bill was voted on and signed into law on June 28, , keeping the name "Washington's Birthday".

By the mids, with a push from advertisers, the term "Presidents' Day" began its public appearance. In Washington's adopted hometown of Alexandria, Virginia , celebrations are held throughout February. A food traditionally associated with the holiday is cherry pie , based on the legendary chopping down of a cherry tree in Washington's youth. Until the late s, corporate businesses generally closed on this day, similar to present corporate practices on Memorial Day or Christmas Day.

Federal and state government services close U. Postal Service , state Departments of Motor Vehicles, federal and state courts. Public elementary and secondary schools are generally closed, but some school districts, such as New York City, may close for an entire week as a "mid-winter recess". The holiday is also a tribute to the general who created the first military badge of merit for the common soldier. Revived on Washington's th birthday in , the Purple Heart medal which bears Washington's image is awarded to soldiers who are injured in battle.

Community celebrations often display a lengthy heritage. Washington's hometown of Alexandria, Virginia , hosts a month-long tribute, including what is claimed to be the nation's longest-running and largest George Washington Birthday parade, [37] while Eustis, Florida , continues its annual " GeorgeFest " celebration begun in Citizens asked that this be done in light of the ongoing Civil War.

Because "Presidents' Day" is not the official name of the federal holiday there is variation in how it is rendered, both colloquially and in the name of official state holidays. When used with the intention of celebrating more than one individual, the form "Presidents' Day" was usual in the past. In recent years, as the use of attributive nouns nouns acting as modifiers has become more widespread, the form "Presidents Day" has become more common; [43] the Associated Press Stylebook , most newspapers and some magazines use this form.

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