What country is morocco located in

what country is morocco located in

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Mar 10,  · Morocco, mountainous country of western North Africa that lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Morocco’s largest city and major Atlantic Ocean port is Casablanca. The capital, Rabat, lies a short distance to the north on the Atlantic coast. Feb 24,  · Morocco is a country in North Africa. It is located in the Maghreb region in the Northern and Western Hemisphere regions of the Earth. It is bordered by the two countries of Western Sahara to the south and Algeria to the east. It has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

You probably always assumed Morocco is an Arab country but do you know where Morocco is? Morocco is a country situated in North Africajust south of Europe. In fact Spain is only 8. Morocco shares land borders with three countries : Spain, Algeria and Mauritania. Therefore there is no president of the state in Morocco, the head of the government is the President of the Government. The total population of Morocco is 33 million what country is morocco located in with most of them being Arab or Berber.

There is also half a million Europeans mainly from France and Spain. Morocco is in an advantageous location, North Africa, just miles away from Europe and have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline.

With mountains, desert and wide plains Morocco offers a varied landscape:. Morocco and Spain are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar, this naturally formed channel separates the African and European locsted but also the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. A tunnel between both countries would make possible to set up a means of transport faster than the boat and less expensive than the airplane. Various project was proposed to connect Europe and Africa, a tunnel how to make a square cardboard box been proposed in but it wasn't possible due to the hard rock and the limited resources available at the time.

Inboth countries were studying the possibility of a rail tunnel measuring 40 kilometres long, the cost of the project was estimated at 5 Billion minecraft how to build a runway. It was concluded that the project could be completed what country is morocco located insubject to mkrocco feasibility. This image was taken from the International Space Station, you can see Spain in the north, the strait of Gibraltar that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and the north of Morocco.

You can easily spot the snow above the Atlas mountains Middle Atlas and High Atlas range serving as a natural barrier to the Sahara desert. Morocco ks a Mediterranean climatesummer is locater hot and dry, winters are cold and wet, with rain beginning in October : More details about Climate in Morocco. The French imposed a protectorate over Morocco init tooks 44 years to the country to take its independence back from France and Spain inafter the return of the exile of the Sultan of Morocco Mohammed V.

His Son, Hassan IIbecame king in One of the most important events to take place during his reign was 'The Green March' whenunarmed Moroccans volunteers advanced several miles into the Sahara to claim lcated return of Saharan territory from Spain and reinstore it under Moroccan sovereignty. After the 'Green March' Spain agreed to cede the possession of the colony to Morocco.

A conflict with Polisario Front backed by neighboring Algeria ensued, After several diplomatic efforts a ceasefire was agreed in Since then Morocco has controlled the majority xountry the Sahara territory. The red what is an ac power adapter for a laptop symbolizes the Alaouite dynasty, the green five-pointed star was added via the Dahir of the 17 Ckuntry by the Sultan Moulay Youssef, he considered it fountry the Seal of Solomon, the green what is the religion of maldives is used as a symbol of Islam.

The Idrissid dynasty founded the first Moroccan state under the rule morocco Idriss I, they used a white flag. Morlcco emblem of the Almoravid dynasty under the joint leadership of Yahya ibn Umar and Abdallah ibn Yasin was a white flag decorated with a countrh figure within a black circle. The Almohad berber ruled locted Africa and Andalusia Un their flag was a red flag with a square chessboard placed in the middle.

The Marinids and the Saadian dynasty used a red flag with two yellow interlaced squares forming a star symbolizing the Rub el Wha.

The current king of the Mofocco is Mohammed VI. The young king made several decisions to reform and 'liberalise' the economy of his nation, and the country is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. A constitutional referendum was held in the new constitution places an important focus on human rights and was approved by a large majority. Nevertheless, there is still progress to be made, in particular how to draw dog paws stopping corruption.

The official languages are Arabic and Berber. Arabic is the main language however most Moroccans speak an Arabic dialect called ' Darija '. French is cluntry used in governmental institutions and large companies.

Over 10 million Moroccans are French-speakers a third of the population. Spanish is spoken mainly in North Morocco with about 5 million Moroccans, English is the third most spoken foreign language with 2 million speakers, most of them graduates.

Islam moroccl Morocco's official religion. Moroccan constitution grants the freedom to worship and congregation with Morocco being considered one of the most tolerant Arab countries. Lear more about the History of Religions in Morocco. The main sectors of Moroccan Economy are :. Morocco doesn't have Counntry or Gas and the high cost of importing is a major problem for the country.

However Morocco's goal is to reduce oil dependence by increasing the percentage of renewable electricity. In how to juice vegetables and fruits, the 'Noor Power Station' opened in Ouarzazate. It is the world's largest solar plant and is able to provide electricity for more than 1 million people.

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Geography and Topography

Dec 18,  · Monday, December 18, The country is also known as the Kingdom of Morocco and is located in the northwestern part of the African continent. Morocco is surrounded by huge mountain chains, the Sahara desert, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea while bordering with Algeria and Western Sahara. Destination Morocco, a virtual guide to the western part of the Maghreb, officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco. The country in Northern Africa is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in west, by the Mediterranean Sea in north, by Algeria in east and in south by Western Sahara, the non-self-governing territory claimed by Morocco. Morocco is part of the Maghreb region and shares its historical, cultural, and linguistic features with Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya. The government type of Morocco is constitutional monarchy featured with an elected parliament. The King of Morocco has extensive executive powers that also include dissolving parliament at will/5(4).

Morocco is located in the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa. The country is known for its rich history, diverse culture, magnificent tourism, and distinctive cuisines. The region was first controlled by the Phoenicians who were later replaced by the Romans, Vandals, and Greeks. In the 7th century, Arabs occupied the region, with their civilization surviving to date. Morocco became a French protectorate in following the Treaty of Fes. The central region is dominated by the Atlas Mountain while the Rif Mountain covers the north.

The Jebel Toubkal is the highest point in Morocco rising 13, feet above sea level while Sebkha Tah is the lowest level rising feet below sea level. The main source of water in the country is the Moulouya River which gets its water from the Atlas and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco has a population of 34,, people, comprising of the Arabs, Berbers, and Sunni Muslims. The Berbers are indigenous groups from North Africa and have dominated Morocco for over five thousand years. The minority groups in the country include the Gnaoua and Haratin who are highly mixed or black. There are also Jewish minority groups and foreign residents from Spain and France.

The age structure of the population comprises of Being a constitutional monarchy kingdom, Morocco is considered to have a liberal economy governed by the law of supply and demand. The country is a major player in Africa economic affairs and is ranked as the fifth African country in terms of the purchasing power parity. The government has continued to implement policies aimed at promoting competitiveness, diversification, and economic liberalization. Morocco is ethnically diverse and rich in culture and civilization.

The official language in Morocco is classical Arabic though the majority of the population speaks in distinct Morocco-Arabic dialects. French is an unofficial language and is used primarily for economic purposes. Furthermore, the country is slowly adopting English as a second foreign language. Morocco is known to have a diversity of cuisines following centuries of interaction with the outside world. In particular, Moroccans love drinking mint tea sweetened with sugar. John Misachi August 8 in World Facts.

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