How to write a reclassification letter

how to write a reclassification letter

How to Request the Reclassification of a Position

When writing you should speak to his/her level of independent decision making, responsibilities, accomplishments, etc. Below are examples of the level of detail needed to support your request.) I am writing to request that Willie Mayes’s position be evaluated for reclassification. With the. Initiate the Reclassification Request. Log on to eDoc and complete a Reclassification Request form. For more information view the guide on How to Complete an eDoc Request Form. Step 3. Notification. After review, notification of approval or denial is automatically sent to everyone in the approval chain. Step 4. Next Steps.

Is this currently a Career Executive position Yes No. When this position was last classified the primary duties and responsibilities involved operate high speed copy machines; maintain adjustments and repairs; assist customers with orders; training student help; operate high speed collating, stitching, and other equipment.

Many of the duties that were originally assigned are still being performed by this position, however the level of complexity and the degree of involvement and leter of action has increased. This position operates a Xerox high speed duplicator and Xerox color copier.

Due to the equipment and technology the incumbent was trained as a back-up to the Program Assistant in the unit and has now become more familiar and reclasslfication in the use of the equipment. This position now acts independent of the supervisor in making decisions as required when consulting with customers on discrepancies, technical problems, or mistakes on the work orders; maintaining responsibility for telephone, walk-in contacts, e-mail and on-line network with customers.

The class specifications eltter Program Assistant 2 identifies at this level positions that perform work of moderate difficulty providing program support assistance to supervisory, professional of administrative staff.

Positions are allocated to this class on wrihe basis of the degree of programmatic involvement, delegated authority to act on behalf of the program head, level and degree of independence exercised, and scope and impact hoow decisions involved. This position provides printing support services to supervisory and professional staff and exercises a significant degree of independence of action and decision-making; communicates with various outside vendors to produce goods; plans, assigns, and trains staff; maintains extensive contact with operating units within WCER in processing orders and resolving problems; and provides customer information on products and services.

Based on lettef logical and gradual assumption of higher level duties and how to replace rear wheel bearing subaru impreza to the class specifications for Program Assistant 2, reclassification of the position and regrade of the incumbent is warranted at this time. Complete section below if a delegated action.

Date material received by Human Resource Office. Approved as proposed Approved as modified Not Approved. A pproved class title if different than proposed. Signature of Appointing Authority. Description of Logical and Gradual Changes.

Identify the changes that have impacted on the level of the position include when, reclassicication and how the writte occurred. Logical writd — changes that are reasonably related to the previous duties or responsibilities of the position. Gradual changes — if the duties that constitute the reason for the class level change. Insert appropriate class specification language and allocation patterns, if appropriate. Identify how the position now relates to the class specifications for the higher-level position.

Identify other comparable positions performing similar duties. Include the name of the employee s. To view examples of completed forms, please click on the following form titles:. Sample 3: Clerical Lettrr to Program Assistant 1.

Sample 4: Instrument Maker Journey to Advanced. Submission Materials. UW-Madison Employing Unit. Current Class Clerical Assistant 2. Proposed Class Program Assistant 1. Receipt of Reclass Decision. Sample 1: Program Assistant 1 to 2.

Sample 2: Financial Specialist 1 to 2. Sample 5: Electronic Technician 2 to 3.

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Request for Position Reclassification Overview Reclassification occurs for positions for which significant and permanent changes to the job duties, qualifications, responsibilities, decision-making and/or level of supervision have significantly changed since the last time the position was reviewed and considered for the correct classification. A reclassification of a filled position typically takes business days to complete within Employment Services, but may take longer due to complexity. Once the PAR and JDC have been approved, the process moves to Position Management and Payroll and is subject to their timeline schedules. Sample Notification Letters - Reclassification (RECLASSIFICATION WILL NOT GO FORWARD/INDIVIDUAL WILL NOT ASSUME SENSITIVE DUTIES UNTIL CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK CLEARS) Dear _____, I am pleased to inform you that you are under consideration for a reclassification (or assignment of new duties). A criminal background check will be required before.

Log on to eDoc and complete a Reclassification Request form. After review, notification of approval or denial is automatically sent to everyone in the approval chain. Once a complete Position Review packet is received, it is logged, numbered and assigned to a Compensation Consultant. Requests are typically processed in the order they are received.

If there are any questions, the consultant will contact the individual named as the primary contact. Once an analysis has been completed and reviewed by the Compensation unit, the department will be notified of the recommendation.

The effective date of any change in classification or compensation will be effective the first available pay cycle UC Path deadlines are met and after the reclassification is finalized.

Merced, CA Telephone: See our Campus Ready site for the most up to date information about instruction. Directory Apply Give Enter your keywords. Human Resources. Navigation menu Human Resources. Directory Apply Give. Enter your keywords. Saturday 24 April How to Request the Reclassification of a Position. New position description. Non-represented position descriptions must be created using Job Builder Represented positions must use the Position Description Template.

Note: The job standard is not to be used as a position description. Each position description template needs to be edited according to the actual functions of the specific position. The updated organizational chart is showing structure if Reclassification is approved.

Permanent assignment of higher-level functions that warrant reclassification. Reorganization of department or unit within the department outlining change in duties. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. For more information view the guide on How to Complete an eDoc Request Form Step 3 Notification After review, notification of approval or denial is automatically sent to everyone in the approval chain.

Step 1 Gather Required Documents Each document will be attached separately to the request form. Step 2 Initiate the Reclassification Request. If approved, complete a Payroll Worksheet and attach the approved Reclassification Request.


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