How to start a travel ball baseball team

how to start a travel ball baseball team

Travel Baseball: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Players

Jul 29,  · Travel baseball is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences any baseball player will have during their career. The memories and experiences of traveling to different towns and states will last them forever. What are some of the important steps needed to start a travel baseball team? When should you begin your planning? How do [ ]. Apr 23,  · In order to put a travel baseball team on the field you are going to need to recruit actual players. This requires making the public aware that you exist and are serious about forming a team. There are a couple of things you will need in order to Author: Bryan Brammer.

Baseball is a sport that kids can learn to play at an early age. For most, picking up a ball and throwing it is instinctive. Baseball is just ingrained in many of us. Some smaller rec leagues aren't able to support and challenge players that want to grow to play at the high school or college level. The solution? Travel baseball. But where do you begin if your community doesn't have a travel program?

It can seem like a daunting task to learn how to start your own select baseball team at first, but we'll walk you through the steps to get started below. Volunteering to help coach or manage a travel baseball team can be a big commitment. Especially when most parents have a hard time remembering to pick their kids up from school.

It's vital that you inform coaches and volunteers of the time commitment needed to help with your program. You may want to even consider having your volunteers sign a travel ball commitment form or code of conduct. There are a few routes that one can take when recruiting coaches and volunteers:. Having parents involved is very helpful especially since most will be present during practice and games so they are more than likely willing to assist.

Former Coaches - many former coaches are always looking for ways to still be involved in the game of baseball. This may even be a good way to recruit players as athletes usually run in the family. Former coaches also have the experience to help lead other volunteers. High school or even older players can often serve as fill-ins when necessary.

This also gives the younger players something to strive towards as they interact and learn from players they can admire.

A solid group of volunteers is critical to form a travel baseball team. Managing a travel baseball team has many moving parts. When of the tougher ones to tackle is understanding the costs. Below are some items that would be helpful to consider as you learn how to start a travel baseball team.

Many public parks allow field rentals per the hour. If there is ever a rainy day, indoor batting cages can be a viable backup plan. Classroom sessions are also a great idea when bad weather ensues. Thinking Baseball has a helpful app that helps players know what to do and where to be on every play. These items can get worn out over the duration of a season, especially with all of the traveling.

Having to spend additional money on replacements certainly can add up. Of course this always come down to clear communication. Food, lodging, activities during down-time or between tournaments, and gas are all factors that need to be considered. These are terrific ways to help raise money in order to better manage your travel baseball team.

There are numerous websites, programs, and creative ways to raise funds. Having everyone involved at some level is great for early team building. Sponsors could be local businesses or other larger national brands that support youth sports. In order to put a travel baseball team on the field you are going to need to recruit actual players.

This requires making the public how much does a tax attorney make that you exist and are serious about forming a team. There are a couple of things you will need in order to gain interest and from a team. A logo not only helps with credibility but it brings excitement in that players will want to be a part of something new and fun. It also helps tremendously when marketing your travel baseball team.

It demonstrates commitment and organization. When creating a new logo it's important to have a few different versions so you can use them on uniforms, hats, and social media profiles. Your logo should have at least one color version as well as a black and white version.

You should also make sure you have a logo with no text for content like social media or hats and a version that includes the name of your team. An experienced designer can easily create a brand for your team like the image above, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

Not an artist? When you sign up for a website at Jersey Watch we can help design one for you. A website will give parents and potential players all of the information they will need about the rosters, schedules, necessary forms, how much are motorcycle batteries team payments. A website will be the central hub for everything related to your team.

You can also post coach profiles, team accomplishments, your Mission and Vision, and anything else to help promote your organization to newcomers. Setting up a website can be a great way to build credibility for your program, manage administrative tasks like scheduling and payment collection, and promote your how to get more offers on sponsored tweets in future seasons.

Never built a website before? Try a simple website builder made for sports like Jersey Watch. Once you've established a strong online presence by setting up a website, you can begin to promote your team. Listed below are a few great marketing tools you can use to your advantage.

One way you can promote your how to check my sbi account active or not travel baseball team with your website is by utilizing keywords. For example, if you're a travel baseball team in North Carolina, you can plug keywords into your website and target people who how to build concrete walkway the term "travel baseball NC" on Google.

Because we know people who search that term are more than likely living in North Carolina and are interested in travel baseball, we can safely assume they're more likely to register for a baseball team.

You can also target keywords such as: "How to get on a travel baseball team" and "travel baseball teams near me". It can take a bit of time for a new website or social media account to show up in Google results.

Need more help getting your site in search results? The most surefire way to promote your travel team is by reaching out and building relationships with schools and rec baseball teams in your local area. Whether they are high school programs or youth programs, the coaches and administrators for these programs likely have connections to athletes who are looking to get into travel ball.

Ask the what does me encantas mean in english or board members if they'd be willing to post information about your program on their website, or include info in their email information to parents.

If you have a talented coaching staff who have a little bit of free time, ask them if they'd be willing to host a free clinic to help draw interest for your program. Running a free camp in the offseason is a great way to introduce real players into your program. You can also use the camp to collect contact information from parents so you can keep them posted about tryouts for your teams in the future. Plus, it's always great to help out young athletes in your community!

Travel baseball teams are an exciting thing to be a part of as a player. Tryouts will allow you to chose the players that you think will give you the best chance to compete. Tryouts let you see the different types of skills and abilities that players have.

Make sure you choose additional players for when families go on vacation or are unable to make tournaments for other reasons. Schedule more than one tryout. This gives players a fair chance to make sure they can attend at least one. Registration can be used for tryouts, collecting team fees, or both. Either way, it is important to gather as much information about your players in order to serve them better and make things easier to run.

Online Registration is the best way to collect funds, gather contact information, choose jersey size, and agree to waivers and other forms that your town may require. You can also give your players the option to pay in automatic installments so it's super easy to collect your team fees how to make floor wax out of banana peel your season gets started. Online payments will make it much easier for parents to pay their fees and save you tons of time running your program.

In some cases, if you're already sure of what league you'd like to be apart of, you may be able to speed up the process by focusing on how to start a USSSA travel baseball team for example.

Below are some organizations you can look into joining:. Triple Crown Baseball. AAU Baseball. Nations Baseball. Factoring in the budget for your season and the level of competition is important when assessing your team's schedule and tournament entries. You can start small with just one age group and add more teams in future years as your program gains traction and notoriety. Start by finding other volunteers to help you coach and manage a travel baseball team.

Now that you know how to start and manage a travel baseball team, you can search for tournaments to enter and start winning those trophies! How to Motivate a Youth Sports Team. Skip to a Section Looking for an easier way to mange your sports organization? Try Jersey Watch For Free.

What Is Travel Ball?

This video, How to start a travel baseball team, contains 3 simple tips you can utilize to get started right away, or you can download our E-Book Building a Winning Travel Baseball Program from the Ground Up. It's your shortcut to getting everything you need to know about starting and running a successful baseball program, check it out today! Oct 04,  · Travel baseball is a mess. Over the past decade, travel ball mania and the showcase scene has exploded. While the number of travel teams is at an all-time high, the number of teams and organizations who truly focus on development with arm care at the forefront seems to be at an all-time low.. Having dealt with the structural issues presented by travel ball for the past 13 years, we made . For many families, the transition from Little League to travel baseball comes with stress, anxiety and questions about what to look for in a team and what to expect from the experience — not to mention the question of whether making the switch from a more laid-back rec ball program to a more competitive (and expensive) travel club is the right decision in the first place.

Hey Friends The topic of travel baseball will come up in your youth baseball circle if it has not already. If you have been around youth baseball very long you will soon hear from other baseball parents and baseball coaches the topic of travel ball.

The rec ball crowd will hear little tidbits here and there and soon will want to ask questions and get some answers about this travel ball baseball. Don't believe all the chatter until you look deeper into travel team baseball. How to Outwit the Travel Ball Devil. Youth travel baseball falls under moneymaking organizations like USSSA baseball and others to provide weekend tournaments for teams. Anyone can start a travel team and meet the requirements, pay the entry fees and sign up for the travel baseball tournaments usually play at least two travel tournaments per month.

Teams often travel up to a few hours for travel ball tournaments and some even travel across the country from state to state and play. Others will play in local metropolitan areas and not have to stay overnight.

Travel teams play at least four games over the weekend and even more on three-day weekends. Baseball teams are formed by like-minded dads who end up coaching the teams so they can make sure their kid gets to play on the traveling teams. They get other baseball moms and baseball dads to buy into their team group, pay the fees, buy the baseball uniforms, and make up a name and presto-we have a travel baseball team. Some groups are multi-layered and often have a series of up to 5 or 6 teams at all different age groups.

Dave's opinion: I think baseball families should wait until the age 13 and over to consider playing travel baseball. Most of the kids who play at 12 years old and younger will never reach high school baseball. Therefore, I would not want to spend all this money traveling around the country, paying baseball tournament entry fees, large baseball gear costs and uniforms, food and hotel money and all the time that is invested into it until I was more sure the kids were going to take baseball seriously.

The rec baseball leagues are adequate for kids under 13 years old for baseball development. Plus you save a ton of money and time on the weekends doing family stuff. Yes, most of kids who play travel ball are not the worst talented kids. Yes, there are probably less of the really poorly skilled players in travel ball. But, the best players in rec ball usually pitch the most so you should face at least decent to above average pitching in youth rec baseball.

And, if you are that good you should really dominate the rec ball leagues while developing your baseball skills. You play about the same amount of innings:.

The number of innings played is a wash except you blow two whole weekends a month at some baseball complex. You spend the most part of 4 days a month with other baseball parents that you may or may not like anyway, in some hot, dusty sports complex that charges entry fees in addition to your team entry fees, and will not let you bring your coolers.

Playing baseball well takes a lot of skill, athleticism, strength, and agility, desire to play and practice on their own, aptitude, a coachable spirit, and raw God given ability.

Just because you play a lot of travel baseball is no guarantee that these necessary ingredients are going to be there at age 14, 15 and 16 years old for any baseball player.

Therefore, since there is no guarantees of all these parameters being present then playing travel baseball is not the end all, be all.

It is not automatic that a kid is going to be able to play high school baseball. Baseball parents and baseball coaches: please keep in mind you cannot manufacture baseball players by playing on travel baseball teams. Who is coaching the team? What is their background working with kids? Are they a dad of a baseball player on the team?

How is playing time determined? Which positions do the kids play and do they have a choice? How many of t he players will pitch? Does the coach wait until the kids can shave to start throwing curve balls? They all should take a turn pitching over a weekend travel tournament. What is the baseball coaching approach? Are we trying to develop players to someday reach high school baseball or are they a win-at-all-costs right now approach?

How often do we practice? Most travel baseball teams rarely plan baseball practice. Is the coach a teacher using positive reinforcement coaching techniques or are they rant, rave and negative constantly demeaning kids? Does the coaching staff call out players while on the field embarrassing kids by yelling at them after mistakes or teach them between innings in the dugout out the limelight and at baseball practice like the pros do it? Does the team play mid-week pick-up games vs. Are the players allowed to play rec ball and travel ball simultaneously?

If so how do the coaches monitor how many innings are pitched during the weekday recreation league games prior to weekend travel tournament games? How to Develop on Endless Supply of Pitchers. Does the coach value and equate hitting success with how far the kids will go in a baseball career? Do the coaches encourage hitter do be aggressive at the plate good! Not good. Agressive Hitters Approach like the Pros. Does the coach have the hitters bunt and squeeze bunt every time you turn around or do they let the kids swing it and try to develop hitters?

You go as far as your bat takes you. Guidebook for developing Hitters. Does the coach share all the costs and fees up front? All the uniform costs, baseballs, entry fees should be pretty much set going into the season. Rec ball is substantially cheaper than travel baseball. Save on baseball gear. Are the fellow peer baseball parents in alignment with your approach to support the kids, enjoy watching the ballgames, nice to the umpires or are they win-at-all-costs types, yelling at the umps, pacing up and down the sidelines, shaking the fence, bugging the kids in the dugout, overly coaching from the bleachers and highly emotional about the outcome of the ballgames score?

Message to baseball parents. Are you willin g to give up two weekends a month toting around your kids to dusty, dirty, baseball facilities, port-a-potties, spending gas, fast-food, admission fees, lost family time, with other baseball parents that may not have the same sports motives that you have?

Baseball moms and dads naturally want to do what ever it takes within their means to help their kids become successful. Why spend thousands of dollars until you are more confident of the outcome? This proves you cannot manufacture a baseball player. Who in their right mind would come back year after year and have boring baseball practice and never improve their baseball skills? Baseball Coaching Videos: Watch over 6 hours of tips on coaching approach, style, philosophy, and my unique player development system.

Youth baseball careers are short-lived so lets make it count for our players. What do players really want out of playing baseball? Hey, I just want to take a second to thank you for stopping by and visiting coach and playing baseball. Thanks for your service to baseball and our youth. We as adults have a special privilege and an enormous responsibility to deliver to our baseball youth today.

Remember, "How a leader behaves is more important than what a leader knows. I hope there is something you can take away from here that is helpful to your scope of practice, whether you are a player, coach, parent or administrator. Please share and pass on my link to others in the game that would benefit. Thanks Again! Coach Dave Holt. Dave Holt.


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