How to replace leather watch band

how to replace leather watch band

How to replace your leather watch band. Put the watch upside down. Press a sharp object like a knife or professional tool between the leather watch strap and the watch case. Slide the pushin to the side out of the hole. The leather watch strap will come off the watch case. A quick, easy and safe way to remove the watch strap without a special tools, and without risk of scratching the watch case. NOTE: For demonstration purposes.

A leather watch band needs replacement within a few years. Discover how you can do it yourself in 30 seconds with below video. The leather watch strap is connected with pushpins to the watch case. Therefore it is necessary to remove these pushpins to replace the watch strap. In below video we show how to change your leather watch straps how to prepare and cook butternut squash a watch tool.

You can use a small kitchen knife, but make sure not to damage yourself or the watch case when replacing the watch band. Therefore, we recommend in the first place to change a leather watch strap with a professional tool, but you can always use common tools at home. Do you like to remove links from a steel watch strap?

Watch these tutorials. You must be erplace in to post a comment. How to change your leather watch strap in 30 seconds in Watch Guide. Change a leather watch strap yourself A leather watch band needs replacement within a few years. Important information for changing your leather watch leathe Some watch case lugs have small holes on the side, so you can press the pushpin out of it from the side.

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Last Updated: August 13, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Learning how to change a watch band is a cost-effective way to alter your accessories. In many instances watch bands can be replaced relatively easily, but it can be a tricky and awkward job.

Once you have mastered replacing the band you can change it to match your outfit, or replace an old band that has seen better days. If you want to change a leather watch band, first remove the old band by removing the spring bar with a spring bar tool or a flathead screwdriver.

Once the spring bar is removed, the old band should easily slip away from the watch. Thread the spring bar through the new band and insert the bottom end of the spring bar into the indent on the watch, then use your tool to press the spring bar into place on the other side. Repeat for the other half of the watch band. Keep reading to learn how to replace a metal watch band!

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Place the watch face down. The first thing to do is remove your watch and place it face down on a folded cloth or towel. Make sure it is on something that will protect the face of your watch and not scratch the glass. Then place this cloth onto a flat surface, such as a table or countertop.

Find the spring bar. Once you have got the watch face down, look closely at the area where the watch band connects to the watch itself. The vast majority of watch bands are connected by a spring bar, which passes through a loop or hole in the band and fits into indents on the shoulders of the watch.

The spring bar is a small metal bar that can be depressed at each end, like a spring. When pressure is released the bar extends at each end. When fully extended the bar will snap into place in the shoulders or lugs of the watch and hold your strap in place. Detach the spring bar. To remove the band you need to detach the spring bar. You can do this with a specific tool, known as a spring bar tool. You may also be to remove it without any tools, just by using your hands, but this will be trickier.

If you have a spring bar tool, insert the pronged fork end between the band and where it connects with the watch shoulders. You can press the bar in from either end. Then gently apply pressure on the tool, pushing lightly away from the watch. This should push the spring bar down and release the band. If you don't have a tool, you can try using a paperclip to compress one end of the spring bar, and then carefully lever out the band. Remove the spring bars from the band. Once you have detached the band from the watch, slide the spring bar out of the loop in the band and put it to one side.

Do this for each half of the band. You may need these bars to attach the new band, so it's important that you don't lose them. Method 2 of Thread the spring bar through the new band. When you are ready to attach your new watch band, you will basically be going through the same process, but in reverse. Start by carefully threading the spring bars through the loop at the top of each side of the band. Your new band may have come with its own spring bars, but you need to make sure these fit the watch.

Insert the bottom end of one spring bar into the indent. Take one half of the band, and carefully place the bottom part of the spring bar into the indent in the shoulder, or case lug, of the watch. You are just putting the spring bar back to where it was before you took off the old band. Once the bottom end of the spring bar is in the hole, carefully apply pressure downwards on the bar so you can slide the top part into the corresponding indent, or hole.

You may find it easier to use your tool to compress the spring bar when you are manoeuvring it. Repeat on the other side.

Now you just have to repeat this with the other half of the band. Begin by slipping the bottom part of the spring into the small hole in the case lug, and then press down and slide the top part into the opposite hole. Listen for a slight clicking sound that indicate the bar is fixed in the place in the hole. Once both parts of the band are in, check they are securely positioned and your band is not likely to fall off.

Visit a jeweller or watch store. If you are struggling to change the watch band, and it is proving too awkward, just pay quick visit to a local jeweller or watch store.

With the right tools and some practice it is quite simple to change the band, so the jeweller will be able to do it very quickly. If you are buying a new band, the jeweller will often offer to change the band for you for free. Method 3 of Determine what type of fitting it has. If you have a metal watch band, it may be attached with a spring bar and be replaced in much the same way as a leather or fabric band.

The first thing to do is examine the point where the band is attached to the watch to determine which fitting it has. Look closely at the lugs at either side of the point where the band meets the watch. If there are small hole on the outside of the lugs, this means that your band is attached with small screws that pass through the lugs. If there are no holes, it will be attached with just a spring bar.

Now check to see if there are end caps on the band attached to the watch. End caps are the parts at the end of some bands that protrude out like wings. If it looks like your band does not have a flat end, it has end caps. Detach a band with screws. If you have determined that your band is attached with small screws through the lugs, you will need a small screwdriver, or another tool to remove and replace the strap. You can use a flat head watchmaker's screwdriver to remove the screws.

This is tricky work and requires a steady hand. Insert the screwdriver into the lug hole until you feel it catch in the screw and then turn it sharply anti-clockwise until the screw is loose. Once you have removed the screw, try to carefully remove the spring bar piece that it was holding in place. You may need to poke through the other side of the band to do this, and you may need to remove the screw on the other side of the band first.

Non-magnetic tweezers can be a useful tool to help you do this. Make sure you store all the piece carefully when you are done. Take out a band with end caps. A band with end caps is generally attached to the watch with a spring bar and no screws. To see if your watch has end caps, look at the space between the lugs. If it appears that the band flows into the watch case, and there are no gaps, you probably have end caps.

If you are uncertain, turn it over and look from the back. A watch with end caps will have an extra metal piece at the end of the band. This will have two parts protruding out that may look a little like wings, extending either side of the band. With end caps, however, once you release the spring bar, the caps will fall out loose.

The spring bar attaches the caps to the band as well as to the watch.


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