How to remove duplicate files in windows media player

how to remove duplicate files in windows media player

Remove Windows Media Player Song Duplicates

?·?Steps to delete duplicate audio/video files in Windows Media Player (Method one) Press Windows + R on your keyboard, or search RUN on your windows search bar and click Run. Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\ Click ok. Now. Search for the folder Windows Media player (usually Media player) and delete it. Deleting History Files, Frequently Played Media Info. Windows Media Player stores track of all recently played music, media information. Follow these steps in this article to delete duplicate files by clearing folder contents. Press Alt key to show the Menu Items. Click Tools, and select Options. This will open Options dialog. Click Privacy.

For me, it reminds me of rejove memories of watching movies and listening to music after a traumatic day. There were other applications too, but the Windows media player was quite famous in those days.

After the initial release of windows media player on October 22,A. Back then, it was the favorite application for music and video enthusiasts. Due to its features and user convenience, it was quite successful in the market. In this article, I will tutor you on deleting mediia music files in windows media player.

But before getting into it, have a quick look at its features and default file format. A few days back, my friend too asked me the solution for it. So I decided why not share with our blog readers too. After what does the word brawl mean various methods and procedures, I ended up with the best and easiest way to delete the duplicate files in windows media player. Almost all file formats are supported on Windows media player, I have listed all the supported file formats for Windows media players.

Source : Microsoft. Also, concerning the common interest, I have answered some frequently asked questions regarding the deletion of duplicate files in windows media player.

Yeswindows media player allows you to convert files. Below the rip tabclick the arrow on the menu section. Select the option you want to change, and the files will be converted. Noyou cannot play MPG files on a Windows media player. To play MPG files, medis must download add ons what kind of nut is a filbert third-party apps.

It is not safe playee install third-party applications. Removing the duplicate files keeps you organized and saves your time while browsing songs and movies.

Also, it cleans up the disk by deleting extra files. So if you accomplished your task, then a big thumbs up for playef. Nishant Sapkota is a passionate tech enthusiast.

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?·?In Services, find the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. If its status is Started, double-click the service and click Stop. - Go to Start, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft in the Search field, and press Enter. This folder will open up in Windows Explorer. - In this folder, rename the Media Player folder to something like Media Player old. If you can't see the folder, then it's probably hidden. Because we need to remove the duplicate songs in Windows Media Player, we should click on the “Add” button on the middle bottom of the Tunes Cleaner window to import the music files in Window Media Player with the purpose of getting rid of the duplicates. You can easily delete all the media information related to the duplicate files you’ve already deleted. Here is how to do so: Click Organize | Options. Open the Privacy tab. Click Clear History | Clear Caches. Uncheck the following checkboxes: Display media information from the Internet; Update music files by retrieving media info from the Internet.

The need to get rid of junk and duplicate music files is almost always imperative. Whether it be someone with several TB s of storage or someone with scarce storage capacity, there is never a logical reason behind keeping duplicate files unless they have been created as a backup, in which case they should be backed up in some other storage media rather than your internal HDD.

Junk files, like duplicate ones, should also be cleaned up. After all, they get this name because they are unwanted. Therefore, it is better to clean them up altogether than have them sit in the Recycle Bin.

Gratefully, there is a way around deleting duplicate Windows Media Player music using the player itself. All you need to do is follow a few straightforward steps explained below, and you will be able to relieve yourself of these duplicates. The music files can also be cleaned up from the Recycle Bin.

To be able to clean up junk Windows Media Player music files, you can perform the following steps:. These are some fairly simple, yet extremely handy steps one needs to perform to clean up Windows Media Player from duplicate as well as junk and files. Search for: Search. To do this, search for Windows Media Player and select it from the Best match section. Select File Manage libraries and Music.

The Music Library Locations window will popup. This is basically a list of all the directories from which Windows Media Player gathers its music files, generating a library for you. You can add all other directories that contain music so that a library comprising of all the music from your system can come into being.

Do this for all the folders you want to check for duplicates. Click OK once you have added all the folders. Similarly, you can also choose Videos , Pictures and Recorded TV if you want to scan them for duplicates. Now that you have the list of all the music files, you can sort these files in an alphabetical order, which will help you spot any duplicates. Once File Explorer has opened the exact location, you can easily delete the duplicate. Repeat the above-mentioned step to remove all the remaining duplicates.

To be able to clean up junk Windows Media Player music files, you can perform the following steps: Go to the Desktop and lookup for the Recycle Bin icon. Now you must be viewing all the junk music files. For your ease, you can sort the files by Item Type. Now you should be able to view all the music files grouped together into the kind they are, e. Click Yes in the prompt to get rid of the junk. You May Also Like.


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