How to remove blur from a photo in picasa

how to remove blur from a photo in picasa

Google Arts & Culture

Download Photo Viewer. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in Google Arts & Culture (formerly Google Art Project) is an online platform of high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from partner cultural organizations throughout the world.. It utilizes high-resolution image technology that enables the viewer to tour partner organization collections and galleries and explore the artworks' physical and contextual information.

It utilizes high-resolution image technology that enables the viewer to tour partner organization collections and galleries and explore the artworks' physical and contextual information. The platform includes advanced search capabilities and educational tools. The platform was launched on February 1, by the Google Cultural Institute with contributions from international museums, including the Tate GalleryLondonthe Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City ; and the UffiziFlorence.

The team leveraged existing technologies, including Google Street View phito Picasaand built new tools specifically for the platform. They created how to remove blur from a photo in picasa indoor-version of the Fom Street View degree camera system to capture gallery images by pushing the camera 'trolley' through a museum. This technology allowed the excellent attention to detail and the highest image resolution.

Each partner museum selected one artwork to be captured at ultra-high resolution with approximately 1, times more detail than the average digital camera. For example, at the Tate Britainthey collaborated to capture a gigapixel image of No Woman No Cry in both natural light and in the dark. The Tate suggested this method to capture the painting's hidden phosphorescent image, which glows in the dark.

The Google camera team had to adapt their method and keep the camera shutter open for 8 seconds in the dark to capture a distinct enough image. Now, unlike at the Tate, from the site, one can view the painting in both light settings. Once the images were captured, the team used Google Street View software and GPS data to seamlessly stitch the images and connect them to museum floor plans. Street View was also integrated with Picasa, for a seamless transition from gallery view to microscope view.

These situations might include: a professor giving an online lecture to students, engaging in video and shared-screen discussions about a collection, or an expert leading a virtual tour of hpw distant museum to remote attendees.

Luc Vincent, director of engineering at Google and what does no holes barred mean of the team responsible for Street View for the platform, stated concern over the quality of panorama cameras his team used to capture gallery and artwork images.

In particular, he believes that improved aperture control would enable more consistent quality of gallery images. Some artworks were particularly difficult to capture and re-present accurately as virtual, two-dimensional images. This how to use cricut stencil material due to the anamorphic picsaa distorting the image of rremove skull in the foreground of the painting.

When looking at the original painting at the National Gallery in London, the depiction of the skull appears distorted until the viewer physically steps to the side of the painting. Once the viewer is looking at the shape from the apples to apples how to play vantage point, the lifelike depiction of the skull materializes. The effect is still apparent in the gigapixel version of the painting, but was less pronounced in the "walk-through" function.

Future improvements currently under consideration include: upgrading panorama cameras, more detailed web metrics, and improved searchability through meta-tagging and user-generated meta-tagging. Seventeen partner museums were included in the launch of the project. The original 1, high-resolution images by different artists are shown in virtual gallery rooms, with 6, Street View —style panoramas.

Below is a list of the original seventeen partner museums at the time of the platform's launch. On April 3,Google announced the expansion of the platform to include cultural organizations, blhr new partners contributing a gigapixel image of one of their works. The Google Art Project was a development of the virtual museum projects of the s and s, following the first appearance of online exhibitions with high-resolution images of artworks in In the late s, art museum personnel began to consider how they could exploit the internet to achieve their institutions' missions through online platforms.

For example, in Elizabeth Broun, Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museumspoke to the Smithsonian Commission on the future of art, stating: "We need to put our institutional energy behind the idea of getting the Smithsonian hooked up to the people and schools of America.

Another Pixasa initiative— Google Books —affected the development of the platform from a non-technological perspective. Google faced a six-year-long court case relating to several issues with copyright infringement. Google Books cataloged full digital copies of texts, including those still protected by copyright, though Google claimed how to write a small book was permissible under the fair use clause.

In his decision, Judge Denny Chin stated the settlement agreement would "give Google a significant advantage over competitors, rewarding it for engaging in wholesale copying of copyrighted works without permission," and could lead to antitrust issues. Judge Chin said in future open-access initiatives, Google should use an "opt-in" method, rather removf providing copyright owners the option to "opt out" of an arrangement. The platform's intellectual property policy is:. The Google team was sensitive to copyright issues of artworks, and partner museum staff were able to ask Google to blur out the images of certain works, which are still protected by copyrights.

In a few cases, museums wanted to include artworks by modern and contemporary artists, many of whom still hold the copyright to their work. For example, the Tate Britain approached Chris Ofili to get his permission to capture and reproduce his works on the platform. However, since the project expanded in AprilGoogle has faced a few intellectual property issues. Some of the froj added to the online exhibitions are still protected by copyrightas the artist or his or her heirs holds the right to the image for 70 years.

As a result, the Toledo Museum of Art asked Google to remove 21 artworks from the website, including works by Henri Matisse and other modern artists. The Cultural Institute was launched in with 42 new exhibits online on October 10, It also features digitized objects from archives, libraries, and a wider array of museums not strictly devoted to art.

Photp its initial launch, it has received fairly consistent positive feedback and a variety of criticism. With the second generation platform, Google appears to have responded to some earlier criticisms.

Positive feedback about the platform has centered on an increased audience gaining access to art, the marketing externality for museums, and the potential for the future development of the initiative. Some art or cultural exhibits have been limited to a small group of viewers e.

PhD students, academic researchers due to deteriorating conditions of work, lack of available wall space in a museum, or other similar factors. Digitized reproductions, however, can be accessible to anyone from any location. This type of online resource can transform research and academia by opening access to previously exclusive artworks, enabling multidisciplinary and multi-institutional learning. When it just included the Grand Masters of Western Art, the project faced strong criticism.

As a result of this outburst, the website now includes some indigenous and graffiti artworks. This platform also provides a new context through which people encounter art, ultimately reflecting this shift away from the canon of high art.

A few initial criticisms of the platform, including the skewed representation of artworks, have lost some validity with the launch of the second generation platform. All of ho museums remlve an adapted version of Google Street View designed to photograph building interiors.

Many museums and arts organizations have created their own online data and virtual exhibitions. Some museums have collections that exist solely in cyberspace and are known as virtual museums. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Google Art Project. Website created by Google Cultural Institute. Play media. Google Art Project. Retrieved 6 April Information Today. Curator: The Museum Journal. Retrieved 8 April ABC News.

TNW Google Blog. The Next Web. Google Official Blog. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 25 March Art in America. The Telegraph. Retrieved 2 February CBS News. Retrieved April 15, Tate Blogs. Tate Britain. Archived from the original on 24 December Retrieved 24 March PC World. The Washington Post. Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 1 February American Art. JSTOR S2CID The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 9 April The New York Times.

Retrieved 26 April Retrieved 19 October November 21, ohw October 10, bluf Museums Journal. June 25, Google Cultural Institute.

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