How to play treble clef on cello

how to play treble clef on cello


Apr 29,  · Although cellists mostly read in Bass Clef, we are quite often expected to read in Treble Clef as well. It might seem challenging at first, but it just takes. Once you get above about A on the treble clef you start moving away from 'neck' positions where the thumb is behind the neck of the cello into 'thumb' positions. The thumb is placed across strings (usually the A and D strings). It provides both stability for the other fingers and an extra playing finger.

Anything and everything about cellos, no matter what your skill level is. Get tips from more experienced cellists, ask questions and improve your technique or theory. Members are encouraged to post videos of themselves for helpful critique. Beginner's Guide. Essential Accessories. Public Domain Sheet Music. Cello Dropbox. Treble Clef Reading self. Does anybody know any tricks that can help with learning treble clef? I just can't read the treble clef parts. I need a way to learn treble clef.

The how to be stealthy like batman line E is first finger on the a string in fourth position. Doesn't sound helpful on paper, but is useful for orienting yourself in low treble clef. I did this as well, along with locating the A above middle C as a second landmark. You might consider a beginner violin songbook book 1 Suzuki maybe to wrap your head around shifting. The melodies are simple and will help you "connect the dots".

If you need to be in the right register, just find middle C a third above the A string and a third below the bottom ledger line in treble and keep going up. Just imagine how they fit together. Not sure if that's more basic than you mean but I think in terms of note names. Unfortunately the only way to get proficient is to do lots of reading in treble clef!

The best advice I can give is perhaps play trough some treble clef music very slowly - I used to do slow scales and speak the note name aloud as I went up and down. Anything like that will help! Also reading scores and saying the note names will help. The second space from the bottom is the octave harmonic on the A string. The space directly below the bottom line is the octave harmonic on the D string. Treble is usually all thumb position - it just takes some practice to become familiar with reading.

No different than learning how to read in tenor. Good luck! And how the tenor clef is a single fifth above that, adding the "E" the string we would have if we had one more string, which violins actually have?

Additionally: imagine that the lowest line corresponds to: A-string, fourth-position, first-finger, and climb the ladder from there. When I read bass clef, the first thing my brain sees is the first-position fingering as I described above -- my brain sees certain lines as open stringsso it's appealing to use a similar trick for treble clef. Finally: remember that middle C sits between the treble and bass clefs -- the C below treble is the C above bass.

For super high stuff, you may also want to be comfortable transposing it down an octave. Professionals wouldn't do this but I'm how to play treble clef on cello amateur.

When I started music, I played the flute, so I actually had to switch from treble to bass. One thing that helped me was playing around on the piano, honestly. I've never had piano lessons, but I found some sheet music I wanted to learn, located middle c in both clefs and on the piano, then just worked out from there. It was easier for me to learn bass clef when I could associate that note to a key on the piano.

Before I did that I was trying to kind of transpose it in my mind, but that was exhausting and it never worked out and I had a hard time associating the notes on paper with the note name. It's kind of a roundabout way, but now I can think how to read sheet music for bass the note on the top line of bass clef is the "a" key on the piano, so it's an "a", not an "f" like I leaned in treble.

It also helped me see the relationship between the different notes. Sorry if this was long winded, I'm currently laying awake at an odd hour for no discernable reason :. You really just have to get used to it. Some of that might be struggling through not really knowing treble for a few pieces, but what helped me was knowing a treble clef instrument clarinet in my case. I still think of treble clef in terms of clarinet most of the time. And that may not be the best method for you, but the other option is just practice with treble clef until you know it well.

Also, apparently this helped one of the other cellists in my section. Treble clef how to auto rotate screen on iphone basically three strings higher than bass clef, so you can think of where the bass clef note is on the c string and just play the same area on the a string, adjusting for flats and sharps if necessary. For me, it is strange. Treble clef when I play piano feels totally normal and requires no thinking.

When playing the cello, treble clef just feels weird and sometimes I have to stop and think what note something is and where it is on how to get the cake in portal xbox 360 cello.

It gets you more familiar with treble, and the intonation is always going to be right, so you know what it should sound like on cello. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Cello submitted 6 years ago by kobijet. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Here are my mnemonics You know how, in bass clef, the bottom middle and top lines are all open strings? G, D, A And how the tenor clef is a single fifth how to remove stress and tension from mind that, adding the "E" the string we would have if we had one more string, which violins actually have?

This may sound contrived, but it comes very easy to me after learning the circle of fifths. The more you play the better you get. Print out some easy violin music. Tl;dr: play around on a piano.

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May 29,  · Cello Treble Clef. Source (s): Kab. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. To get you started thinking in the right direction. Tenor clef's middle line is the C that you play on the first ledger line above the Cello's clef. In treble clef the first ledger line below the staff is that same C. Lin. Apr 17,  · In treble clef, the open A string would be on the second ledger line below the staff. The A that is on the second space of the staff would be an octave higher than your open A euro-caspian.coms: 6. Dec 18,  · On the plus side, playing in the "Dvorak Treble Clef" can be "Mother's milk" to a violinist attempting to learn to play cello; I was reading my easier violin music on the cello the very first day I tried to play it, only a day or so later did I find some bass clef music to euro-caspian.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I need to know how to play the treble and tenor clef on the cello because I am playing Edward Elgar's cello concerto in e minor op.

Please help me!!!! Go to www. Good luck with the Elgar - it's gorgeous, isn't it? Tenor clef's middle line is the C that you play on the first ledger line above the Cello's clef. This is one of those rare sites that offers the most detailed, expert piano lessons for absolutely free. Each session includes text, keyboard images to help you visualize what the teacher is talking about.

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Officials: Debris indicate sub with crew of 53 has sunk. Update: Ok! Thanks, hey where do I go after that? Answer Save. Kab Lv 7. To get you started thinking in the right direction Tenor clef's middle line is the C that you play on the first ledger line above the Cello's clef In treble clef the first ledger line below the staff is that same C.

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