How to pack away a gelert pop up tent

how to pack away a gelert pop up tent

Jun 30,  · Chances are your reading this on your iPhone in a field after a heavy weekend at a festival. You've been trying to stuff your new pop-up tent into the bag bu. Jul 28,  · How to pack away the Gelert Quickpitch DS4 tent - the same principle applies to other tents in the Quickpitch range. This video was made to help others as th.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. An expedition, festivalsDuke of Edinburghor just a camping holiday, tents come in all shapes and sizes, so each has their own trick for packing away.

So, you need to make sure you pack your tent away correctly or you could end up regretting it on your next holiday. Winfields Outdoors is here to help with what are the different parts of a letter called guide to packing away a tent. Each is important for making sure your tent stands the test of time, no matter where you go.

Read on to find out how to pack away your tent correctly and the extra tips to make your tent last for adventures to come…. Any problems that your tent has when it gets packed away will still be there, and it may well have developed new ones in aaay process. So, how do you pack it away correctly? Besides following your tent instructions, here are some essentials when you take your tent down.

If you were really unlucky then you may even have had to pack up your tent in the rain, which is never fun. This will mean having to thoroughly clean the tent, which may well delay your camping holiday hopes. Therefore, if you do pack it away wet, then you need to dry and air it out as soon as possible when you get home. And make sure that the whole of the tent is dry, including areas such as the pegging points tenf guy lines.

Modern tents are pretty strong and can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. Not only could the rips become worse over w, but the last thing you want is to get to your campsite, try and pitch the tent and then realise you have a broken pole or a hole in what do my dogs symptoms mean groundsheet.

Carefully check over your whole tent, including the poles, to inspect for any damage when at home. If the damage is minor then you may be able to mend it yourself, but if the damage is a little more severe then it could require replacing part of it or even the whole tent.

You can purchase replacement tent poles and guy lines at Winfields along with repair kitssuch as tape. It may be tempting to just try and squash your tent felert its bag, but this will do more harm than good.

You could damage both the tent and the bag, which could result in having to buy a brand new tent. It could also ruin the natural shape of the tent, making it more difficult to pitch next time around. Read more: Best Way to Waterproof a Tent. Take a look at our full range of tent accessories or entire tents collection including:. Read more from the Winfields Blog to set you up for Read More.

Gepert is one aspect of camping that is often forgotten but is absolutely essential — pitching your tent before you go away on a camping holiday. Putting up the tent can be a chore, but what if it was easier? It can be with an inflatable tent. Cannot be used in conjunction any other offer.

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Dry your tent before it’s packed away

the end of the packing process. Now twist one hoop against the other to form a figure of 8. Now twist the poles again to form another figure of 8. Fold the figure of 8 in half again. Remove any trapped air before you are ready to put on the retaining strap. Pull over the retaining strap and slide the tent into its bag. Fold the figure of 8 in half. Sep 09,  · Gelert quickpitch SS tent helpvideo - Duration: How to fold a quechua 2 seconds pop up tent away - Duration: Wim Naessens Recommended for you. How to Pack Away a Pop Up Tent. Mar 19,  · When you are trying to put your tent away you can always rely on your friends to help!

The Gelert tent brand is based in the UK and supplies affordable camping tents from lightweight solo tents to family size tents, although Gelert tents are reasonably priced we took a look at the popular types and features.

Gelert the company is based in Wales UK and covers a fair range of outdoor gear, from sleeping bags, camp lighting, rucksacks and other gear that includes Gelert camping tents. Whilst the Gelert outdoor equipment company does not produce the best tents for camping, they do make affordable tents for recreational camping and a few are worth a mention.

The Gelert solo one person tent weighs in at 1. This solo tent is value for money priced at under 40 pounds, that pitches the inner tent first fly sheet last. We have noticed this Gelert tent advertised as an ultralight tent, which is not the case and could not be at this price range. Reviews for the Gelert solo tent are favourable with many mentioning it stood well against rain, easy enough to set up, and was light enough for a backpack whilst hiking. The main disadvantage is size, so if your a big guy check out the dimensions properly.

Most agree this tent is well worth the money, although its best to replace the heavy pegs that will bump the price up a little. Another very affordable option for sleeping up to 5 people is the Gelert tornado 5 person tent. This is a car camping base camp tent and would suit those festival camping or for other types of summer camp outs and weekend trips. These Gelert tents are a simple dome shaped shelter using fibreglass poles, with a vestibule for gear storage that could suit a family of up to 4 people, although advertised as a 5 person tent.

People that have used this tent agree its well worth the money, easy enough to pitch and held up well against the rain. When searching for cheap tents this is another Gelert tent approx 50 pounds rates well amongst users, despite lacking the features and materials of higher priced tents. The Gelert twister 4 person tent has the patented roll away system for easy packing and offers great ventilation.

This Gelert tent is an ideal tent for weekend camping trips that is fair for headroom cm Nearly 4ft which is useful for getting changed and spending time inside avoiding rain. These Gelert tents also receive reviews and comments stating its simple to pitch and pack away, whilst holding up well against rain.

This has a retail price of pounds, although from online stores like amazon its closer to pounds is still cheap. The three Gelert tent types above are cheap tents for recreational camping solo tent for hiking that receive positive reports from consumers. Most agree these are easy to pitch and well worth the price tag. We looked into other Gelert tents that did not do as well as the 3 above, with many complaints about condensation and leaks.

Most tents for camping are advertised by size for a close fit, which means people and not gear. Gelert Tents. Gelert Tornado Five Man Tent Another very affordable option for sleeping up to 5 people is the Gelert tornado 5 person tent. Gelert Twister Four Man Tent The Gelert twister 4 person tent has the patented roll away system for easy packing and offers great ventilation. Conclusion The three Gelert tent types above are cheap tents for recreational camping solo tent for hiking that receive positive reports from consumers.

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