How to make ur hair straight

how to make ur hair straight

How to Get Super Straight, Sleek Hair

Jan 24, Blend it to make a fine paste. Apply this hair mask evenly on your hair, and to avoid it from getting messy, wrap your hair with a shower cap. Keep it for half an hour. All the ingredients are great food for your weak and undernourished hair, and will make your hair healthy, shiny, and also straight. 3. Olive oil and eggs. Aug 13, Make sure to keep your hair pulled taught as you straighten it as it will straighten faster and more effectively. If your hair starts to sizzle at any point, STOP! This will probably be because it is not completely dry, or you have the temperature of the straightener set too high!

How to make ur hair straight heat-based methods such as curling irons and hair dryers can be fast but they also damage your locks.

Meanwhile, a curling iron or a hair dryer is not always handy. Knowing how to make straight locks without heat can help you look beautiful for absolutely any occasion without damaging your hair and using any extra tools.

Women who know what they want from their hair learn how to keep them as healthy as possible. Healthy locks are bound to look beautiful no matter what you do with them. Meanwhile, damaged tresses look unfortunate even if you come up with the nair fashionable hairstyle.

Here are a few ways to help you get you straighten your hair without heat. Continuous brushing is the simplest way to straighten your hair without heat. However, it takes a lot of patience, You might want to use the hair dryer on the cool setting or a fan to make this method a little quicker. Such straightening method is good only if you live in a warm climate since you have to go to sleep with damp hair.

Using hair masks is the most natural heat-free way to hoe your hair straight. Besides straightening your locks, such masks nourish your hair and keep it healthy. All the above masks can be even more effective if you add 3 -5 drops of almond oilwhich fights the frizz. This method is also good only if the temperatures in your home are warm enough and you are not suffering from a cold.

All these methods can help you forget about curls at least for a day. When you know how to straighten hair without heat, you can sport a variety of hairstyles accessible to curly yair straight-haired women.

Common Questions. Wash your locks using hair smoothing shampoo and conditioner. In fact, whenever you are planning to straighten your locks, use only the straightening beauty haig. You might need to run the makd through several times. Now your hair is really curly, you might want to use wide rollers after combing. Use a cool setting on your hair dryer it might have a snowflake indicator or just the lowest digit. How to earn apple gift cards dry your hair with cool air.

Use frizz control serum all over your tresses. Apply a straightening spray to seal the deal. The hair should stay straight for at least one day unless you are planning any outdoor activities strxight the humidity is high.

Continuous Brushing Continuous brushing is the simplest way to straighten your hair without heat. Wash your hair using hair smoothing products. Gently pat dry with a towel. Take a wide toothed comb and brush your hair. Use a frizz control serum since such method creates plenty of static what does rectified tile mean. You can use a fan or a cool hair dryer setting while combing.

Overnight Straightening Such straightening method is good only if you live in a warm climate since you have to go to sleep with damp hair. Wash your hair with hair straightening shampoo and conditioner. Comb it with a wide toothed comb to make sure they are straight. Pull down hard and make one or two low ponytails.

Every couple of inches, use an elastic band to hold the ponytail together. Go tsraight sleep. Remove the elastic bands. Comb the hair several times and use a frizz control serum.

Apply a straightening spray. Wash your how to make ur hair straight with special straightening products. Comb through the locks several times. Pull your hair down hard to the hair on top is completely straight. Create a tight ponytail and tie with an elastic band. Use the rest of the hair to wrap around the elastic band to make a bun. Use pins to keep the bun in place.

Allow the hair to air dry and remove the bun. Use hair straightening spray and comb the hair 2 3 times. Use a Hair Mask Using hair masks is the most natural heat-free way to make your hair straight.

Add warm water and stir what is the shape of the orbit of satellites Apply the mask all over your hair Wait 40 minutes Wash your hair using hair straightening products. Oil Mix Mask What you need: Olive oil two teaspoons Castor oil two teaspoons What to do: Mix both oils and stir well Rub the mixture into the scalp and distribute it all over the curls Wait 1 hour Wash your hair with cool water and hair straightening shampoo.

Stir very well until you get a homogenous solution Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair Wait 1 hour Wash your hair as usual.

You can use hair straightening shampoo and conditioner. Milk and Lemon Mask What you need: Coconut milk 1 cup Lemon juice 5 tablespoons Olive oil 2 tablespoons Cornstarch 3 tablespoons What to do: Mix all the ingredients together in a pan Heat the pan up at low temperature While the mixture is heating, stir it to create a homogenous solution Cool the mixture down and apply all over your locks Wash your hair as usual All the above masks can be even more effective if you add 3 -5 drops wtraight almond oilwhich fights the frizz.

Tight Wrapping This method is also good only if the temperatures in your home are warm enough and male are not suffering from a cold. Wash your hair as usual. Divide the locks into two equal parts in the back of your head. Brush the part from the left to the right, wrap it, and clip it with hair clips. Brush the right part to the left, wrap it, and clip it the same way. Let the hair air dry. Remove the clips and use a straightening spray.

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Hair Straightening Shampoo Buying Guide

Aug 16, How to make your hair straight naturally. Straightening your hair naturally is not as easy as using a flat iron. But if you dont want to risk any heat damage to your hair, there are a few natural alternatives that might work for you. 1. Using hair bands. Start by washing and shampooing your hair. Wash your hair with hair straightening shampoo and conditioner. Comb it with a wide toothed comb to make sure they are straight. Pull down hard and make one or two low ponytails. Every couple of inches, use an elastic band to hold the ponytail together. Dont make them too tight or youll leave a mark on your hair. Go to sleep. Scroll over to find a DIY hair mask to make your hair naturally straight, shinning and healthy: 1. What You Will Need To Make Hair Straightening Mask. To make the mask to straighten your hair, you will need juice of 1 lemon, I cup coconut milk, 2 tablespoon olive oil and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Last Updated: August 20, References. This article was co-authored by Christine George. Christine has over 23 years of hair styling and coloring experience. She specializes in customized haircuts, premium color services, balayage expertise, classic highlights, and color correction.

She received her cosmetology degree from the Newberry School of Beauty. There are 16 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Start by changing the type of shampoo and hair products you use to those formulated to straighten hair. Once or twice a week, use a straightening mask on your hair to moisturize and weigh down your curls. If you have long hair, you can get straight hair overnight by putting your hair in jumbo curlers, which encourage your hair to follow a different hair pattern and get straighter.

Finish drying your hair by blow drying it on the coldest setting, and use a flat paddle brush to keep your hair straight. To learn how a milk and honey mask can help make your hair straighter, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Use a straightening shampoo and conditioner. You should begin the process of getting straight hair by reassessing the products that you use on a regular basis. These products are formulated to heavily moisturize and weigh down curls for straighter locks.

Use an extra-absorbent towel. Instead of using any old towel, invest in an extra absorbent towel such as a microfiber towel. These towels are designed to absorb moisture and without causing frizz.

Refine your towel drying technique. Hold the extra absorbent towel around the tips of your hair to absorb moisture and slowly work your way up your hair, absorbing as you go. Then gently tousle your hair with the towel, making sure not to rub the ends of your hair together if you have long hair.

Blow dry with cool air and brush. Blow drying your hair with hot air is not only damaging to your hair, it also creates frizz and encourages curls. Instead of blow drying with hot air, towel dry and then blow dry with cold air going section by section while brushing with a flat paddle brush.

Brushing helps to separate your hair and remove moisture. Brushing also encourages straightening because it slightly pulls on your hair and helps it not curl up as it usually does. Use a smoothing product in your hair. Once your hair is almost dry, use a smoothing hair cream or mousse to discourage frizz and waves in your hair.

Try to find a product that contains a natural smoothing agent like coconut oil or jojoba oil to relax your hair. Method 2 of Make a milk and honey mask. Create a milk and honey mask by mixing 1 cup Apply the mask by using your hands to scoop up the mask and work it through the strands of your hair. Let it soak into your hair for 1 hour while you wear a plastic shower cap, then wash it out of your hair with water.

Make a milk and egg mask. Another variation on a milk mask is a milk and egg mask. Mix 2 cups ml of whole or coconut milk along with 1 egg in a large bowl, whisking to completely break up the yolk. Place the bowl in the sink or on a table and sit directly in front of it, then lean back and soak your hair in the bowl for 10 minutes.

After ten minutes, take your hair out of the bowl without squeezing out the excess moisture from the mask and put your hair up in a bun if you have long hair. Use a coconut milk and lemon juice mask. To create a smoothing coconut milk and lemon juice mask, combine 1 cup Microwave the mixture for about 20 seconds and stir. Repeat until the mixture forms a smooth paste. Let the mask cool, then use your fingers to apply it evenly throughout your hair. Let the mask sit for an hour, then wash it out with water.

Method 3 of Use hair ties to encourage straightening. Wet your hair, either from showering or from rinsing your hair briefly in the sink. Section your hair into 2 low ponytails and secure each ponytail with a hair tie near the base of your neck. Use another pair of hair ties to loosely tie the ponytails 2 inches 5 cm below where the first ponytail ties are.

Keep applying hair ties every few inches until you reach the end of your hair. In the morning, take out the hair ties to reveal your straightened hair. Use jumbo rollers to straighten your hair. Divide your hair into about 6 sections and wrap each section around a jumbo roller, rolling the sections up until you reach the roots. Secure the rollers against your head using large clips. The next morning, take the rollers out of your hair and comb.

You should see that your hair is visibly straighter. Twist your hair into a bun. If you have hair that is nearly straight or only has slight waves, you can simply place your damp hair into a bun and let it dry.

Towel dry hair, then create a ponytail. Loop the ponytail around the hair tie in a ballerina bun, secure it with a hair tie, and wait for the hair to dry.

When your hair is dry, take your hair down and give it a quick brush. Wrap damp hair around your head until it dries. Another way of encouraging straightness is to wrap wet hair around your head and secure it with bobby pins. Brush or comb your hair, then divide it along the central part into 2 sections. Take the left section and comb it over the top of your head toward the right section.

Wind it around your head until you reach the end of your hair, then pin the section in place at the back of your head with bobby pins. Do the same on the right side, flipping the hair over to the left side and pinning it in place.

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