How to make a working submarine in minecraft

how to make a working submarine in minecraft

Submarine With Working Engine - Minecraft

Oct 14, I made a working submarine in Minecraft, which will be very useful. Aug 12, In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows you how to build a submarine using some sticky pistons and some slime euro-caspian.comulus's Video: euro-caspian.come.

Working Submarine gfycat. Well considering that all missile designs would work underwater, there has been. However, tnt doesn't explode underwater. Your underwater base is safe for the time being :. Your underwater base is not safe! You can use similar designs to this to shelter the activated TNT suubmarine water. Combined with the 'bunker buster' style missiles, you've got a whole lot of TNT in that underwater dome. Also, any missile design with exposed buds that are sensitive to w updates will fail under water.

You know, since the snapshot 14w17a, TNT does damage blocks underwater if there are mae explosives. Try to fire a regular TNT cannon in snapshot, you'll see. Known issue: At the moment you have to use creative fly to enter the submarine, since it moves faster then swimming speed. A probable solution for survival could be to make a launcher with a long delay to allow you to enter before it starts.

Equally, it's pretty much impossible to break the redstone block at the rear while underwater to stop it. Would workkng be possible to build it so it uses one fewer block than the maximum the pistons can push, so all you need to do to stop it is attach one block to a slime block? I haven't actually tried the snapshot so I'm not sure I totally understand the limits of pistons paired with slime blocks.

When in the cockpit there's no line of site for shooting the pressure plate, when making what happened after the 1916 rising launch system that can be used from the cockpit read, having a dropper drop something on the pressure plate I glitch through the cockpit and fall to the ground as the machine leaves me in the dust.

Make sure you're using 14w18b. This won't work in 14w19a. Fo is a line of sight, it's shown in the video. You just need to stand on the edge of a block around the cockpit, shoot the plate, and jump in quickly. Harddaysnight 0 points 1 point 2 points 6 years ago 0 children. Place a single block of obsidian inside the sub to stop it. Really, any block that can't be moved by a piston works. I don't. They were nice for map "realism" but I didn't like spending two hours how to remove aluminum siding across awlrking flat blue plane with no landmarks.

Exactly this The last time I looked for a Mushroom Island I traveled for at least a good 40k blocks through ocean before turning back, and to to mention being on far render distance and gow. Personally I don't miss the old oceans because there was pretty much nothing in them, I'd love updated oceans with content in them but if that's not going to happen I'm wprking the big empty expanses minecrafft nothing are gone. You wouldn't even need to have a 2D design, if a worikng "ship" could carry another 1D "diving bell".

You could sail out on the ocean until you find a nice place for your base. Then you step into the diving bell and get lowered onto the ocean floor. The diving bell provides you with a safe breathing room, until you have completed the first module of your underwater base.

I think the most significant thing is that we now have a design that includes a cockpit! I've been messing with trying to create a submarine myself but the water kept BUD powering things as it moved along. Good work! It could probably carry the frame of the cannon but you'd have to activate the TNT and the spring piston by hand since you can't push redstone wire or repeaters with pistons especially underwater.

Here's a design you can easily start and stop in survival. I have a breathable design, for which I can make a tutorial, if there is ib interest. Hell, you guys are all awsome. I could never build things like that on wofking own. I am loving all these moving machines people are making now, they are just so wonderful. Why do people keep making missles and cannons? Why is no one making a real vanilla flying machine. As in, pilotable in 6 directions and has a real room minceraft an inside.

Mske equip it with missiles and cannons and blow shit up. It's like saying "why do you keeping sending space shuttles instead of huge fusion-powered superdestroyers in space? Because no one is currently able to make submarrine.

But I'm sure the real flying machine will be made, it's just a matter of time. Use what does anointed mean in the old testament this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Good wroking with that. I it lag or am I doing something wrong? Harddaysnight 0 points 1 point 2 points 6 years ago 0 children Place a single block of obsidian monecraft the sub to stop it. I liked having continents separated by oceans. Not a giant continent sprinkled with seas. Makd sailed to sea I assume it removes source blocks? This guy deserves a medal for his work. Here's hoping more land, air, and sea vehicles are added some day. Because multiple cannons would be awesome. You could only fire one at a time since you how to get into the barcelona youth academy automate them.

Good job!

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Jan 27, Minecraft PS3, PS4, Xbox, Wii U - WORKING SUBMARINE BOAT Slime Blocks PE (Pocket Edition) TrueTriz Minecraft Playstation (Minecraft PS3, PS4, Xbox) How to make a working boat or submarine that moves automatically with slime blocks from the new Title U. Nov 20, Hey guys today I'll be showing you how to build a submarine in Minecraft which can be used in single player and multiplayer worlds. Don't forget to like and. Apr 23, Most of my videos dont have HD quality for a while after the video has been uploaded.~~~~~Description~~~~~Links~~~.

Last Updated: September 2, References. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 30, times. Learn more Subways take a long time to complete in survival mode. But if you're up to the challenge, you could be the one to let a whole city of players travel in style.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1 of Choose locations for your subway stations. Keep your subway route away from oceans and surface lava. Try to avoid deserts and beaches. Since the sand will collapse into your tunnel, these biomes require major excavation. On a multiplayer server, make sure the route doesn't pass through anyone's basement without their permission.

Dig to a safe depth. In a multiplayer world, dig at least eight blocks down to reduce the chance of damage from surface explosions. In a single player world, four or five blocks down is usually fine. A deeper subway is impractical unless people need to move between underground locations. Always stay above block 10, since lava is very common below that level. Dig tunnels in straight lines. Dig the tunnels as straight as you can between your planned station locations.

Zig-zagging will not make the route shorter, and makes it hard to run down the tunnel. Start with one block wide tunnels. You can worry about the view after everything is in place. Dig out the stations. Stations are just wider rooms that your mine carts will pass through.

All you need is a rectangular space. If you're in a multiplayer world, don't connect them to the surface yet. Add plenty of lighting and minecarts. The tunnels and stations should be well lit to avoid mobs spawning inside them. At each station, stock a chest or dispenser full of minecarts. To craft a minecart , form a U shape with five iron ingots. You can decorate these areas however you like, but wait until all the rails are laid.

You may need to make adjustments along the way. Avoid wool and other flammable materials if lighting with torches. Part 2 of Save resources with powered minecarts. If you're in Survival mode and don't have many resources, make a powered minecart by placing a furnace over a minecart in the crafting area. As long as you keep the furnace loaded with fuel, it will push the minecart ahead of it down ordinary rails.

If you do have plenty of gold and redstone, move on to the next step for a smoother, faster ride. This type of subway cannot make sharp U-turns, and will have trouble climbing slopes. Stockpile powered rail system supplies instead. For top speed, you'll need one powered rail for every 37 normal rails, or one for every 7 if you want to move unoccupied storage carts. To make a normal rail, place one stick in the center of the crafting area and fill the left and right columns with six iron ingots.

To make a powered rail, replace the iron in the above recipe with gold ingots, and place redstone dust below the stick. For a redstone torch, place redstone dust directly above a stick. Lay out the rails. Lay out normal rails along your tunnel, but occasionally place a powered rail instead. See the instructions above to decide how frequently to place the powered rails. Powered rails cannot be used in turns.

Use regular rails instead. If your subway changes altitude, you'll need to use powered rails more frequently on the incline. Power the powered rails. The powered rails are off by default. To get them active bright red , connect them to redstone power. You can use a circuit, but the simplest way is to place a redstone torch adjacent to each powered rail.

The torch may be below the rail, or next to it on the same level. Place stops at the stations. To make the cart stop automatically, place any solid block in the path of the rail. Place a powered rail leading up each side of this block and over the top, but do not power them. This will stop the cart when it arrives. To turn on the power and give the cart a good boost on its way to the next stop, place a button or lever on the wall next to the stop. Part 3 of Understand how pistons work on rails.

This is all about timing and clever use of pistons. When you push a track with a piston, the track doesn't break it's actually pushed aside! If that piston is a sticky piston, then you can retract the piston and the track will come back with it.

That means that with good timing, you stop a minecart by using a redstone signal to expand a piston, which pushes out a rail right before the minecart hits this gap in the tracks.

Unlike in the real world, the minecart won't just fly over this gap from its momentum. Instead, the cart will come to a complete stop when it runs out of track. Set up the stop. Use a redstone-powered piston system to stop the minecart: Choose a powered rail for the minecart to stop on. Place a redstone-powered piston to push the rail in front of the powered rail out of the way, blocking the cart.

Place sticky piston behind the powered rail, which can retract to pull that rail out of the way. Place a second sticky piston opposite the first one, with a solid block in front of it so it can push it behind the stopping minecart.

Make the stop automatic. Sending a redstone signal to the front piston will stop the cart, but how do you send the signal automatically? One way is to have the cart move over a detector rail. Don't place this rail in front of the pistons, and make sure the redstone dust "wire" is long enough that the pistons move after the cart has passed through. It may take some experimenting to get the timing right. Since the cart won't stay on the detector rail, connect the signal to a redstone comparator to maintain the signal after the detector rail is turned off.

Make automatic starts. To start the car again, send a redstone signal to the two sticky pistons, and to the powered rail. Suddenly, from the minecart's point of view, it has its back against a block and an open track laid out before it. Since the minecart is on a powered rail, it will move the only way it can: forward. You can use the same detector rail and split the signal into two branches, one longer than the other.

You'll need many redstone repeaters on the "start" branch signal so it shows up about thirty seconds later than the "stop" signal. Reset the track.


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