How to make a sanitary towel costume

how to make a sanitary towel costume

Best Homemade Towelie Costume Ever

Squeeze a line of glue along the outline of the white felt eye shape. Adhere the glued side of the eye shape to the center of the towel about 12 inches from the top end. Glue a black circle of felt to the bottom center of each eye area. This creates Towelie's pupils. Sep 14,  · Putting Everything Together 1. Pin the pad liner on top of the pad base. Turn the pad base so that the longer axis is vertical, and the side with 2. Topstitch around the liner to secure it to the pad base. Sew around the pad liner, 94%().

A lovable character featured on Comedy Central's South Park, Towelie makes appearances throughout several seasons of the series. Knowing how to make a Towelie costume will get sanutary good laugh at your next towl party. It also shows your creative side and love of cartoons and popular culture.

For adults who like to participate in costume-festivities, tl Towelie costume is sure to bring you how to find out what people are searching for lot of attention whether it's Halloween or you're attending a Southpark fan party.

Spread a large bath towel in front of you vertically. Towlie is a sky-blue towel with white stripes at the top and bottom.

Choose inch long by 3-feet wide bath towel. Look at a picture of Towlie for inspiration and draw his coostume on a large piece of white felt measuring by inches. Make his eyes about 8 inches tall costuke 11 inches wide. Cut out the outline of his eyes. Cut out a right triangle shape from the black felt sheet. Make the triangle 6 inches on each side. Cut out two small circles from the black felt as well, 2 inches in diameter each.

Squeeze a line of glue along the outline of the white felt eye shape. Adhere the glued side of the eye shape to the center of the towel about 12 inches from mzke top end. Glue a black circle of felt to the bottom center of each eye area. This creates Towelie's pupils. Glue the right triangle, with the point what is the meaning of gymnosperm downward, about 4 inches directly beneath the eyes.

Apply the four white squares in a row across the top inside edge of the black triangle. This creates his teeth and smile.

Let the towel dry for an hour. Turn the towel over and apply a 1-inch wide dot of glue at each corner of the top of the towel. Apply one end of the silk rope to each dot and hold them in place firmly for one hiw.

Let the towel dry for an additional hour. Use a red marker to make bloodshot lines around Towlie's pupils. Drape the rope around the back of your neck like a halter. This hangs the costume easily in front of you. This is a comfortable way to wear your Towlie costume without committing to a large, heavy, hot foam costume.

How much visine to make someone sick published with Dobegreen. By: Chelsea Hoffman Updated January 09, Share It. Things You'll Dostume. Cut out four square pieces of white felt measuring 2-by-2 inches each.

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Basic instructions are printed on the pattern. Sew up a stash of pads with either a hidden core or an exposed core. Use just the body layers to make a wingless pad or panty liner. When making an AIO with hidden core cut out the core on the inner dashed line to remove the seam allowance to ensure a nice fit. As team Generation Youth Uganda, under our project '' Send Sanitary Product To Women In Need '' we decided to launch a new campaign known as '' All Happy Day. 1 x towel and fleece in just the pad shape (no wings) 1 x PUL in the pad plus 2 1/2cm wings (this reduces how much PUL you need as opposed to using the whole pattern, but is enough to catch any moisture wicking out from the centre. Arrange the top half first with the fleece on top, 1 layer of cotton then the towel underneath (all facing up).

Now I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, that worry of waters breaking so it looks like I've wet myself in public is starting to set in. I don't fancy the irritation of disposable sanitary towels against my skin for weeks before and weeks after so it's time to make some just in case cloth sanitary protection, or muff fluff as it is also known as!

Depending on how you feel about it, these work equally well as menstrual sanitary towels, or incontinence pads. A base layer for the main body - I used cotton An absorbent layer - I used a thin but absorbent old towel if you are wanting to make this even more absorbent then you can always add an extra towel.

However I recommend trying with one as its surprisingly absorbent compared to disposables and you don't want to make it unnecessarily bulky. A layer to go next to your skin - I used fleece as it is good at wicking moisture away from the body so keeps you feeling fresher and dryer longer, and it doesn't tend to stain A waterproof layer - I used PUL as its thin, flexible, washable and breathable.

Something to fasten it with - I used KAM snaps. First you need to draft your pattern. I like the shape of disposables so wanted to replicate that. I also wanted my cloth pads to be able to fold up on themselves to keep them cleaner of they were knocking around a handbag and less obvious as to what it was.

This is how I made my pattern:. I made it completely symmetrical and cut it out with the paper into 4 so it would be nice and easy to line up my layers. I would recommend that you make your pattern out of thin paper then with a pair of knickers around your thighs, see if you feel it is right for your knicker coverage. Easier to adjust it now before you start cutting! Arrange the top half first with the fleece on top, 1 layer of cotton then the towel underneath all facing up.

Pin in place then sew 3 lines down the centre. I like used a feather stitch but a zigzag would do. Put your PUL underneath doesn't really matter which way up but I prefer shiny side up then your last piece of cotton face down at the bottom. Now go ahead and zigzag or use an overlock stitch right around the edge. I use an over edge foot on my sewing machine, but you can just sew a zigzag stitch very close to the edge and trim off any excess if you prefer. I then like to sew a straight stitch just along the line where the fleece meets the wing.

This makes it much easier to fold the wings back on themselves. Choose a wide stitch width then you have less tiny holes in the edge of your waterproof PUL layer. I like to sew a running stitch with a long stitch length to make less tiny holes down the wing edges over the zigzag that holds the fleece to make it easier to fold the wings around the pants.

Lastly, I pop in KAM snaps to fasten. I put 2 settings on them - 1 loose so it holds the pad under the wings to be able to fold it up discretely to put in a handbag etc, then another to firmly hold around the knickers. If you want to make a night time sanitary towel version my waters went with a whoosh in bed last time! I kept the pad exactly the same on the centre horizontal fold, but lengthened the front half to 14cm then curled the edge out an extra centimetre on each side.

The back half I extended further so it was 17cm and curved out to widen to 15cm at the bottom. The wings stayed exactly the same as did the KAM snaps. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I would like to know if you sell polyurethane and flannels for sewing pads. I will appreciate for your feed back since I need the fabrics too.

Am known as Lynda Kagai from Vihiga county. I loved the suggestions. Am all for less waste and have used pant liners more than once which sounds gross. But this is how. I saved and boiled in an old saucepan, antibacterial wipes.

And they boil and boil showing how long to disintegrate. I cut up strips of an old cotton pillow case. I laid wipe on pant liner, then cotton strip and wrapped under pants and pinned with safety pin. Nothing goes through to pant liner and process can be repeated next day with clean nics. Sounds crazy and would only do this while home alone shielding but was pleased with my efforts to cut down waste. Also use boiled anti bac wipes to remove makeup and as tissues.

Always love the old fashioned smell of boiling. I then pour the boiling water down sink to keep pipes clean.

It has worked very well and I am a very fussy person. I also cut yog pots into strips and fill empty water bottle with them. Cuts down on amount in recycling bin. Cloth nappying my babies sounds like it was so much easier for me than it was for you!

Why not try roughly tacking a piece of flannel on top of your normal pad and see what you think before sewing up a big batch? If poppers bother you, I think any other closure will likely annoy you just as much, so maybe you would be better off sewing pads into pants instead.

I know a few companies are making that style so you could always have a look at how they do it for inspiration! I am so glad I came across this post! Proper recycling too! I need these for light incontinence. I have made a couple using cotton next to me, then 3 layers of thin cotton fleece cut from a baby blanket , then PUL, then cotton again touching pants. It seems to work reasonably well except that it has a tendency to work itself towards the back.

Is there any way to avoid this? Also do I need to use the PUL into the wings or just for the core? I would say try it, and if that is enough absorption, then fab. As for the pad sliding back — you probably just need to make your snaps a bit tighter so it holds your pants more snuggly. That would depend on what bamboo-based fabric you were planning on using.

A lot of the bamboo fabrics I have come across are absorbent. These would keep the moisture against the skin which over the week could cause irritation. It is also not designed for repeated washing or with hygene in mind.

Whereas PUL was invented for hosital use for its ability to be used and washed repeatedly and be both durable and hygenic on close contact with bodily fluids. The umbrella fabric could be used to make a wet bag to put used pads in instead though. Yep absolutely! This is such an awesome idea. Hi, these work well for incontinence too. You may only want a couple of layers of cotton instead of towelling in the centre to make it thinner. However, if it is heavier leaking, the constantly damp cotton may cause irritation so fleece may be preferable to wick away moisture from the skin.

I would say it is defintely worth experimenting to see what suits you best. This way I stay fresh. Not ideal but it served the purpose. Have used popper 3 size like on baby grows and got mine off ebay. Did try velco but bit mistake, if it twisted round a bit then i knew about it with sharp edges. My first few pads I still have 2 in regular use but poppers wearing now, so they will be about 10 years old which is not bad going seeing they will be used once weekly each.

I need to make some more and as they do not get too damp i just use about 3 layers of a sort of fleece material too i had in my stash and i make them flat with rows of stitching. Hope that may of use to others who just need light protection. A cosmetic purse is useful to stash the used ones until you get home. I can remember the time when there was little choice and Dr Whites were the only ones available and they were about a mile long with loops to hook on a belt.

They were issued in the army if needed and we used them to put around our dress hats as the rim cut in and gave us headaches, dreaded in case it fell out and also for buffing the floors to a shine on the heavy hand bumper we called it.

When Libera i think it was spelt came in it was lovely to have a short pad and no loops. Can you just confirm the order for me.

Not daft at all. You have it perfectly. You can absolutely use cotton on top. Hope that helps and makes more sense now! If you have any more questions, just ask. Linda x. I am visiting a school in Nigeria where many of the girls do not go to school when they have their periods and so I am very interested in taking this pattern with me so that the girls are able to go to school the whole month I would love to do a tutorial because I am not much good at sewing.

I hope you have a lovely trip. I have a latex allergy, so have a rotten time with disposable pads! I just need to get the supples now! Thank you!


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