How to go to klia

how to go to klia

Best Ways to Get From Kuala Lumpur International Airport to City

To travel quickly between the KLIA and klia2, you can take the Express Rail Link (ERL) train (KLIA Transit or KLIA Ekspres) at the ERL station of respective airport. The ERL train is a fast and convenient travel option for inter-terminal transfer. The best way is via train. KLIA1 and KLIA2 are both on the KLIA Express train route so are connected by a 3 mins train journey. In the KLIA2 terminal, the main train advertising talks of going to KL Sentral, but if you look closely, the first stop on the way is KLIA. The ticket cost is 4 RM between KLIA2 and KLIA.

When booking flights it is essential that you check out that you have enough time between the flights so that you don't miss your connections! Don't forget that Kuala Lumpur has 2 airports where travellers normally fly into and out of. There are 2 passenger airports for KL. The majority of tourists and travellers will use the 2 terminals at hlw airport.

There are 2 terminals at KUL. They are not separate airports, they are just different terminals. Just different terminals. Was the international airport from to when it had 3 terminals in use, only T3 is now kliaa use and renamed as the Subang Skyway terminal.

The best way is via train. Skip to how to measure bridge size eyeglasses content.

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KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur

Nov 13,  · The transit train in Kuala Lumpur shares the same tracks as the KLIA Express and charges the same amount of money to get to KL Sentral, but it makes four stops along the way: KLIA2, Salak Tinggi, Cyberjaya/Putrajaya and Bandar Tasik Selatan, before it reaches KL Sentral. Located about two kilometers away from KLIA, KLIA2 is accessible via a km extension of the existing Express Train Line which is served by 12 high-speed electric trains. Both KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services will be serving the KL Sentral to klia2 line. Feb 10,  · Kuala Lumpur Airport also called KLIA is located 60 kilometers far from KL Sentral. There are two separate Terminals: KLIA and KLIA2 just a few kilometers and connected by 3 ways: a rail system for 3 minutes and 50 cents of USD, a regular bus for half dollar too and a free shuttle bus.

The KLIA and klia2 are principally setup as 2 terminals in same area separated by a 2km distance. It is estimated to take 4 to 10 mins, depending on transport options, to travel between these 2 terminals. The KLIA and klia2 are 2km traveling distance apart from each other, hence, proper time management is crucial to ensure smooth transfer.

Note: If you take the Airport Liner or the rail transfer , you will have to complete proper immigration check-out from one terminal and then check-in to another to board your connecting flight. Passengers with inter-connecting flights between KLIA and klia2 can now enjoy the new round-the-clock shuttle transfer services between the two terminals free of charge. To enjoy the service, book your terminal transfer , and proceed to waiting area to board your free shuttle bus.

To enjoy the service, you have to book your terminal transfer. Watch video for more information. Please check with the customer service officer if you need help on arrangement for fast transfer between terminals. The ERL train is a fast and convenient travel option for inter-terminal transfer.

The overview of the KLIA layout is summarized as follow. Skip to content The KLIA and klia2 are principally setup as 2 terminals in same area separated by a 2km distance. Transportation options to travel between these 2 terminals:. Check Flight.

Layout Plan. Departure Hall. Arrival Hall. Luggage Storage. Money Exchange. Hotels near klia2. Plaza Premium Lounge. Bus Services.

Taxi Services. KLIA Ekspres. KLIA Transit. KL Monorail. KTM Komuter.


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