How to give feelings to a girl

how to give feelings to a girl

The Psychology of Attraction

Cooking a meal, wrapping a little present, or hand-making a card for her will all make her feel like you are sitting around thinking of ways to delight her. The key here is to do things that give the appearance that you are thinking of her. When you do things to make her feel special and appreciated it will increase her desire to put out for you. The secret to making a woman feel intense attraction for you is to actively turn her on by the way that you interact with her. Although a woman can feel attracted to a manТs physical appearance, the most intense types of attraction that a woman can feel are based on .

To seduce feslings woman, you must take her into another world, a special world where only the two of you exist, a romantic world, a poetic world. Sometimes this happens automatically with a woman: if you've ever fallen in love, you remember what what is a callus peel pedicure like to feel like you are the only two people who've ever existed.

You probably jow remembered that, in that state, she really wanted sex. A lot. If you haven't ever felt that, don't despair - by following these simple guidelines, you can learn to create those special feelings. It's your responsibility, if you want to get laid. So how do you do it? You can train your mind to always be looking for ways that little romantic moments can be created.

The other day a friend of ours was at a Chinese restaurant, and got the fortune, "Take the next opportunity you gife - it feelingd be wonderful" in his fortune cookie. Seeing an attractive woman sitting alone, he wrote his hwo and phone number on the back of the fortune, and as he left stopped at her table and said, "You look lonely here By the way, I think you look beautiful.

Two days later she called him and they now have a date planned. This effortless introduction feelibgs because it created a small, special moment in her otherwise busy, stressful day. He was appreciating her. He was doing something romantic. You can tell if an idea is romantic by asking yourself, "Would a woman look back on it as incredibly special? So it was romantic, made her feel special, and it worked. Women feel special, just like anybody does, if they think someone has done some preparation just for them.

Cooking a meal, wrapping a little present, or hand-making a card for her will all make her feel like you are sitting around thinking of ways to delight her. The key here is to do things that give the appearance that you are thinking of her. When you do things to make her feel special and appreciated it vive increase her desire to put out for you. Don't take a woman to the same place you'd go with buddies if you want sex. Take her someplace out of the ordinary. A river- front cafe in a nearby feeings town, a walk in the woods where you've previously and secretly stashed a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a blanket you can "discover" together are all gibe of "out of the ordinary" events.

Even art films if she likes that kind of thing or museums can be out-of-the-ordinary events. You can be an "out of the ordinary" man if you know some love poetry by heart.

That will make her feel very special. Women want the "little things," so you should make sure every what is the purpose of tretinoin cream thing is right when you are seducing a woman.

This means flowers, new candles just lit for the first time, clean linens, the guve. Everything is clean, nothing is sloppy. Romance is in the details, and you must have them right in order to succeed. Just as a businessman is always looking for new situations that can make money, a "man's man" is always looking for new situations that can create romantic feelings. If you take on this practice you'll make her feel special, and you will get sex.

About the Author: Ron and David are dating coaches. Their book How to Gjve With Women has sold over 40, copies. For how to write a work application letter great tips on meeting and dating women or to ask howw question go to howtosucceedwithwomen.

Keep on the Lookout for Romantic Ideas or Situations

Sep 20, †Ј Count how many times she blinks in a minute. If while you are talking she blinks more than times in a minute, that could indicate that she has feelings for you. People who are looking at something or someone they like tend to blink more often than normal. Wear a watch with a second hand 73%().

Last Updated: February 27, References. This article was co-authored by Jin S. Kim, MA. Jin specializes in working with LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and those that may have challenges related to reconciling multiple and intersectional identities. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Whether you've been together for years and you want to make sure she knows how much you love her, or if this is the first time you're dropping the "L-word," expressing your love can be scary.

But it doesn't have to be. Instead of comparing yourself to the movies and music ideal of love, just be honest and open about how you feel. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Co-authored by Jin S. Method 1 of Think of her specific, unique qualities that you love. Telling someone you love her doesn't happen every day, and very few people will ever become such an important object of your affection.

To genuinely express your love from the heart, think about the things that make this woman special. They can be little memories you share, a quirk she has you can't get enough of, or skills and a personality that still amazes you. You may bring these things up when you talk, you may not. What is important is that you understand why you feel in love. It is much easier to express something, after all, if you understand it.

Choose a quiet, safe, and generally happy time to talk. You simply want somewhere you can comfortably express your feelings and listen to her response. After a date, on a walk, or simply a quiet moment alone are all good places to talk, but don't stress too much over the location.

The words, not the place, are far more important and exciting. That said, there are some not-so-great times to say "I love you" the first time: [1] X Research source After sex While drunk or intoxicated Online or over the phone unless you cannot see each other in person During or after a fight or argument.

Keep it simple and honest. While movies may tell you you have to be special or original with your message, you don't. Spending all your time planning or waiting for a perfect moment grossly misses the point of your relationship. You are in love Ч so just keep it simple and let her know.

It will be more than enough, guaranteed. This isn't to say there is no time for romance and spectacle in your relationship. But expressing your love for someone is a big emotional development Ч you don't need bells and whistles. How happy she makes you, good memories you've shared, your hopes and feelings Ч this is more than enough "material" to work with without feeling like you must write a poem or plan an event.

Just put the words out there. Take a deep breath and count to three. When you finish, tell yourself you're just going to blurt out "I love you. Don't get caught up in an intro, perfect wording, or anything fancy. Just tell her, "I love you. I love you. Once you're done talking, sit back and listen, no matter what the response.

Think of it this way Ч you are telling someone you feel one of the most powerful emotions you've ever felt, and you've been dealing with this feeling for a few days or weeks. She is hearing this for the first time, and she may need some time to process her feelings. You can't control how she is going to respond, nor should you try. Instead, listen to her response and let her lead the conversation.

Be proud of yourself. If you can't see each other in person, express your feelings through a phone call or letter. Don't feel like you must wait to be reunited with someone to express your love Ч if you feel it, let it out. That said, it's hard to understand from a short letter or text message what a quick "I love you" means is it a joke, serious, semi-serious? Take the time to express your feelings in a way that leaves no doubt in your beloved's mind.

Let her know that you'd rather talk to her in person, but couldn't keep your feelings secret any longer. Elaborate on why you've suddenly started feeling this way, and can't keep it in any more.

Give her the feeling and backstory. Say that you don't need a response or answer immediately, just that you needed to get this off your chest. Method 2 of Say "I love you" when you feel in love, not because you think you "must" say it. Some people can comfortably say "I love you" multiple times a day.

Others are more reserved, feeling like over-saying it might lessen its power and beauty. Wherever you fall, there is a good way to make sure your expressions of love only come when you really mean them. If expressing your love feels like a burden on you, then you need to re-examine how you actually feel about her. Are your issues with the word "love" or the emotion of love? Use other words to express your love without always saying "I love you. Telling her that you're grateful for her presence, that you're excited just being around her, that you adore her, or any other synonyms for love will get the point across without making your words seem rote or unthoughtful.

Try: "I am better because of you. Let her know how much you appreciate her help and support. Acknowledge the little things she does for you and let her know how cool it is. Tell her that her spaghetti sauce is especially good on the days that it is, and remind her how important her support has been when you're going through tough times. A great way to express your love is to show that you're paying attention and are appreciative, making her a big part of your thoughts.

Good times include: After taking care of you or chipping in during a tough time. When you've felt stressed and are worried you've taken it out on her. Occasionally remembering regular chores or help. If she packs your lunch every morning before work for you, be sure to thank her for it. Offer your forgiveness and withhold your blame. A loving couple is a team, getting through life's challenges together, not alone. When you hold a mistake over someone's head after she has apologized, however, or you keep a grudge going because you fault her for hard times, you're breaking up the bond.

Love is easily expressed in forgiveness, as it shows that your bond is deeper than one issue or mistake. Blaming someone for a problem turns things into a me vs. The point is that you express your love through your willingness to look past honest mistakes, loving the person in her entirety, flaws and all. Be open and honest during arguments instead of hiding or sheltering concerns. Even loving couples fight, and that is okay. What is more important is how you fight.

There will always be issues and differences, but loving couples know that getting things out in the open is more important than burying feelings for a later day. In its own way, this is an expression of love to a girl Ч the trust that you can be honest her, and that you can trust her to do the same. There is no such thing as doing something to "prove your love. Make her a part of your plans and future. People that you love are naturally part of your future.

When you close your eyes, she is there by your side, and letting her know this is a great way to express your love without saying the words.


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