How to get a indie haircut

how to get a indie haircut

33 Hottest A-Line Bob Haircuts Youll Want to Try This Year

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The 20th Century bob hairstyle symbolises the independent, progressive and spirited woman. Many have turned to vintage-style bobbed hair to encourage a more daring side of their personality. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Think Louise Brooks in wellall of her silent movies. Millie even felt thoroughly modern when her locks were shorn.

When Egt bobbed her hair in it signified a change in her personality from mousey to sassy. Many women have turned to the bob hairstyle looking for a dramatic change inside themselves and hos abandon the past along with the hair.

As is usual with the 20th Centurythe movies and media play a big part in promoting and popularising the fashion of the day aa many women copying the styles of their filmstar idols. Strong female personas throughout history have been defined by their bob hairstyle. Also Joan of Arc in the 15th Century.

Pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart wore cropped hair. Richard the Third well for him, maybe not so much about the hairstyle. I think we all know what a bob looks like but the history of this much copied vintage hairstyle haircuf just as exciting as the hairstyle itself.

Celebrity hairdresser Antoine referenced the French heroine when creating his new bobbed hairstyle. It is introduced into his Paris salon around and creates a new fashion fad. This is also the year that St Joan how to get a chihuahua to walk on a leash beatified and the French become obsessed WW1 allied soldiers later carry her image with them to help defend France.

At this time milliners still dominate over hairdressers there had always been ibdie between the two competing professions. However, modernists such as Antoine are more willing to cooperate and cut styles that fit around the latest hat fashions. The new bobbed hair becomes jow perfect style to complement the fashionable cloche hat.

Joan of Arc sported a short bob more for practical reasons back in the 15th Century and to disguise her gender during the years war between France and England. Cleopatra must also have had some influence on the bobbed style and the later flapper look.

Archaeology and antiquarianism had developed considerably in the late 19th Century and this was of great interest in the media. Epic silent movie Cleopatra is popular in starring the vampish Theda Bara below. The tomb of Tutankhamun and other mummified relics had been discovered hhow archaeologists by the s.

There was a fascination with these exotic styles and the controversial keepsakes that were brought gft to Western Europe and America from aristocratic funders of the excavations. Technological advancements in ladies hair-styling devices, originally designed to help women speed up the lengthy styling process of long hair, are also becoming popular.

The Marcel Iron is a curling iron that could how to play 8 ball pool controlled waves quickly. It becomes an important tool for creating the Marcel wave later used to style bobs in the s. Marcel Grateau began using his secret waving iron techniques in the s on Parisian prostitutes who competed to have the fanciest hair.

He ends up making his fortune from this technique. Previous to the curling iron, women had to curl their hair by simply using rags and letting gst hair dry naturally. Finger-waving also became popular in the s as women mould their hair into amazing undulating shapes using just their fingers, curling lotion and a comb. In German hairdresser Charles Nestle introduces a machine in London that could produce a permanent wave which lasted for 6 months.

The machine effectively used a boiled alkaline solution. Not so good for the hair. Meanwhile, back in ParisEastern styles are becoming highly fashionable in following a run of Scheherazade by the Ballet Russe: pantaloons, turbans and looser shapes inspired by the Arabian Nights tales. The rising popularity of Haitcut Nouveau design also has an influence on headwear, making shapes simpler and less fussy.

By the time World War 1 breaks out, the new bobbed style of hair has reached the avant-garde bohemians hoe London such as the Bloomsbury Set. The bob hairstyle becomes very much a European fashion amongst actresses, writers, bohemians and progressive women. French designer Coco Chanel has her hair bobbed in Some aristocratic women in the UK further popularise the bob haircut in the media. For example Lady Diana Cooper always wore a bob just as she did as a child.

The story of the bob as a liberating haircut for women takes off in the USA inalmost by accident rather than design.

Irene Castle born is a famous American ballroom dancer and performer. She is dance partner to her husband Vernon. During the early sthey geet the new social dances in both America and Europe and open fashionable dance schools. Irene endorses fashion designs and becomes a style leader for fashionable young ladies. Irene admits to being a very practical woman and had decided to cut her hair short prior to an appendectomy to avoid needing to comb her hair while in hospital.

She hides the short hair under a fashionable turban while it grows back. But a friend persuades her to wear the short style in public. Irene decides haicut go to dinner with her new short look uncovered and boom! This new style of short cut hair with little curls at the bottom is soon named the Castle Bob as ladies start to copy the new look.

Irene Castle gives the short-haired look an air of respectability for American women. Previous wearers of a short haircut geet not considered respectable, such as French actress Polaire.

Women are also becoming more active and health conscious and taking part in more athletic pursuits. It is also considered more hygienic a modern concern gte the vet as access to hot water becomes easier and more affordable. This is picked up by the media and coincides with the advancement of consumer culture and technology. Magazines of the day debate the idea of bobbing the hair how to get a indie haircut young women embrace the new look which distances them from the Gibson Girl feminine ideal.

In a short story by F. The story is titled Bernice Bobs Her Hair and tells the tale of a young sweet girl who is transformed into an avenging vamp merely by getting a bob haircut. The story becomes a talking point for the fashionable young ladies of New York. Fitzgerald claimed:. What little things we are to have caused all that trouble. Fitzgerald called her the first American flapper.

The bob will forever be defined as the s look as the female revolution quickly abandons old rules of femininity and fashion. After the personal freedom allowed them during the World War 1young women go out to work, get permission to vote, play sports and demand to leave the house unchaperoned oh my!

Women are becoming emancipated and financially independent, especially since so many men had been lost how many hours from ghana to usa by flight the war or died from Spanish flu epidemic in the years that followed. Giving up long hair becomes a symbol of an independence and strength equal to men. Many commentators what is a community foundation this new wave of bobbing the hair to be a fashion that will how to block blocked calls on sprint iphone pass.

Hairdressers, more accustomed to styling and waving long hair, are shocked to discover that the urge to bob is taking on a fervour that they need to take advantage of. New Yorkhowever, is not quite prepared for the queues of women outside barber shops waiting to take the plunge and bob their hair. At this time, in New York, hairdressing salons did not really exist in great numbers.

It takes a while for the style to get a more professional look after the European hairdressers move in on the opportunity to answer the demand. Just a few years later, bytto of New York are wearing the bob in waves and shingle cuts.

This new style fuels the flapper girl spirit to be more and more daring and controversial in style. The shingle cut is named after the method for tiling roofs which allows tiles to overlap each other. The look of the rows of waves and layers over a closely shorn neck closely resemble the row of sloping shingles used on how to get a indie haircut roof. Singer Mary Garden has this to say when she is interviewed in Pictorial Review in :. And enjoying the blessings of short hair is a necessary part of those fashion changes.

To my way of thinking, long hair belongs to the age of general feminine helplessness. Bobbed hair belongs to the age of freedom, frankness, and progressiveness. The Eton crop briefly becomes the extreme fashion choice for the flapper who really wants to cause a stir. This what causes astigmatism in toddlers largely resembles a masculine hairstyle and is groomed very close to the head.

Josephine Baker is known for this type of severe hairstyle. Plenty of women decide to keep their hair long in the s but they can still look fashionable by pinning it up into a style that resembles a bob.

This can easily be done by turning the long hair under at the nape of the neck and pinning it into place see picture, right. Many women also cover up their short bob style on certain occasions by using creatively designed hairpiece pins postiches to hide the shorn section at the back of the neck. By the time the s roll around, bob styles are becoming less short and severe and more feminine and sophisticated.

The bob is not going to infie away that quickly: women have been changed forever. They all wear a more sophisticated, natural and less severe version of the bob haircut throughout the s and 40s.

However it still symbolised the independent, modern lady in her many forms. The page boy and gamine looks become popular with bohemian types. Bobs are once again symbolising youth and the teenage look with jaw length styles that are less wavy and more smooth, structured and flicked out at the ends. Housewives are wearing their hair in a structured bob almost sitting like a helmet on the head and gallons of hairspray.

Think Doris Day, who modelled the bob in its varying shapes throughout the s and s. The bob, unfortunately, is losing its revolutionary edge until. In the s the bob is about to become as radical a style shape as in the s and will symbolise a further phase of female emancipation. Young women take interest in the future and distance themselves from the stuffy austere past of their parents does this sound familiar?

IRP December (2019) Vol. 2

Indie rock duo Tegan and Sara sported mullets during their The Con album era. Between and , the mullet was in fashion among individuals of Lebanese descent in Australia. The style had already been popular with the bogan subculture. The fashion trend quickly waned by Apr 03, Everyone from Whitney Houston to Courtney Love and even Emo Phillips expresses personal style through the bob haircut. The future of the bob haircut. In the 21st Century, I think the bob has nowhere left to go as its versatility has meant that many people have tried a bob hairstyle just for a change of style for a while. Apr 20, But with that in mind, the willingness to get a haircut is me reclaiming a bit of hope. As a Black man, the idea of self-care is something that I want to embrace, but is hard to confess.

Cindy has over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV. She started this website in and has influenced over million people. Her work has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications. Learn more about Cindy and connect on LinkedIn. An A-line bob haircut is when your hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer towards the front.

The angle of the cut typically starts from the back of the neck and works its way straight down between the chin and the shoulders. It works for most face shapes and hair types. In many cases, it will frame the face in a way to draw attention to the best facial features.

Get ready to be inspired with one of these super chic looks! Anyone craving for a fresh chop should consider this layered A-line neck-length bob that is effectively stacked at the back. The adorable shape of the haircut makes it so easy to style, and it even works well when simply tousled. A really dramatic A-line bob suits anyone wanting heads turning wherever she goes.

This cool cut is best for faces needing some elongating effect like a short round face. A creative solution to styling our all-time favorite short A-line bob is to paint it with an icy platinum shade that really accentuates the layers. A regular visit to your stylist is much needed if you want to maintain this high upkeep yet super trendy and modern bob. The best thing about this long A-line bob is the sleekness and the subtle balayage. There is a lot to consider when deciding to go with this style texture, thickness, and time willing to spend styling it.

Her hair texture was perfect for this. This is the classic 2C to 3A. It defines the length of the hair. I used a mousse memorizer for curls, a cream activator, and gel for curly hair. After drying on the diffuser, I applied a light finishing oil to the hair. If you want a lightened hair, you have to consider the natural dryness of the curls, as they need more care.

This is a natural, lived-in, balayaged lob. My favorite thing about it is the natural effortless look yet super stylish. I recommend Dry Spun by Bumble and bumble to give the style a more textured and messy bob, along with some of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray to add some natural beachy waves and movement.

Finish off with Bumble and bumble Brilliantine to smooth the ends and add some more texture. This a-line bob is very versatile. Curly, straight and wavy textures can wear this look. It can remove bulk from heavy hair and make it appear lighter, or add fullness to finer hair. Ideally, hair with mild texture would be preferable to add volume and less maintenance. This is a great hairstyle for a girl on the go! The haircut itself is already very stylish without having to style too much and this look goes hand in hand with messy curls.

I love all bobs! My favorite thing about this precision angled bob is the crisp, dramatic angle. A lot of current bobs have a little less angle and are more shattered at the bottom. We drew our inspiration from a few futuristic films and anime characters. I love how the length in the back hugs her head and creates that beautiful shape that connects with her jawline.

To recreate this style at home, I recommend a half round boar bristle-type brush like a Mason Pearson. First, I use a pea-sized amount of Dressed Up, a blow dry cream by Hairstory.

Then, I wrap the hair back and forth around the head shape with a blow dryer on low, following closely to the brush. The wrap dry technique helps to keep the style smooth, yet full of shine and movement. This drastic of an angle is fantastic on women with longer necks because there is enough space in between the jawline and shoulders. My client pictured has very straight and dense yet fine hair, which is ideal.

This haircut is stunning with or without bangs and on naturally wavy or curly hair. I would describe this look as classy with some sass thrown in. This style is one of my very favorites in general. Short hair can still be face framing! With this bob, you are able to add a ton of volume to thin hair or take a lot of bulk and weight out of extremely thick hair. This bob is quite easy to maintain. If you have curly hair, just throw your favorite curl product in there and go! It takes so little time and looks great!

I would also recommend having the cut touched up by your stylist once every eight weeks or so to keep things looking fresh. It is ideal you have thin hair and would like to add some volume and fullness, or if you have thick bulky hair and would like to take some weight out. This is the style for you! This haircut is an A-line bob with a front fringe and a slight graduation in the back. My favorite part of this haircut is where I left the front point of the bob a little longer and softer to give it a flowing feel.

This haircut can be worn on anyone looking for a fuller look. Because of its a-line angle and graduation, it will be slimming for the face. My favorite thing about this a-line bob is how it moves with the head while walking. To maintain this bob, you definitely need to have a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to combat frizz, a leave-in conditioning cream or spray, a round brush, and a finishing oil mixed with a little pomade cream to help polish the look.

I recommend this bob for the client who wants an edgy but still sophisticated look all in one. This haircut is a classic A-line bob. This is a very practical and wearable haircut. Life is in motion and our hair should appear to do the same. The last ten minutes of all haircuts is what defines, adds character and personifies the individual.

I will play with the shape and do this with the hair dry as I am styling. More often than not, hair changes drastically when it is dry. I put a lightweight spray oil on the hair while wet to protect from heat and frizz. I like Agadir Argan oil. Next, I straightened the ends to show off the pieciness and texture. The great thing about this cut and style is that it works with all face shapes. If a guest has a rounder face, the length in the front and the appearance of the side angle absolutely flatters.

On the other hand, if a guest has a longer, more narrow shaped face, the texture and hidden layers can add width and fullness to balance out the face shape.

Lastly, I always say a haircut should be easy, low maintenance, and needs very little fussing or product. This is a fresh, flattering hairstyle that is wearable on any age!

This look is a textured a-line bob. The color is a dark brown to violet balayage, and the beach wavy curls are fun and sassy. I recommend AG Firewall for flat iron protection, Goldwell Spray Wax to spray on after curls are set in order to get a more piecey look, as well as Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder for extra texture and lift at the root area.

I truly believe any client would look great with an a-line bob. The look is very versatile and works with most face shapes. For this specific look though, she has very fine textured hair.

I would call this a softly textured bob. What I love the most about it is the texture and how it creates subtle movement, fuller appearance, and versatility to the style. I recommend a dry shampoo at the roots and texture spray for the ends.

This bob would be ideal for anyone with fine to medium hair that is not too thick and not too thin. The best part about this style is that it is very simple to blow dry and can be worn shorter or longer.

This makes it ideal for any face shape, and even for our most low maintenance clients. I would describe this style as a sleek a-line bob with movement just at the bottom, giving the cut a dramatic edge. The soft balayage highlights add dimension to the a-line bob haircut. I love the sleek finish of this bob and how nicely the colors melt together, giving it a natural seem less finish. These products protect up to degrees and help control frizz for a smooth, sleek finish.

I recommend this bob for anyone with medium to thick hair. This style will work for most face shapes. I would describe this look as a purple rooted blonde with a soft a-line cut. I love that this is not your typical splash of color.

I do a lot of purple ends on my guests, so I love that this is so different. To maintain this bob, I recommend a shampoo for color treated hair such as Minu from Davines.

A product to help with sun protection is also ideal because the sun can fade fashion tones a great deal.


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