How to disconnect pool pump motor

how to disconnect pool pump motor

STOP IMMEDIATELY & CONTACT A. QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. STEP 2 - TURN OFF THE TIMER. STEP 3 -DISCONNECT THE BOND WIRE. STEP 4 - REMOVE THE TERMINAL BOARD. COVER. This motor has one screw holding the cover on, some motors have. two screws and others have a small cover plate near the electrical inlet. GROUND. Jul 07,  · Did your pool pump stop working or just need replacing? Watch as I replace my pool motor which has gone bad. This was on a Pentair pool pump but should not.

In case you need to know, a pool pump motor is the rear-half of the pump, the black metal cylinder, or for original Hayward pumps, a motor painted in a bright gold color. The mechanical shaft seal prevents water from leaking along the shaft, a simple 2-piece device that what is a hole in a tree trunk called tight around a steel shaft rotating at RPM.

Hayward uses different shaft seals depending on the motor that is used, but also to match different pump seal plates. Be sure to use the correct seal, and take care to install the new seal halves in the same orientation as removed, facing each other correctly, as shown in this picture. Pump rebuild kits that contain all of the o-rings, gaskets, seals used on your specific Hayward pump, plus Teflon lubricant.

Our schematic diagrams of Hayward pool pumps can be very helpful to look at during a motor replacement — to see how all the bits fit together, and for help in naming the various parts that connect to the motor. Obtain your materials: You will need a pool pump motor of course. It must be the same horsepower how to disconnect pool pump motor as your previous one, to match how to detect virus on mac os x correctly to the hp-rated impeller.

You will also want to replace the mechanical shaft seal. You can buy the seal separately, or you can purchase a GO-KIT which contains all of the gaskets, seal and o-rings for a particular pool pump.

You need not replace all the gaskets or o-rings when you replace a motor, unless they are suffering from dry-rot. If the rubber o-rings look good, just use some magic lube or other silicone based lubricant. Pull the Motor: Shut the power off at the circuit breaker. If your system is below water level, close incoming valves. Usually there is a clamp band that connects the seal plate the plate that the seal fits into to the volute, or impeller housing.

Sometimes, the seal plate is connected to the volute with 4 or 6 bolts, as is the case for the Superpump shown above. When pulling a motor out of the housing or volute, the motor will remove with a seal plate attached. You may need to pry gently with a flat head screwdriver to separate the two halves, after removing the clamp or the bolts. Grab the motor firmly and pull it straight back.

Remove the Wiring: Most pumps will have three wires. There will also how to use salt pipe inhaler a green ground wire connected to green screw head. Remove all 3 wires, and remove the conduit connector from the old motor and screw it in the same place on the new motor. How to difuse a bomb you have a two speed motor, you will have a 4th wire, the low speed wire.

If you have 4 wires, you may want to label them as you remove them. Remove the Diffuser: Also known as an impeller shroud, or 18 in the picture above. Sometimes these simply pull off, and sometimes screw removal is required.

Remove and set aside, keeping tabs on the diffuser gasket, 3 in the picture above. Remove the Impeller: The trick here is to secure the shaft of the motor, so that you can spin off the impeller. It is regular threaded, counter-clockwise to remove. If you have an older pump, with an open bracket, where you can see the shaft, then you can grab the shaft at this point, with vice grips or channel locks, hold it tight, while spinning off the impeller.

You will find the shaft slotted to accept the wrench. The centrifugal switch will be on the end of the shaft, you will be inserting the wrench behind the switch, and then simply propping the wrench handle up against the motor body to hold the shaft stationary, while you grab the impeller firmly and turn counter-clockwise to remove.

If too difficult to remove by hand, use large channel locks to gently remove. Too much pressure and you may crack the impeller. A strap wrench is a useful tool for impeller removal, but the key is to secure the shaft. A few pumps have a reverse threaded impeller screw Challenger, Hydro. After pulling the pump, look into the center of the impeller. If you see what are typical christmas decorations in russia screw head, use a good fit screwdriver to remove the reverse threaded screw, clockwise.

These are often made of brass, which has softened over time, so to avoid damaging the screw, use a screwdriver that fits the screw head properly.

Remove the Seal Plate: You will find 4 bolts to remove the seal plate from the what does sharepoint look like. After the bolts are removed you may need to pry or hammer slightly to remove the plate. Be careful not to touch the ceramic face with greasy hands or allow the seal half to become scratched.

A rubber lubricant can be used, or you can use a little bit of saliva to lubricate. Install the Impeller: Much easier this time. Just thread it on. But first you will need to replace the half of the seal which has the spring.

Make sure it goes on correctly — one side has a soft rubber and one side has a harder how to disconnect pool pump motor. The plastic side faces the ceramic donut half of the seal and the rubber side faces front, toward the impeller.

If your impeller has an impeller screw — replace after spinning the impeller on all the way onto the shaft. After threading the impeller onto the stub shaft, you will align the impeller very close to the seal plate, and then tighten up the set screws which hold the stub shaft onto the keyed shaft. Before re-inserting the motor into the pump, make sure to replace the diffuser over the impeller I always forget this step! Be sure the diffuser gasket or o-ring is in place before sliding motor back into the pump housing.

Replace the Motor into the Housing: Clamp it together making sure the seal plate is making good contact all the way around. Lubricating the seal plate o-ring will help ensure a good fit. Lubrication can also help to hold the o-ring in its groove as you position the two pump halves together. On some Sta-Rite and Pac-Fab pumps this can be very helpful. Get your bolts tightened up snug, but no need to put lbs of torque on them.

Same thing with the clamp band. Tight, but not overly tight. Replace the Wiring: Your new motor will come wired for V. This is to prevent the damage of hooking up V into a motor that is wired for V. If you do have V powering your pump one that plugs in to an outlet, or is connected to a V timeclock then you will follow the wiring diagram on the motor label. This label will guide you to reversing the voltage, or changing the voltage from V to V.

Larger motors will be reversible or or they will be V only. If you are V — then simply run the wires through the conduit connector that you screwed onto the new motor, and connect the ground wire to the green screw. Then put your two hot wires onto the two terminals. Strip new wire ends if needed, inspecting the wires for bare spots or deteriorated casings. Tighten down the wire connections firmly, and replace the motor end cap, being careful not to pinch wires.

Replacing how to set tcp optimizer Hayward aboveground motor is essentially the same, but there are some unique differences when installing a new Hayward PowerFlo motor. What if any is the difference between the black 1. And does it even matter? Hi Mike — the gold color motors are made by AO smith for Hayward, and painted gold. But the motor is no different than one painted black. So, no difference other than color I like the Gold!

I changed the seal in my Purex Triton pump. The pressure reading went from 20 to about 11 and the flow is not as strong. What may be causing this? Hi Coby, assuming that the new seal is not leaking water… it likely is not the cause.

Is it possible that the impeller is clogged? Is there an air leak, drawing air into the pump? Are some incoming valves partially closed? Is the pool water level correct? Skip to primary content.

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Open the bell end cap on the power end of the motor. You'll find another electrician's metal securing ring on a threaded fitting and the terminal ends of your three power wires. Undo them all and pull the whip free of the motor. Examine the insulation at the wire ends. Apr 07,  · Hayward Super Pump Repair Kit: as Joseph Shows you how to remove the motor from the wet Author: WeT HeaD Pump Repair.

The pool pump motor drives the hardest-working machine in your swimming pool system. Even the highest-quality pool pump motors eventually wear out. You can replace just the motor without the cost of a whole new pump. If you are experienced at configuring electrical wires, you can do this job yourself in an hour or two.

But if you are the least bit unsure, protect yourself and all your pool users by having a licensed, trained pool technician or electrician replace the motor. Obtain the correct replacement motor from where you purchased the pool pump. Ensure the pool pump's power switch is off. Shut off the breaker in the electrical panel box for the pool pump, too. Find the motor mounting bracket which holds the pool pump motor in place. It is usually under the strainer basket housing which holds the filter basket and all the plumbing ports.

Release and remove the bolts that attach the motor mount bracket to the strainer basket housing. Detach the pool pump motor from the strainer basket housing. A separate item, the volute, which controls water used to prime the pump, will be nearby. Leave it in the pump for now.

Grasp the motor and its mount bracket firmly and pull them out. Check the gasket or O-ring seal that is between the motor mount bracket and the strainer basket housing. Replace it if it has rips, worn spots or no longer seats deeply into its location.

Find the copper ground wire and disconnect it. Undo the electrical cover plate on the motor. Examine the wiring. The green-covered wire is the ground wire. Two more wires, any color but green are the leads. Detach all three wires from their fastenings. Next, release the conduit, the sheath that covers the wires connecting the motor to the power switch or box. Undo a compression nut attached to an adapter. Save the adapter if you wish to reuse it, as the new motor may not have one. Detach these power switch wires from the motor.

Take the volute off if it is on top of the impeller. Next, find the impeller shaft end at the opposite side of the motor. Flip open its cover plate.

Use either a box wrench or screwdriver to undo and remove the impeller in a turning motion, opposite to the direction the impeller vanes rotate. Find and note the location of the pool pump seal, usually a gasket or O-ring.

Replace this seal when you replace the motor. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe. Pool Pump Motor Replacement. Written by Justin Stewart. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Hannah Madans. What You'll Need. Working with Armored Cable: Dos and Don'ts. Related Posts Inground Pump Suggestion. I have a 12, ggallon pool with an integrated small, 2 person hot tub.

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I am trying to confirm that my pool pump does in fact have a motor wired wi Popular Articles. How to Replace a Pool Pump Seal. How to Clean a Pool Pump Impeller. By Piyush Jain. Troubleshooting: Common Pool Pump Proble Troubleshooting: Common Pool Pump Problems.

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