How to describe your appearance

how to describe your appearance

List of Descriptive Words for Appearance

Apr 15, †Ј Describing physical appearance is one of the common topics that you will study since the topic is found in the most used textbooks. In order to describe physical appearance in English, you need to manage these: Physical Appearance. Simple Present. Present Continuous / Past Continuous. For . Tips for Describing a CharacterТs Appearance in a Story. DonТt Make Everyone a Supermodel. This is probably one of the most (if not the most) important things to remember when describing a character. You DonТt Dump Everything Out at Once. DonТt Sell Them Short. Use Their Personality. Use the.

In this lesson you will find everything that you need to know to describe your own physical appearance and the appearance of others. Physical characteristics are defining traits or features about your body. These are aspects that are visually apparent, knowing nothing else about the person. The first thing you see when you look at someone could be their hair, clothes, nose, or figure.

These are all examples of physical characteristics. Describing physical appearance is one of the common topics that you will study since the topic is found in the most used English textbooks. In order to describe physical appearance in English, you need to manage each one of the sub-topics well. Whether the description is accurate people might take it the wrong way when referring to the height, body shape or size. We have to be really careful when the examples that we use, sometimes people learning a language might use words such as ugly, fat, chubby with the sole intent to offend or make fun of people and classmates.

This is key vocabulary to describe physical appearance divided into the most important categories:. This tp a dialogue about people describing people physical appearance using some of the vocabulary and structures used above.

These are several pre-task activities, choose the one that you consider appropiate for the how to play g sharp minor of your students and time constraints.

If you want students to produce, create a Powerpoint Presentation and add pictures of celebrities such how to describe your appearance famous musicianssingers and other artists. Try to include celebrities that they like so they enjoy the task even more. Take xppearance following considerations:. Ask the students to describe the people in the slides, make sure they give at least three characteristics so they use most of the vocabulary you taught.

I have been describr English for more than 8 years and I like sharing what I know with others.

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You use your eyes to see the world, but you are not your eyes. They are merely an instrument. You use your ears to hear, your legs to walk You get the point. Those are all the instruments you use. So, having a body is very useful. And your soul is certainly connected deeply with it. This is list of adjectives to describe a personТs appearance: beautiful (My younger sister is very beautiful.) handsome (HeТs the most handsome man IТve ever met.) cute (ThatТs a cute little baby.) thin (She was looking pale and thin.) tall (SheТs tall and thin.) chubby (She was eleven years old and. Describing Your Appearance in an Interview. When you are preparing for a job interview, your appearance should be a top priority. Plan your outfit at least a day before your interview. If you need to make alterations to your suit, you will have time to make changes or even change your .

I mean, really describe them, so that I could have a clear image in my head of what they look like Ч things like body shape, age, hair, etc.? Obese It means very overweight. Sometimes it can be quite dangerous Е. Stout Maybe slightly fat but strong or solid looking. Usually quite short. We also use this adjective as a euphemism a way of saying something negative indirectly. It means they have a lot of loose fat or skin that kind of shakes and wobbles when they move around.

Have you been working out? Slight You know those people who are so thin that it looks like they might break into pieces if they fall down?

Beefy Someone with a lot of muscles. This is informal and usually used for men. Buff In good physical shape. Probably with visible muscle action going on. Pretty Not as strong as beautiful, but still positive. Usually used for women and my cat. Stunning Extremely attractive. What are you? One of the things that really makes us look different from each other is that weird stuff that grows on the top of our heads: our hair!

Curly Like this:. Wavy More like this:. Straight Last one:. I kept falling on it. Very annoying. You know those unrealistically shiny people with unrealistically shiny teeth and unrealistically shiny hair on shampoo adverts? Thirtyish About thirty. Young You know this, right? But when do you stop being young? This is quite subjective I guess. Hard to tell. In his early 40s OK.

He just quit. I thought she was in her fifties! Spotty You know those red spots many unfortunate teenagers get on their face? Pierced We usually use this word to describe someone who has a noticeably large number of piercings. Hairy Lots of hair! Even on the back and the back of the hands! I love the pictures and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much! I wish I had got an English teacher like you when I was a student. Can it also be asked about appearance?

I am making an art piece, and I needed a ton of negative thoughts and comments, thanks for the help, and good adjectives. Great resource! Clark, I sort of lost my wit. Do you have any clues as to how to get my wits back? I get a lot of information, now I could easily tell about the appearance of anyone using such words. Thanks alot. Thank you so much for making this clear to me. Those illustrations were funny. You made this so much funЧand reminded me I gotta own my hair loss.

Skip to content. Adjectives for Body Shapes OK. Sometimes it can be quite dangerous Е Е like this guy. Stocky Short with a wide body. Paunchy You know how some men gain weight? Chubby A little bit fat.

Slightly overweight. But only a bit. Think about cherubs. Sometimes, it describes a woman with a thin waist and wide hips. So someone might have flabby arms or a flabby stomach. But in an awkward kind of way. Skinny Very thin, possibly too thin. Try to push him over. Burly Strong, heavy. Like a warrior. Or an ox. But a guy. Well-built Big. And happy to show it off, probably.

I think I would. They move around looking uncomfortable. When they sit down, they look uncomfortable and awkward. The opposite of standing up straight. Pigeon-toed Standing with your feet facing each other, like this: Adjectives for Attractiveness We have a lot of positive words for attractiveness. But look! Only three negative ones. I think that says a lot of good things about humans. Other Words for Beautiful Attractive Nice to look at. More masculine and manly.

Cute We actually often use this for things like kittens. Plain This is another euphemism. Just Е boring Е plain Е even forgettable. Adjectives for Hair One of the things that really makes us look different from each other is that weird stuff that grows on the top of our heads: our hair! I mean, really think about it. Adjectives for Hair Length Bald No hair at all.

Deal with it! So short that you almost look bald. But this time by choice. Because you shaved it off. But you will be soon! We can also have waist-length hair and even knee-length hair. You know, that sticky stuff that you can use to style your hair. Slicked-back When you use gel or oil to comb your hair back. Spiky When your hair is gelled up into spikes. Easy to draw.

Well, no problem Ч go out, buy some dye and dye your hair. You can have dyed green hair, dyed red hair or just dyed black hair. And why not? Bleached Or maybe you want something brighter?


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