How to crochet a pillow case

how to crochet a pillow case

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Apr 16,  · These crochet patterns are stylish, functional and designed with love. Garments, blankets and accessories plus more! I know that some people prefer to have there sleeves tapered so I added that option just in case! You can watch the full video where I walk you through making the pillow . Free Crochet Throw Pillow Pattern from Crafty Tuts. 06 of Sweetpea Slouch Crochet Hat. This crochet clutch pattern can be used as an everyday bag or as a case for sunglasses, crochet hooks, and other small items. Sergel Clutch from Hooked by Anna. 20 of Crochet Sandals.

Toggle navigation. The Whimsy Satchel is definitely a new favorite of mine! It also works up super quickly! This is a sturdy bulky weight yarn. The Whimsy Crocjet is worked almost entirely in one piece. You will start in the center of the front flap and make your half circle in rows. How to make ribbon sculptures free front flap, top, back, bottom and front panel are all worked in one piece.

The strap and sides are worked in one piece as well and then everything is sewn together. Make sure you check out the available photos if you get dase Continue reading PatternsVideo Tutorials. Coming at ya what happens to cardboard when it is recycled the first weekend of spring… The Bonfire Beach Hoodie!

You might be thinking that this design looks a little bit familiar. I use the same stitches and the cade basic construction for this top. I left side slits on my Bonfire Beach Hoodie but you can easily sew those up when making your top if you would rather not have them! You can find this pattern as a full video tutorial on my YouTube channel as well! It is split into 4 parts and walks you through the entire pattern.

Description: The Bonfire Beach Hoodie is perfect to throw on during a warm summer day. It uses Hdc throughout for an easy make. The slightly oversized boxy fit makes it extra comfy to wear all day. Is it Spring yet? I am so what can cause oral thrush in adults for warm weather! First up is The Wild Bloom Cardigan! The Wild Bloom Cardigan is a fun oversized cardigan with a lace type stitch.

I also was so excited to make it because it has short sleeves! No sleeve island over here! You need worsted weight yarn for this cardigan. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease which has some really nice color options.

And of course, I made a YouTube video tutorial to go along with this pattern! If you are confused at any point or more of just a visual learner please check out the video. The Pemberley Pullover is a super fun make and goes with just about anything! Ccrochet used one of my favorite worsted weight yarns for this one- Lion Brand Heartland! There are lots of colors to choose from and the yarn is super soft and easy to work with.

The Pemberley Pullover features a v-neck and ribbing at the cuffs and hem. I wrote the pattern to have plenty of positive ease so it fits with a boxy, slightly oversized look!

You can easily add or take away length in this sweater by adding or removing rows. Be sure to check the notes section on this topic! This is a pretty simple pullover pattern that I think even a beginner could do it.

You will be working your front and back panel from the bottom up. The sleeves are worked bottom down. I made an full video tutorial on this pullover so if you ever get stuck please check it out! I walk you through step by step on how to make the sweater so please refer to the tutorial if you want a visual! If you like this sweater be sure to check out some of my other ones here! I knew that I wanted to design something using the color and thought it would be so pretty as a blanket!

I thought it was so perfect! All you have to do is tie a knot every time you change yarn colors. You will crochet an easy trim around the border of the blanket working directly over the ends! That means you have only a few to weave in! Handy, right?

I also realllly want to see this blanket made in black and white! How pretty would that be? If you purchase the Lion Brand kit you can customize your color choices! If you happen to make one in black and white be sure to tag me on social media so I can see! I even made a full video tutorial for this blanket so be sure to check it out how to crochet a pillow case you need help! Both of them use homespun yarn but have a completely different look to them.

The Snowcap Cardigan is also boxier, oversized and cropped compared to the slimmer and longer Coffeeshop Cardigan! Are you scared of Homespun pillo Never fear!! I have a whole video what are the symptoms of a fractured foot walking you through this pattern. I use a larger crochet hook in this pattern which helps while working with this yarn.

Not only that but I use easy stitches throughout and minimal shaping! Hot tip- FEEL your stitches instead of trying to see them!!

When I saw a striped blanket at target with a similar color palette I knew I had to get my hands on some yarn and make something with it! It has no shaping and minimal seaming. I decided to add in some optional shaping only at the forearms.

I know that some people prefer to have there sleeves tapered so I added that option just in case! This will help cut down on the ends you need to weave in. Another tip is when you are crocheting the trim, that you crochet directly over the ends of yarn. This way you can skip the weaving process. I would much rather be cozied up under a what is 185 cm in height blanket instead of fighting the crowds to pillo my shopping done haha!

I made the perfect blanket to do just that- The Fitzwilliam Throw Blanket! Both of these were the perfect combo to whip this up in record time. I think I worked on it on and off for only a few nights! The super soft and fine yarn was perfect for the Midnight Dunes Set! The colors reminded me of a nautical east coast chilly beach feel. I asked my followers on Instagram what they thought a good name would be and someone suggested The Midnight Dunes set! A really fitting name in my opinion! This set is great for q advanced crocheh.

Maybe you already have the basics down and want to try out something a bit how to crochet a pillow case challenging then scroll q down! You will be doing some color work and fun stitches. Jow if your still new to crocheting you can follow right along! You can find the beanie video here and the mitt video here!

I know that the normal fur yarn can be super intimidating because it can be hard to see your stitches! Luckily, I have a solution for you! The off the hook yarn hpw little loops all along the strand. You take these loops and pull another loop through to create your stitch. I wanted to have a super dase tutorial so you guys could get a feel for it.

You can watch the full video where I walk you through making the pillow step by step! All rights reverved. Subscribe to our newsletter! Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Don't miss out! Be the first to know about free patterns and tutorials! Newsletter Signup.

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Crochet Elephant Cushion Pattern. What a gorgeous Crochet Elephant Pillow this is and there is a reason that it has been hugely popular on our site. Get The Pattern Here; Crochet Elephant Toy. via Etsy Get The Crochet Pattern Here; Amigurumi Elephant And Balloon. via Etsy This Crochet Elephant is a best selling pattern and it’s easy to see why. This DIY crochet Easter bunny garland is an easy and cute Easter craft! Make a DIY crochet Easter bunny garland to decorate your home for Easter or as Easter gift for a loved one! ??. This cute crochet Easter bunny garland was inspired by a pin on pinterest. But I couldn’t find the tutorial for the crochet .

Croby Patterns. If you're a beginner crocheter , you have plenty of options when it comes to your first few projects. There's no need to stick to granny squares or simple scarves. If you're an expert crocheter looking to test your advanced skills, there's an equally impressive array of free pattern options. Scroll through the variety in these 23 crochet patterns to see what catches your eye and skill level. If you already know how to crochet, dive right into this advanced and unique crochet project This crochet blanket with its contemporary design uses the unique technique of interlocking crochet to create woven and knit-like squares.

Use basic crochet stitches and less than one skein of yarn to create a plant holder in any size for a pot in your garden. This free crochet pattern incorporates single crochet , half double crochet, and post stitches for a sturdy, durable design. A beginner should be able to craft this simple, flexible pattern. Regardless of your skill level, amigurumi items can be fun to make with their colorful whimsy and playfulness. Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting adorable, kid-friendly stuffed yarn creatures.

This sweet crochet snail is topped with ice cream so it looks like a banana split. Add a pop of color to your home with this free crochet wall hanging pattern.

Choose a chunky tree branch, piece of driftwood, or a dowel to hang your creation. The crochet bobble stitch is an intermediate stitch that brings texture to the same-color design. The tassels at the bottom provide artistic fringe. A little bit of fringe goes a long way towards making a crochet pattern pop with style. This pillow adds the fringe into the center of the design, instead of typically adding it onto the corners or around the edge, which makes it a fun contemporary decor item.

This crochet slouch hat incorporates two unique advanced crochet stitches: the star stitch and the camel stitch. The camel stitch divides the repeat of the star stitch, which helps with counting out the repeat and adds interest to the design.

Sweetpea Slouch from EmmeClaire Crochet. This crochet baby project is a beautiful one-skein ombre blue blanket inspired by the colors in a midnight sky. The blanket uses a unique stitch pattern combined with simple crochet stitches, post stitches, and strategic "skip" spaces. The same design is used in the designer's Midnight Crochet Shawl , another smart pattern. Midnight Walk Blanket from Pysselofix.

Beginners can practice the chain stitch and treble crochet stitch with this easy pattern. Crochet fingerless gloves are a useful and stylish gift to make in fall and winter for that one friend of yours that can't seem to put their phone down.

Fingerless Gloves from The Spruce. This simple crochet bag is made up of two larges circles that are joined together at the bottom with a strip of extra crochet. This modern crochet circle bag has depth, density, and the ability to tote around all sorts of stuff season after season.

Sonoma Circle Bag from 1 Dog Woof. This is a one-skein self-striping crochet scarf worked almost entirely in double crochet.

Strategic spacing creates the design element of arrows that gives the piece added texture. This beginner crochet pattern costs a nominal amount to download. Sock yarn is a lightweight yarn that often has a little bit of stretch. It's an enjoyable yarn to work with and you can make many items with it, but of course, it's designed with socks in mind. This is an adult crochet socks pattern in five sizes, made using single crochet and half double crochet stitches.

Crochet lets you get creative with making crochet blankets that aren't the usual square or rectangular shape. This pattern makes a blanket or bedspread and it's made with blanket strips to create the unusual design. Nostromo from Gabreilla Barriere , Ravelry. Use crochet to create the look of flannel plaid with this cowl or triangle scarf pattern. It's all about changing colors at the right time in a project.

It's cozy because it's made with soft, bulky yarn. Plaid Triangle Cowl from Whistle and Ivy. Overlay crochet using front post stitches to create cables is an advanced technique for beginners to aspire to learn. This blanket is made with twenty Celtic-Knot-inspired tone-on-tone squares. It's as warm and cozy as a sweater. Even a simple crochet pattern becomes special with the added touch of multicolored tassels hung on the corners.

This baby blanket is a classic crochet granny square worked in a neutral color. At the edges, three rounds of surface slip stitch are added to create pops of color. If you're up for a challenge, the construction on these crochet fingerless gloves might take you a try or two to figure out.

The mitts begin in the corner, increase to a point, and then are worked in the round. From afar, these delicate crochet earrings look like diamond-shaped pieces of turquoise. Learn how to use basic stitches to crochet these diamond shapes in embroidery thread. Add simple hooks for the earrings. Make a pair in every color to match all your outfits. Diamond Earrings from Wildbomman. This intricate crochet mandala was designed with love and care, in honor of a woman's battle with cancer.

The colors and stitches are filled with hope, making it a pleasure to craft this for yourself or to bring joy to someone else's day. Simple crochet stitches can make very bold statements when color changes are implemented to create graphic designs.

This crochet clutch pattern can be used as an everyday bag or as a case for sunglasses, crochet hooks, and other small items. Sergel Clutch from Hooked by Anna. Go above and beyond a basic crochet pattern and create footwear.

They are sturdy because they're crafted upon the base of old flip flops. Beading and ankle laces make it seem like you found these beauties on your last beach vacation. These aren't your everyday patches. The same crochet pattern used in the crocheted sandals can be adapted to work as a patch to upgrade and fix holes in your worn jeans.

It's an elegant way to get more mileage from your jeans. A Canadian maple leaf pattern is perfect to make as a tree ornament gift, or for use in an autumn craft project. Though it's a simple project, it manages to incorporate all the basic stitches, including chain, slip, single, and half double.

You'll also learn to decrease to create the shape. This pattern combines large and small crochet shells with filet-style crochet squares for an eye-catching design. This challenging pattern for advanced crocheters is crafted with crochet thread.

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List of Partners vendors. Wacky Squares Blanket. Easy Crochet Plant Hanger. Amigurumi Sundae Snail. Chunky Crochet Wall Hanging. Continue to 5 of 23 below. Fringed Crochet Throw Pillow. Sweetpea Slouch Crochet Hat. Midnight Walk Crochet Blanket. Easy Treble Crochet Fingerless Gloves.

Continue to 9 of 23 below. Crochet Circle Bag. Crochet Skinny Scarf. Caribbean Confetti Crochet Socks.


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