How to build a fridge smoker

how to build a fridge smoker

How to Turn an Old Fridge Into a Cold Smoker

Sep 09,  · Now turning an old fridge into a smoker doesn’t have a single step-by-step guide. This conversion project would depend on the kind of fridge that you have and the materials available to you. If you have a limited budget, you can build your old fridge smoker . The 'conventional' smokers out there hold 2 chickens maybe 3, unless you get the deluxe smoker for $ that holds Fuuey! Make your own:) From start to finish this cost us $ total, including the fridge. This cute bad boy does about 15 chickens at once, and has area to smoker an entire deer for jerky and hang large sausages and bacon.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to build a fridge smoker. Well Im getting a International Harvester Steel fridge in great shape. In fact it still works for cooling. HA But id like to make it a smoker for deer sticks and sausage. Ive searched on here but havent found a lot of info. Also what are your suggestions hpw if I should go with a cold smoker or hot smoker?

Id prefer electric control. Also where can I purchase the parts needed? How many horsey's does that international harvester fridge have? HaHa I thought they only make tractors??????? I did mine with a side fire box, my brother did his with an electric element and a thermostat controller from Grainger. A kitchen range which is often free has all the parts you need, use the baking element, and oven control. What type door gasket does the fridge have--if how much did it cost to make the movie salt rubber you likely will want to replace that with a rope like gasket often obtainable from the oven door fo a kitchen range, some have a tube of cloth with a spring inside--they work good What is the inside of the door on the fridge made of?

Fiberglass or metal? Are you planning on adding additional how to build a fridge smoker How about a vent? SMF Premier Member. Mine is an old Kenmore freezer, I put a electric replacement element for a Brinkmann in for heat source.

I use an thermostat control that I got from Allied-Kenco. It is pricey but basically a plug and play unit. I have a seperate smoke generator that is an old printer cabinet with a hotplate and stainless steel dog dish.

This gets piped in to the smoker. I have also just added a Smoke Daddy style generator how to build a fridge smoker well, I'm still tweaking it. The photos are the original incarnation. It's different now. I've also added fire brick to the bottom and am making a perforated sheet metal diffuser plate. Mulepackin, I am looking to build a similar unit to the one that you have. I am trying to figure out how to make a unit that i can concievably hot and cold smoke with.

Is your smoker capable of doing both?? Originally, I was going to just get a PID and a brinkman element and be done with it, but the more that i thought about it, as the element gets closer to temperature how to build a fridge smoker a PID, would i still have the necessary heat to keep dridge chips smoking??

I just don't know. Also, would i be able to do a cold smoke and maintain a low temperature with a PID with the element and the smoldering chips adding heat to the system?? I guess i thought that an offset firebox with a properly vented box would allow me to maintain the heat in the smoke chamber with the PID without adding much heat from the smoldering chips.

Is this the case?? What do you use your smoker for first of all?? My smoker is primarily for sausage and cured products. I also do jerky, cured turkeys and chickens and plan on bacon and hams. I have done some brisket and ribs on it as well, although I am from the charcoal wood camp when it comes to BBQ. My smoker will do hot and cold smokes very well, but that wasn't my goal when I built it. It is designed so that once I put something inside the meat chamber, I don't have to open it again until it reaches the proper internal temperature.

The "cooking" portion, or the actual freezer has the thermo controlled Brinkmann element. The smoke is generated in a separate box alongside. I just changed from the Little Chief box to a metal printer cabinet. Inside that is a watt hot plate upon which I place a stainless steel pan dog dish of sawdust or chips, the smoke is piped into the freezer. I also buold added a Smoke Daddy type generator for smoke as well. So fridte goal was to keep smoking heat and cooking heat sources seperate to prevent heat loss, but it will work beautifully for cold smokes, since the heat required for smoke generation is physically removed from the freezer.

Here are some of it's latest pics, as well as a link to the Allied-Kenco thermo. I have a used 16 gal oil drum that I will clean up, cut down to make a smoke box out of using an electric hot plate and saw dust pan or chip box, also going to put a hot plate in the bottom of the refrigerator for a heat source.

With near future plans of adding a how to record screen video on mac with sound controller to it, as soon as I find a old oven to use the controller out of or save enough money to buy one.

Hi Mulepackin, I see that you have a smoke daddy on the side of your smoker. Is the purpose of that primarily sjoker cold smoking?? Would it work to have that as the only source for your smoke?? I am not familiar with the smoke daddies or how they who or what is god othere than they say you can light the chips without soaking and get hours of smoke out of them, byild they said the big kahuna smoke daddy can maintain a good smoke in a fridge sized smoker.

My question is would the smoke daddy be a decent option for cold AND hot smoking given the fact that the temperatures are maintained by the internal element in the smoker??

I really like your setup, but i don't understand the need for two smoke sources. Please let me know when you get a minute. My smoker is very similar to Mulepackin's but i used a thermo from an old deli soup warmer to controll my brinkmann element. Works very well for cured sausage and hams. Very good temp controll for low heat cooking. I have never seen the smoke daddy smoke generators before but they look pretty awesome. I was wondering how to use sunscreen cream anyone has ideas for adding convection fans to the smoker?

Or steam to increase water retention. My Smoke Daddy type generator is really an experiment, and work in progress right now. The small box is the main smoke generator. Inside it is a how to make baked parmesan crusted chicken plate, upon which the stainless steel pan of chips or sawdust sits.

The smoke is passivley ducted into the freezer. But as I stated above, how to hand painted wine glasses setup is ideal for cold smoking exactly because my heat sources are seperated. If you chose to go only with a smoke hod type deal, it should work well for that. My issue right now is that I'm not happy with the quality of smoke it produces, kind of a stale nasty stuff, not sweet and aromatic as it should be. So I'm tweaking my process with it, trying different fuel combos and air controll.

I didn't really need two smoke sources, just trying them both. I thought I needed more smoke at one time, but I think I overcame that problem with a different tack. Ty, I have in my opinion built a very nice fridge smoker that performs smokeer well. It is a smoker that was built with a lot ho help here.

Mulepackin, Mordach and walleye1 among others that I don't want to leave out but can't remember. Their contributions will be on the thread. It is called start of a fridge conversion by me builder I have documented the build so you will be able to order any of ssmoker things you may like.

It has been used about 40 times now and has seen hundreds of pounds of product, which none have even been close to being overcooked due to the pid for time and temp control. Any questions you have I'd be glad to frudge. I wish I knew how to put a link here, maybe one of the moderators will smokdr.

Good luck, Ron. I think if you do a reply message and click on this icon in the tool bar you can insert your link. My father vridge law and I buiod building our own fridge smoker.

From Fridge to Smoke Cabinet: An Overview

Jun 21,  · Important Safety Information Before You Start Step 1: Clean the Fridge The fridge I used had been outside for some time and had become a bit well green on Step 2: Choose Where You Want Your Shelves My aim was to create a smoke cabinet that . Aug 10,  · It is a smoker that was built with a lot of help here. Mulepackin, Mordach and walleye1 among others that I don't want to leave out but can't remember. Their contributions will be on the thread. It is called start of a fridge conversion by me builder I have documented the build so you will be able to order any of the things you may like.

Just when you thought your old refrigerator had run its course, you realize that you can use it to build yet another appliance-a cold smoker! Want to learn how to turn a refrigerator into a cold smoker at home? Secondly, this a simple DIY project you can do at home. All you need is an old refrigerator, some charcoal, wood chips, drill, old pipe, metal bucket, source of power and you can build your cold smoker! Why consider cold smoking?

There are multiple methods to smoke your food well. While most people are very much familiar with hot smoking and smokers, cold smoking is certainly a skill to master. As such, they are perfect at effectively smoldering wood at the required low temperatures needed to either dry, flavor, preserve your meat, and keep bacteria growth down. Besides, when it comes to using a refrigerator you have more options. But for best results, build a cold smoker using an old fridge.

In actual fact, the older your refrigerator is, the better the cold smoking process. Or, you can go ahead and buy a used refrigerator for the job.

Older refrigerators have less plastic and a metal interior compared to newer models. So, think about that the next time you want to throw out your old fridge! The methods are more or less the same but do have a few differences. Simply pick the best one for you. In this video you can see what you can expect as final outcome. The first thing you must do is clean the refrigerator.

You can do so using warm soapy water and a hosepipe. Leave it to air dry for a few hours. Next, you must remove the different food compartments that are found in the refrigerator. The idea is to create more space in your smoker to place your meat. The point of this exercise is to avoid excess heat from forming at the bottom of your refrigerator. The next step is to drill a few holes into the refrigerator. Drill one hole right at the top to build a chimney which will serve as a vent allowing smoke to escape.

Note that you can control the amount of air that flows via this vent by simply covering with a brick when necessary. Drill two or three more holes on the sides of the refrigerator which will allow air into the main chamber during the smoking process.

But this exercise needs to be done outside of your home because a lot of smoke will be produced in the process. Make sure you place your fridge far away from your home entrance as possible. To season your smoker, follow these stages:. Now for the second method to build your cold smoker. After creating space inside your refrigerator, you must drill a hole at the top of the fridge to build a chimney. This allows smoke to leave the cold smoker during the smoking process.

This method seeks to aid the flow of smoke into the fridge and also acts as a smoke generator. To achieve this you must place a metal bucket next to the refrigerator.

Make sure that the bucket has a tight-fitting lid and it must also be positioned a little lower than the fridge for effective airflow. This allows smoke to flow towards the direction of the refrigerator. Next, you must drill a hole in the side of the refrigerator close to the bottom. After which you place a 3mm diameter pipe inside the hole. Connect the pipe from the refrigerator and the bucket and seal the connection with silicone sealant. Leave it to dry for a few hours.

The last step is to place an electric hot plate inside the bucket, run the cord outside of the hole, and close with the lid.

This will serve as the power source. And your cold smoker is ready! Place your meat and start smoking. You can use an electric heat source like a microwave. Clean your refrigerator and follow these steps. Decide where you want to place your shelves inside the cold smoker. This will depend on how you intend to place the food during the smoking process. Mark the places you intend on placing the shelves. Next, you attach your shelves.

Make sure that you align them properly and the do not prevent the the door from closing properly. By now, your refrigerator should now resemble something that looks like a smoker cabinet. You can proceed to build a chimney which will act as an air vent. An old pipe should suffice. Next, you drill a hole at the top of the refrigerator. This top vent will act as a chimney. You can remove some of the insulation on the refrigerator to make the drilling process easier.

After drilling the hole, go ahead and fit your pipe. The pipe should hang slightly inside the refrigerator-approximately between 2 and 4mm. The idea is to leave enough room to place sealant around the pipe. Paint the pipe so that it lasts longer thanks to the protective coat of paint. After which you can proceed to apply sealant around the pipe to cover the holes.

This is to ensure that any pesky bugs are kept out. The next step is to fireproof the bottom of your refrigerator to prevent excess heat formation. To do this you can line the bottom of the refrigerator with sheets made of steel. Place your source of heat.

Placing a thermometer inside the cold smoker cabinet allows you to do so. Ideally, you want to place two thermometers: one just above the smoker generator and the other one just above the center rack where your food will be positioned.

Make sure you purchase high-quality thermometers that are designed to last long. To get an accurate temperature reading, be sure to insulate the thermometers. Feel free to trim the corks so that the thermometer fits securely inside. The short answer is yes, you can build a cold smoker with a working fridge as previously alluded to. Some people prefer using a working refrigerator to build a cold smoker. In this case, not only does it work as a cold smoker but also keeps the contents of the refrigerator cool.

The only issue here is that temperatures produced by a working refrigerator are likely to go beyond the recommended cold smoking temperatures. For effective cold smoking, temperatures should be between 80 and degrees. However, with a working refrigerator, they may go as high as degrees. You simply need to cook the food immediately after smoking. There you have it: all the different methods you can use to build your very own cold smoker using an old refrigerator.

No need to purchase a hot smoker, follow our tips, and build a cold smoker in the comfort of your home. If you look for easier ways to build your cold smoker, check this article. For best results, start by curating the food before the smoking process to preserve your food for longer. With that said, are you ready to build your cold smoker? BBQ Starts Here is supported by its readers. We may earn a commission when you buy through the links on our site at no additional cost for you.

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