How to block incoming calls on boost mobile

how to block incoming calls on boost mobile

How Can I View My Boost Mobile Phone Incoming Calls Online?

?·?Unfortunately, calls cannot be blocked at the network level on Boost. However, many devices have features to set up call block like rules. For example - some models allow the user to create a 'reject list'. Android users also have the ability to download applications through Google Play or the App Store that offer the ability to block incoming ?·?It’s irritating to have our busy days unnecessarily interrupted by pesky robotic callers. Fortunately for Boost Mobile customers, CallWatch, a call and text blocking service is available. For only $2/mo Boost Mobile customers will receive real-time alerts on all doubtful and unwanted incoming calls and text

Can u help me I need to block this number from calls and text messages can u help the number I want to block is Go to Solution. Not aware of it being able to be done from a network level, but there are handsets out there where you can add numbers you don't wish to be contacted from.

The other option is you changing your number. Probably not what you really want to hear View solution in original post. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other. Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow what can an mri scan show up your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Did you mean:. Go to solution. Block a number from calls and text. Number removed to protect your privacy. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. Community Founder. Re: Block a number from calls and text. Hi Maggie Not aware of it being able to be done from a network level, but there are handsets out there where you can add numbers you don't wish to be contacted from.

Of course if it's threatening behaviour, you should report this to Police. Boost Care: or Rookie LVL Really need some help I'm getting this ignoring text from area codes from,and receiving Pinger. Personally, I would change numbers. That old number has obviously been compromised. STOP reply to the number "stop" without the quotes. You should receive a response from pinger stating do you really want to stop receiving messages. Reply with Y or Yes.

Whichever it says in the message Yes I have three phone numbers. How do I block numbers from what does me estas tentando mean me with a boost mobile android? Send a text to Put the word Block and their number in it so it looks like : Block Done.

If you were to block the number is there any way to unblock it?

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?·?Many customers that have boost mobile have asked me what can they do due to unwanted calls. Boost Mobile has this great app called Call Watch for only $2 a month they give you the optiion to block calls, send them to voice mail, look up numbers and even color code unwanted calls. ?·?Re: Block a number from calls and text Really need some help I'm getting this ignoring text from area codes from (),(),(), and receiving texts so how do I block all of this or should I just change my number No KUDOS for blocking incoming calls. Using handset to block calls merely sends caller to voicemail to leave a message. Though this will end the interruptions, caller believes they have made contact. Until BOOST blocks calls at network level, anyone can still call. ZERO

Thu, Feb 2, AM. Its good to have for many reasons even if its just to look up a number or lets say you save someones number and did not get there name the app can provide there name if it has that info and everything is private. They wont give your number up to anyone or do anything else then what they promise to do. Just in case i downloaded the app myself i dont like to preach it if i dont go through it myself.

I don't need the app since i don't have any unwated call but I downloaded the app just to see how it works myself. Cant honestly offer customer good qualities without giving it a try if you know what i mean.

Hope this option helps many customers out there to download this app you need to go to your app store. Good with any smart phone. I have been receiving restricted calls now for months and it's driving me crazy!! My question is if I download this app will it let me block the restricted calls? Hey there, quannie! Unfortunately, the Call Watch app does not allow to block restricted calls. Hi, LyleW! The CallWatch provides subscribers alerts in real-time of all suspicious and unwanted incoming calls and text messages.

Also, allows the customers to manage call and text blocking. The app offers a 7 days free trial. To continue with the service, customer can subscribe at any time, even during the trial period.

Sorry to hear that, Brasen. Can you please let us know the make and model of your phone? Are you getting this error since the app was downloaded? Have you tried to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again? Boost Mobile Community. Plans and Add-On Services. Like Comment Follow. Like Reply. Does call watch reject all incoming calls if selected? If you have any questions, let us know.

What is considered a restricted call. What happens to a blocked call? Some apps allow just a reject OR send to voicemail. Some apps give option to reject or send to voicemail? CallWatch not working Google removed it from Google Play.

Can't download can't use it anymore. Downloaded callwatch but it says its Not available for my mobile service carrier My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I've tried reinstalling the app and keep getting the same error. Sadly still says the same thing. Tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the app again with no results. Cancel Post.


  1. NatanZ I see, it is possible you already ahve a java installed that needs to be uninstalled.

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