How far did the toyota tundra pull the space shuttle

how far did the toyota tundra pull the space shuttle

How A 5,600-Pound Toyota Towed A 292,000-Pound Space Shuttle

How, Exactly, Is The Toyota Tundra Going To Tow The Space Shuttle? So, as many of you likely know, Toyota is planning to tow the Endeavour for the last portion of its. Read more. Oct 13,  · A bone-stock Toyota Tundra was used to tow the k pound space shuttle Endeavour across LA’s highway Click for a larger image. The Tundra pulled the k lbs space shuttle Endeavour across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge, which spans the in L.A. and it .

So, great news what is a weekend jail sentence all of our readers with spacs reusable spaceships taking up valuable space in your driveway or sitting on your lawn, under a tarp: you can tow it! Toyota demonstrated this nice and jow by successfully hauling nearlypounds of shuttle orbiter and towing rig across the overpass. We speculated earlier about how this may play out.

After seeing it happen, I'm pleased to say it was all on the up-and-up. Essentially, they hooked the truck up to a large, unpowered rig, and, well, towed it. I spoke with the chief engineer for the Tundra and had him explain how a truck with a 10, lb towing capacity can tow apound spaceship, and, in between ths expected praise of the Tundra and Toyota's electronic limited-slip 4WD system, the essential truth is that pretty much any vehicle making roughly these torque numbers around lb-ft could do this, at least on the dry, smooth tarmac of the street.

You can see what he said for yourself right here. Toyota took advantage of the event to shoot a commercial because, well, thr. And while it's tempting to paint Toyota as crass opportunists, it's worth mentioning a few things: They've been working with the California Science Center for over 20 years, and there's even a first-gen Tundra in the parking lot to demonstrate leverage— the truck that just towed Endeavour will replace that one.

There toyotta also actually a reason dod use a the Tundra for this small segment of the Orbiter's trip. This quarter-mile was shuttle part that crosses the overpass over the freeway, so the normal self-propelled rig was just too heavy. So, a lighter rig pulled by a light truck makes sense.

Also, I've heard or read some complaints about the use of a Truck made by a Japanese company pulling such an American icon. This is the only place Tundras are made, and has more US-sourced parts of nearly any pickup truck. So, nobody worry. Americans built the truck and the shuttle. One thing I will blow the lid off of, rid.

When you eventually see the commercial, you may note a massive amount of camera flashes illuminated the Shuttle. They used strobes! Don't be fooled! A Toyota Is still a Japaneese make. I dont care where it was built follow the money profits go to Tokyo. I hate Toyota! They should not be allowed to do things like this. The A. Jason Torchinsky. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.

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Oct 13,  · NASA's space shuttle Endeavour got a lift from a Toyota Tundra truck Friday (Oct. 12) during its move through the streets of Los Angeles on the . Oct 16,  · A factory stock Toyota Tundra half-ton pulled the Endeavour space shuttle over the Freeway. The Tundra "big-pull" event was well-documented with . Oct 15,  · Toyota, which already had a year partnership with the California Science Center, was part of the solution: it would use a Tundra to get the Shuttle over the bridge.

So, as many of you likely know, Toyota is planning to tow the Endeavour for the last portion of its trip to the California Science Center. This is a great publicity stunt, and I'll be there to cover it, but I'll admit, I suspect that what we'll be seeing isn't the full story. First of all, there's the question of what rig the Shuttle will be on when it's being towed. The rig that's getting the Shuttle to the Science Center you may note has a total number of zero trucks pulling it.

That's because the rig itself is made up of four independent tractor units that provide the motive force. So, if this is the rig that will be used when the Tundra is hitched up, we can reasonably conclude that Toyota has proven that the Tundra is the equal to the work that can be done by zero trucks.

Perhaps the tractor units will be powered down, or maybe throttled back? Honestly, I don't know yet, but if this is the rig used, I'll be sure to try and find out.

If these tractor units are in place during the Tundra's tow, then I would take anything that happens with a large, delicious grain of salt. Now, it's possible they'll remove the tractor units and place the Shuttle on a different, unpowered rig this has been suggested in their materials ; if so then the demonstration will be significantly more impressive. The stock towing capacity of a 5. That's a lot, but it's nowhere near the , lbs of orbiter and however heavy the towing rig itself is.

All told, for the full, motorized rig, it comes in near , lbs. Maybe that'll be less with another towing rig, but it's still likely in the , lbs range. So, that's a tidy , lbs or so over the rated capacity of the truck.

Can it do it? I don't think Toyota would even bother if the truck would just sit there, revving until something catches on fire. Hell, I once towed a Dodge Duster up a hill in my '73 Beetle, so I know, for at least short periods of time, you can tow surprising amounts of weight with fairly modest-seeming machinery. We can compute drawbar pull the actual amount that can be physically pulled by the truck fairly easily.

The equation is:. This is rough, so let's be super-generous and say it's lbs. To compare this number to something we know, one of those little tugs made by TUG that pulls commercial airliners around airports has a drawbar pull rating of 10, lbs. And it gets that insanely high number with a 3. So, if one of those tough little TUGs is the sort of thing normally used to do this sort of job, I'd think something would have to be up with the Tundra pulling the Shuttle. I'm sure it'll do it, but I'll be curious to see how they manage it— can the truck be temporarily overtaxed, will a lesser drawbar pull be sufficient, anyway wheels do help a lot— think about how you can pull a car on a flat surface— or how people can pull big things on wheels , or will the rig be at least partially powered?

The A. Jason Torchinsky. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.


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