Harvest moon tree of tranquility how to get married

harvest moon tree of tranquility how to get married

There are only two requirements to propose and get married. The first requirement is to go throught all the heart events of the bacholor/ette. This consists of getting two girts from them, gone on. Oct 03,  · Harvest moon goes 10 days a month and there are 4 months, if you just started the game and you want to get married to Kathy what you do is give her gifts and talk to her often, you'll know she.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Note, however, that. Harvest moon goes 10 days a month and there are 4 months, if you just started the game and you want to get married to Kathy what you do is give her gifts and talk to her often, you'll know she likes you when it does a freeze frame thingy by harvesh end of the year someone will come knocking on your door asking teee if you want to marry them.

And if it is the end of the year and it's NOT kathy then u harvewt no, you'll have to restart and go back to the town what channel is the louisville basketball game on today leave Harvest Moon.

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Tiger sighting: Woods seen walking on crutches. I just started the game, but I want to get married to Kathy. But I don't know how Can somebody please give me step-by-step instructions?

Answer Save. Favorite Answer. If you're playing as a guy, there are 8 possible girls for you to woo. Not all are in the village from the beginning, however; some of them require certain progression through the koon plot line. Likes : Cheese, any other alcoholic drink. Dislikes : Mushrooms.

Hates : Anything with chocolate, toadstools. Note, however, that you don't have harrvest win the race to continue raising her hearts and marry her, unlike the other bachelorettes whose events must be completed before marriage.

Once your chosen beloved is up to 8 hearts and you've completed all their heart events, you must obtain - you guessed it - the blue feather. Yes, the blue feather, wedding ring of the rustic life. In past Harvest Moon games, the blue feather has been bought, found or earned: in this game, you'll find it. Once your chosen beloved is up to 8 hearts, the Mayor will come by and explain to you the legend of the blue feather, and inform you that the feather is traditional for marriage proposal.

A few days later, after seeing a bluebird outside your house, go up to the upper river area. There you'll find the blue feather. In order to use the blue feather for a proposal, you must have completed all that person's heart events - that's the only requirement. You don't need a double bed regardless of what anyone else says to get married. You don't even need your beloved to be at 8 hearts - 8 hearts just triggers the feather obtaining event. All you must do is experience all their heart events.

There you go. Hope this helped! This Site Might Help You. Danielle :. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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You can get married to Gill, yes. --PLEASE NOTE: The following is going to take absolutely AGES. However, it works, and you must do it if you want to get married. Yes, must. It will probably take at least a year on the game. The hearts after the fourth are easier to get, though. Oct 23,  · Marriage to Gill in the English version of Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility:) To get married: The person must have 8 or more hearts -You must have complete.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Top Voted Answer. Well for me it was about 8 hearts. To marry, the bare minimum is six hearts. You don't need a big house or a double bed, as the bed you already have becomes a double version of the same bed after the wedding.

Each eligible spouse will have two gift-giving events, at two and five hearts each, where they just come to your door and give you something. You can accept, earning bonus points, or refuse, which hurts their feelings and sets you back a little.

At four hearts, speak to them between 10 and 11 in the morning and they'll invite you to lunch, at the Beach if you're a boy or the Sundae Inn if you're a girl. After the meal, your date will ask a question, each with a fairly obvious "good" or "bad" answer. The "good" answer nets you a big bonus, while the "bad" answer will knock almost a full heart off their level of affection.

At five hearts, in addition to the second gift event, you'll have a Request event that is unique to each eligible spouse. A couple of these, notably Renee and Selena, will occur well before you reach five hearts with them, but for all eligible spouses, the Request MUST be completed before they'll accept your Blue Feather.

At six hearts, talk to them between 10 and 11 AM again and you'll have a second date event, but instead of an invitation to lunch, they'll ask to meet you under Alan's Tree at the Brownie Ranch. Again, you HAVE to be there on time or they'll be hurt that you stood them up. At the tree, the guy or girl will finally confess their feelings for you, and you'll be prompted to either reciprocate or disagree, each with a bonus or penalty to their already-soaring affection for you.

Finally, at eight hearts, Mayor Hamilton will come to your door and tell you about the Bluebird of Happiness and the tradition of the Blue Feather. Follow it to Caramel Falls and you'll find the feather it dropped. To propose, you have to find your significant other on a sunny, non-Festival day, during daylight hours between 9AM and 6PM.

For some, you have to meet them in a particular place, or anywhere else but, depending on who you wish to marry. If you've seen and completed successfully all of their Heart events, then when you give them your Blue Feather, you'll have a cutscene at the town square, and then move to Town Hall to set a date with the mayor for the ceremony.

The date will be chosen randomly between three and twenty-one days after the day you propose, though it does seem to gravitate toward Saturdays. On the wedding day, the whole event begins as soon as you wake up, so there's no need to worry about being late for once!

User Info: RedGehenna. There are only two requirements to propose and get married. Also to recieve the blue feather, once someone gets 8 hearts, the mayor will come and tell you the legend of the blue feather. Then, a while after, you'll see a bluebird flying around. I hope that this helps. User Info: Ike You need to get any one person boy or girl to 8 hearts to get the blue feather, and Hamilton will come to your house to explain the legend.

For them to say yes you need to have all the heart events. Once you get two hearts with them, they'll come to your house in the morning and give you a gift.

If you refuse, they won't like you as much, so you should probably accept it. When you have four hearts with them, go talk to them before am and they'll ask you out to lunch. If you're a boy, the lady will ask you to meet her at the beach. If you're a lady, the boy will ask you to the Sundae Inn. You should try to be there early so when they get there you're ready. I showed up late and I lost a heart so I spent the next day getting Luke what he loved. After you finish eating, your date will ask you a question.

You should probably answer the yes answer or you'll lose a bunch of love, which is bad. At 5 hearts, they'll come to your house and give you another gift. They'll also request something. I know Luke asked me to have a challenge of who could cut the most wood in 2 days. Do NOT let them win. Beating him gave a lot of love so losing might just make them feel bad for you as they should be fairly easy tasks.

For 6 hearts, you should talk to them again before am. They'll ask you to meet them under Alan's tree, which is at Brownie Ranch near the barn and coop. I showed up an hour late for this one too, and it took another few days to be asked again. They'll confess their love for you and there'll be another question with an obvious positive and negative answer.

Be nice and choose the positive one unless you want people to hate you. To make them like you at all, give them things that they love or like. Check the gift-giving list to see what the person you're interested in likes. Also you can get a part-time job where they work and everyone that works there will like you more. Just talking to them every day will make them like you more. Once you get to eight hearts and Hamilton tells you about the feather it'll be a random number of days but not more than 2 weeks before a bluebird flies around.

You can find it's feather by the hot spring at Caramel Falls. Give it to the person you want to marry just like any other gift and if you've done all their heart events, they should say yes and it'll work.

You'll get married anywhere between 3 and 21 days after you propose depending on if you asked for a sooner or later wedding. User Info: missfantastic In this game u don't need to buy double bed to married. It takes at least 8 hearts, all 5 heart events done, a level 2 house, a blue feather, and a double bed. Also it haves to be on a sunny or cloudy day [ no snow or rain]. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status does your parents come visit you as a child?

Unanswered when will gills trigger happen in harvest moon tree of quality? Unanswered where is my coop and barn when I play as my child in the game Harvest Moon Tree of tranquility? Unanswered Can't befriend wild animals?

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Can't befriend wild animals? I need to get the axe.


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